The "Nanjing Phenomenon" in the Biomedical Industry

Driving in Nanjing's biomedical industrial parks, there is an innovative atmosphere of "science and technology" everywhere. A modern plant, incubators, laboratories rise, a large number of high-quality biopharmaceutical companies have settled, a biopharmaceutical track is increasingly mature, and constantly expanding the breadth and depth of Nanjing's biopharmaceutical industry.

In recent years, as one of Nanjing's key innovative industrial clusters, the biomedical industry has blossomed in many places, and the news has been spreading frequently, gathering a large number of cutting-edge talents, scientific research packages, incubation platforms, and emerging a series of scientific and technological innovations, forming the biomedical 100 billion industry cluster, and bursting with the kinetic energy and genes of the development of Nanjing's new quality of productivity.

Treehouse of Life, a solid base for science, technology and innovation

Recently, He Tao, CEO of Zhongke Super Precision (Nanjing) Technology Co., Ltd. has been on a business trip, and he wants to promote the newly-approved main product of the enterprise, "Kirin Knife" tumor precision radiotherapy equipment, to more medical institutions, so that this domestic high-end medical equipment, which is fully independently controlled, can benefit more tumor patients.

In 2020, Sinotech Super Precision will land its main projects in Biomedical Valley of Jiangbei New District. On the one hand, it will obtain better industrialization development, and on the other hand, it will integrate into the "top circle of friends" in the biomedical industry, and collaborate in research and development, production, and expansion of business channels.

Jiangbei New District Biomedical Valley, is planned and constructed in Nanjing since 2011, with a total planning area of 14.92 square kilometers, with a high starting point, a high position and a high level of equipment, focusing on the needs of "crowdsourcing + incubation + acceleration + industrialization" of the biomedical industry, to provide full-featured carrier space, full-life-cycle services, and full-factor innovation and ecological environment. Ecological environment.

Walking in the Jiangbei New Area Life Avenue, the park to build 16 "Tree House of Life" is quite eye-catching, equipped with the most advanced medical experimental equipment to meet the resident enterprises. It is reported that here has built a national genetic engineering mouse resource base, the National Biotechnology Drug Industry Measurement and Testing Center, WuXi AppTec pharmacokinetic integration service platform, Dintai Pharmaceutical Research drug preclinical toxicology research public service platform, and gradually build up a more advanced biomedical R & D park "science and technology pedestal".

As of May 2024, the innovative drug companies in the park have more than 200 products in development, of which 70 innovative drug applications for 90 indications have entered the clinical trial stage, four have submitted NDAs, and a number of new drugs are on the countdown to market.

Over the past 10 years, Nanjing has built 136 innovation platforms above the provincial level. Among them, there are 27 public technical service platforms, 22 key laboratories, 87 engineering technology research centers, and 7 national key laboratories have been approved. In Jiangning District and Qixia District, where universities gather, two "university-ring" biomedical industrial parks - Jiangning Hi-Tech Life Science and Technology Town and Nanjing Newport Biomedical Industrial Park - have sprung up and become towers of sand.02

Building nests and attracting phoenixes, efficiently incubating innovations

To create a high-level industrial innovation plateau, in addition to equipping with high-precision equipment, solid science and technology base, but also need to attract talent, increase the industry-university-research collaborative research, and promote the successive incubation of innovative achievements.

A new fluorescent probe combined with a super-resolution microscope can realize super-resolution imaging of mitochondria in fixed cells. on April 30, the latest results jointly developed by Peking University's School of Future Technology and the National Center for Biomedical Imaging Science were published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS). The author of the paper, Prof. Chen Zhixing of Peking University, and the team of Prof. Xiao Ruiping of Peking University's School of Future Technology had previously settled in Nanjing Jiangbei New District Biomedical Valley and set up a research and development base. Under the leadership of Prof. Xiao Ruiping, the R&D base and the investment platform of Jiangbei New District have also jointly incubated Heqirui Pharmaceuticals, which is dedicated to the research, development and commercialization of first-of-its-kind new medicines and pharmaceutical devices.

As of May 2024, Nanjing Biomedical Valley has introduced and cultivated more than 500 high-level innovative and entrepreneurial talents, including more than 10 academicians, such as Cheng Heping and Guo Zijian; it has collaborated with the Institute of Molecular Medicine of Peking University in the research of "High-end Biomedical Imaging Equipment" and "Innovative Drugs for Major Diseases". It has collaborated with the Institute of Molecular Medicine of Peking University to carry out research on "high-end biomedical imaging devices" and "innovative drugs for major diseases", and has established the Institute of Innovative Technology for Humanized Models and Drug Screening, the Institute of Chemistry and Life and Health, and the Institute of Artificial Intelligence for Biomedical Technology, and has cooperated with Nanjing Medical University to carry out the research and development of genetic biomarker identification for oncology and reproduction-related diseases and the development of individualized medical technology.

As one of the cities with the largest number of institutions of higher education in China, Nanjing has 4 institutions specializing in the field of biomedicine and more than 20 national key colleges and universities offering related majors, and graduates more than 60,000 biomedicine-related talents every year, which makes the number of basic talents exported one of the highest in China.03

Upstart with a hard bottom line of preeminence

"In the past, a set of routine medical checkups required four or five tubes of blood to be drawn, but now it only takes one tube of blood to be drawn." Base Egg Bio has made innovative modifications to the biochemical testing machines and launched a new generation automation solution, Metis 6000 fully automated biochemical and immunological assembly line, which integrates dual modules of immunological and biochemical modules.

