Lishui: Striving to build a modern suburban new city in the new era

At the beginning of the new year, Lishui 2023 high-quality development answer sheet came out: 7 work was supervised and incentivized by the provincial government, the number of which ranked first in the city; in the "five spelling, five comparison and five lists" competition, a total of 25 red flags, which ranked second in the city; the number of provincial and municipal major projects, the completion of the year's investment and completion of the rate of commissioning of the city's quality and efficiency indicators ranked among the foremost ; expected to complete the GDP of 110 billion yuan, an increase of about 5%......

  This year is the 75th anniversary of the founding of New China, and it is also the key year to fully accomplish the goals and tasks of the "14th Five-Year Plan". In the new year, Lishui anchors the goal of struggle, maintains the energy of "struggle", "stability" and "progress", fully implements the "four walks ahead" and "four new" major tasks, focuses on the central work of economic construction and high-quality work. The "four new" major tasks, focusing on the central work of economic construction and the primary task of high-quality development, adhering to steady progress, effectively enhancing economic vitality, improving people's well-being, and striving to be at the forefront of high-quality development, and writing "strong, rich, beautiful and high" new Liyang. We are striving to write a new chapter in the modernization of "strong, rich, beautiful and high" new Lishui.

Nanjing Changan Automobile 5G+ Smart Factory Automatic Production Line

Major projects "accelerate"

  Pushing the manufacturing industry to climb higher and newer

  At the beginning of this month, a cargo ship full of "Lishui-made" Changan cars set sail in Guangzhou Nansha Port, opening the prelude to Nanjing Changan 2024 going to sea.

  At the same time, located in the Lishui Development Zone, Nanjing Changan production base, is running at full speed to catch up with orders, busy production, an average of less than three minutes, there is a brand-new dark blue S7 from the assembly workshop off the line.

  The opening is a sprint, and the start is a full bow, which is both the state of Nanjing Chang'an's struggle and Lishui District's endeavor. The latest data released by Nanjing Chang'an shows that the enterprise's 2023 output value exceeds the 10 billion mark, reaching 10.1 billion yuan, becoming the first 10 billion enterprise in Lishui District, and helping Lishui's GDP break through the 100 billion mark and then go up to another 10 billion step, which is expected to reach 110 billion yuan.

  Major projects are the "ballast" and "stabilizer" to ensure the stable and healthy operation of the economy and promote high-quality development. 2023 Lishui "New Year's first meeting" focused on In the "first meeting of the new year", Lishui focused on "changing style, working on projects and promoting development", and put forward "four indices" and "five indicators", which include the number of miles traveled, the number of cranes at construction sites, the number of projects in operation, the number of major projects, the number of resources, and the number of resources to be revitalized. Inventory number of "five indicators" as a project to promote the total grip, to promote 51 provinces and municipalities to complete the investment of 16.39 billion yuan of major projects, Luxi River, such as 16 new projects all started, Longdian Huaxin, such as 17 provinces and municipalities to complete the major projects put into operation, the number of provinces and municipalities to complete major projects, the year completed the investment and completion of commissioning rate and other quality and efficiency indicators among the city's forefront. The number of provincial and municipal major projects, the investment completed in the year and the rate of completion and commissioning of quality and efficiency indicators rank among the city's top.

Investment is the key to economic development. Last year, Lishui District innovatively constructed "8541" linkage investment system, organized more than 40 investment activities, and introduced 158 projects of more than 100 million yuan.

  From 2023 to 2024, Lishui District's "attracting large and strong", "strengthening and extending the chain" and "promoting the manufacturing industry to climb high and new" are non-stop and full of energy.

  In the new year, Lishui improves the "8541" linkage investment system, 8 boards "a hand" will take the lead to promote and lead the team to attract investment; 5 industrial investment department for their respective fields to focus on leading-type, flagship, base-type, chain-master type of major industrial projects; 4 Specialized investment war zone focusing on economic strength, industrial agglomeration of urban agglomerations to expand investment information, to ensure that the signing of more than 100 million yuan of projects, and strive to introduce more than two 5 billion projects, more than one 10 billion projects.

