Today's Spring | Everything starts to bloom at Old Mountain

As soon as 2024 kicked off, the TV show "Flourish" exploded into flames

A lot of people say, "I haven't seen enough."

Don't worry, Pearl Izumi Resort also has a "blooming" scene!

the spring solstice arrives, a hundred flowers bloom (idiom); Let the flowers bloom!

The first touch of romance is from the plum blossom

Magnolias, purple leaf plums, and cherry blossoms are next ......

Blooming one after the other, the blossoms are like flowers


"Enjoying Plum Blossoms in the Rain

Pearl Izumi in the midst of days of rain

Mist filled with more ancient charm

In addition to the already blooming waxberry

The delicate, bright red little plum blossoms, too, climbed up the branches

The scent of plum blossoms in a dense cloud of darkness

Plum blossoms are more clear in the rain

Spring rain falls on the thin petals of flowers

Make the plum blossoms more delicate

It's like a maiden's teardrops that make the heart grow fonder

Enjoying plums in the rain makes you feel the magic and wonder of nature

after the first day of spring

Temperatures are warming up and everything is coming back to life

The Pearl Izumi Scenic Area will also be in full bloom.

A picture of Jiangnan's spring colors

It's going to unfold here.


"Meet the Magnolias"

White jade adorns the branches, no green nor worry

Magnolias begin to produce buds early when winter is still present

Without waiting for the leaves to grow

The flowers are already perched on the branches like fluttering butterflies.

Wait until March.

Pearl Spring magnolias in full bloom, thousands of branches, elegant fragrance

From a distance, the white magnolia blossoms

Like clouds and snow falling on the mountains

When the magnolia tree and the green willow by the lake like smoke

Reflecting together on the mirror-like lake.

It makes for a spectacular picture.