Focus on Golden Fair|Export surge! Lishui new energy vehicles accelerate to the world

1,650 "Lishui-made" new energy vehicles

From Lishui to the world

This ceremonial vehicle sailing event is full of rituals

Become the highlight of the main event of this year's Golden Ceremony

so far this year

The region's exports of new energy vehicles year-on-yearGrowth 122%Continue to be the "leading goose" of foreign trade exports

  At the ceremony of the whole vehicle going to sea, Kaiwu Automobile, Chang'an Automobile altogether1,500 passenger carsTo Turkey, Germany, Israel.100 busesto Indonesia and Mongolia.50 logistics vehiclesShipping to Australia.

  act asThe only one in Nanjinga new energy commercial vehicle headquartered company.Kaivo GroupThis year, the company has continued to move overseas with strong momentum, realizing export value from January to August.$528 millionExport of new energy vehicles2190 unitsThe

  Not long ago, a "mixed fleet" of new energy buses and coaches departed from Lishui, destined for Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, which is the new energy commercial vehicle of Lishui.First entry into the Portuguese market. The batch of 30 new cars is a customized product of a Portuguese company, made byEverest Leader (Chinese company)Production. So far this year, Hengtian Leader has realized in the international market"Explosive" growthThe new energy commercial vehicles such as minivans, heavy-duty trucks and buses produced by the company are favored by overseas markets such as India and South Korea.

  New energy automobile is the golden industrial signboard of Lishui, and it is also the "leader" of foreign trade export.2022 Lishui new energy automobile industry chain regulation industrial output value of the city's firstThe whole area has centralized the production capacity of over 80% new energy buses in Nanjing. The whole area has been concentrated in Nanjing 80% above new energy bus production capacity, but also successfully among the national torch characteristics of industrial base. Since this year, this "golden signboard" has continued to make efforts overseas and hit the global market. According to statistics, from January to August this year, the export value of new energy vehicles in Lishui has increased year-on-year.Growth 122%The export growth rate of the whole region is nearly 6 percentage points, in which the export value of new energy vehicles of Kaiwu Group and Hengtian Leader Rui ranked respectivelyFirst and fourth in the cityThe

  At present, Lishui's "new energy army" represented by vehicle enterprises such as Kaivo Group, Hengtian Leader, Nanjing Changan, etc., has already entered more than 40 countries and regions around the world, such as Germany and Russia; this year, it has continued to "open up new territories" and newly explored dozens of overseas markets, such as Iran, Germany, India, Slovakia and Portugal. This year, we will continue to "open up new territory" and develop dozens of overseas markets, such as Iran, Germany, India, Slovakia, Portugal, etc., and constantly show the world the excellent quality and scientific and technological strength of "made in Lishui".

"Energy" Gathering "Source" Moving the Future in Lishui"

Lishui-made" new energy vehicles

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