Founded in 2002, Keenan Bio is a biotechnology enterprise specializing in the research, development, production, sales and service of in vitro diagnostic reagents and instruments. As the core products of the company, Getein1600 Fluorescence Immunoquantitative Analyzer and MAGICL6000 Automatic Chemiluminescence Analyzer have a coverage rate of more than 70% in the secondary and above hospitals.Thanks to the continuous independent research and development and technological breakthroughs, the company has formed a differentiated advantage in the instrument terminal, coupled with the layout of the entire product line of in vitro diagnostic products (IVD), performance and cost advantages, EggLife has been referred to as a "rising star" in the field of IVD in the industry.

With the national key laboratory of neurological and tumor drug research and development, Symphony Pharmaceuticals, a Hong Kong-listed company that grew up in Xuanwu District of Nanjing, has developed and listed the world's only approved innovative stroke drug Symphony, the world's first pre-chemotherapy administration of a whole series of innovative bone marrow protection drug Cosera, and the first domestically produced 3CL anti-neo-crown innovative drug Symphony, which is equipped with its own intellectual property rights.

Continuous innovation is the soul of pharmaceutical R&D, and the technology R&D platform provides a solid foundation for continuous innovation. Up to now, Centaur has led 28 major new drug creation projects and has nearly 60 innovative drug R&D pipelines, covering tumor, nerve, autoimmune, anti-infective and other fields, and it is expected that 5 more high-value innovative drug products will be launched in the next 2 years.04

Legendary therapies, connecting the world with advanced technology

Thanks to Nanjing's comprehensive resource advantages, many pharmaceutical companies have gone from Nanjing to the whole country and further to the international market. Talking about domestic CAR-T cell immunotherapy, we have to mention Legend Bio.

The biotech company, which started in Nanjing in 2014, has made its product, Cidaki Orensei, China's first self-developed and U.S.-marketed domestic CAR-T cell therapy and the world's second approved CAR-T cell immunotherapy targeting BCMA.

At the beginning of this year, Legend Bio declared the new drug listing application of Cidaki Orensei injection, which has been included in the priority review and approval process by the State Drug Administration, and is expected to be approved in the second half of this year at the earliest. From the project to the success of the "sea", from less than 20 people of the small team to become a multinational cell therapy pharmaceutical companies, Legend Bio 8 years interpretation of the R & D legend.

Less than 2 kilometers away from the legendary biological Nanjing Zhengda Tianqing Shunxin Pharmaceutical Company, recently also came the good news of innovative drugs, the company's research and development of bemosulbide monoclonal antibody injection approved for listing, which brings more tumor patients a new treatment option, but also Jiangning Hi-Tech Zone to build a biopharmaceutical industry chain ecological service system of the success of the case. In the first quarter of this year, biomedical enterprises above the size of Jiangning Hi-tech Zone realized revenue of 3.558 billion yuan, an increase of 21.3%.

Playing the first move to foster the development of new quality productivity

Biomedical industry R & D investment, long cycle, can not be separated from a good industrial ecology and capital assistance. In recent years, Nanjing has introduced a series of policies and measures, hand in hand with universities and institutes, build public service platforms for biomedical enterprises to break into the "no man's land", climb the "high and cold zone" to create a good environment for growth.

The capital market is constantly adding momentum to the development of Nanjing's biomedical industry. It is reported that Nanjing 10 A-share pharmaceutical listed companies combined debut financing amounted to 9.452 billion yuan, refinancing amounted to 935 million yuan, from the source for the enterprises to increase efforts to carry out research and development to provide funding for living water. The data show that in 2023, the total amount of R&D investment of the 10 enterprises was 1.866 billion yuan, with an average R&D intensity of 13.5%; the revenue of Nanjing's biomedical industry enterprises included in the city's monitoring amounted to 200.8 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 10%.

The high-quality development of the industry can not be separated from the precise support of the policy. Nanjing "Industrial Strength Action 2024 Work Points" proposed the establishment of preclinical research and development of medicines and devices, drugs, clinical research and development, industrialization of medicines and devices, such as the whole cycle of research and development of the incentive capital chain system, support in Ningbo enterprises and hospitals in the preclinical breakthroughs in technology, multi-center clinical trials, medical-industrial cooperation in the transformation of the aspects of the original research.

May 17, in the Yangtze River Delta Biomedical Innovation Research and Industrial Development Conference, Nanjing and "on the new" a total investment of 13 billion yuan of biomedical major projects, and the establishment of the Nanjing Biomedical Technology and Industrial Development Think Tank, the first batch of 39 specially recruited experts.

What is the deep meaning of the establishment of think tanks, special experts and investment projects? Biomedicine is one of Nanjing's key innovative industry clusters, but also the construction of Nanjing's industrial strength, the development of new productivity of the main direction of attack, has entered a breakthrough in innovation, the ability to enhance the key stage. Nanjing is innovation-driven, capital-enabled, and actively guide enterprises to overcome the "neck" problem, and play a good cultivation and development of new quality productivity "first move".

The world's only approved innovative drug for stroke, Symbicort, the world's first innovative drug for bone marrow protection before chemotherapy, KSH01TCR T-cell injection, China's first new cellular drug targeting major cancers of the gastrointestinal tract and urinary tract, and China's first self-developed and manufactured "four-excellence" tumor precision radiotherapy hardware and software integration device, the "Qilin Knife", are all part of our product line. Kirin Knife" ......

Counting one by one in the international market to make China's brand of the first products, behind them are engraved with a common label "Made in Nanjing".