  To promote the projects to the ground and see results, Lishui continues to optimize the business environment, playing the four "Li" brands, namely: "LiKeLai" for investment attraction, "LiKeOffice" for business environment, "LiKeDa" for business services, and "LiKeLoan" for financial support, to promote 57 provincial and municipal major projects and 231 projects this year through the "four Li synergies". "LiKeLai" for investment attraction, "LiKeOffice" for business environment, "LiKeDa" for enterprise-friendly services, "LiKeLoan" for financial support, and "LiKeSynergy" to promote 57 provincial and municipal major projects and 231 district key industrial projects this year. "Accelerate running".

  This year, Lishui will also implement the high-quality development of manufacturing key industry chain action, focusing on cluster and strong chain, digital integration, industrial ecology, bigger and stronger new energy vehicles, intelligent manufacturing equipment and other leading industries, to promote the "1+3+1" advanced manufacturing industry to accelerate to the middle and high end, to ensure that the total output value of the industrial output value of the regulation growth of 8%, to promote the manufacturing industry to climb higher and newer, to become the "main force" of the industrial power city. To be enterprising and enterprising to promote the manufacturing industry to climb high by new, and strive to be the industrial strength of the city's "main force".

  "Two innovations" with the same effort to add new momentum for development

  Innovation is the first power to lead development. In the work report of Lishui District People's Government, "innovation" is a high-frequency word, mentioned 22 times, reflecting Lishui's determination and strength in innovation.

"Delivery and Postal Express Supply" Integration Model Becomes a Typical Case in the Country

In 2023, Lishui will "break the problem" with reform and "lead the way" with innovation to build up momentum for high-quality development. Jiangsu Benchuan Intelligent Circuit Technology Co., Ltd. located in the Lishui Development Zone is a national high-tech enterprise engaged in the research and development, design, production and sales of high-precision circuit boards. In recent years, the enterprise has not only improved the quality of its products, but also significantly improved its production efficiency through intelligent transformation and digital transformation, and has firmly occupied the top two positions in the market share of circuit boards for 5G communications and become a "small giant" in the field of segmentation. The enterprise has become a "small giant" in the field.

  Enterprises are an important force for the close integration of science and technology and economy, and a vital force for promoting innovation and creation. In recent years, Lishui has introduced a package of policies, real money to support enterprise innovation, and constantly grow the innovation main body ladder, improve enterprise innovation ability, last year, a total of 209 high-tech enterprises through the evaluation, 1144 science and technology-based small and medium-sized enterprises, the addition of 3 new provincial, 14 municipal engineering and technology research centers, to carry out 120 items of industry-university-research cooperation projects, the number of inventions and patents for 10,000 people in the whole area reached 73.4 pieces, a record high. The number of invention patents owned by 10,000 people in the district has reached 73.4, a record high, and the district has been evaluated as an area with obvious effect on the innovation and transformation of the manufacturing industry in the province, and has been selected as one of the second batch of innovative demonstration zones.

  In the newly released "Top 10 buzzwords for 2023", there is a special word - new quality productivity. The Central Economic Work Conference re-emphasized the need to promote industrial innovation through scientific and technological innovation, especially the use of disruptive and cutting-edge technologies to generate new industries, new modes and new kinetic energy, and to develop new productivity. The frequent mention of "new productivity" reveals the importance of science and technology innovation.

  Lishui's "two-wheel drive" plan fits this development direction. "We will be driven by scientific and technological innovation and industrial innovation to better promote transformation and take the lead in development." The main person in charge of the Lishui District Committee said in an interview that on scientific and technological innovation, Lishui relies on the rich scientific and educational resources of Nanjing to build the city's scientific and technological achievements industrialization bearing place, the Yangtze River Delta agricultural scientific and technological innovation curator; on industrial innovation, the in-depth implementation of the "small ascending" "high ascending regulation" action, to grasp the manufacturing industry, and to improve the development of the industry. Industrial innovation, in-depth implementation of the "small rise" "high rise in size" action, grasp the manufacturing industry, "intellectual change, digital transfer, network connection", to create the province's innovative demonstration area.

  Grasping innovation, Lishui will build a linkage mechanism between science and innovation funds and industrial funds, find money for scientific and technological innovation, build bridges for the transformation of achievements, and create an important bearing place for the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements. At the same time, scientific and technological innovation to promote industrial innovation, in-depth promotion of digital industrialization, industrial digitization, the implementation of "small up high", "high rise regulation", "specializing in special new" and other enterprise cultivation action. Pay more attention to the "network connection" to amplify the effect of "wisdom to change the number of turn", and strive to add 50 new high-tech enterprises, more than 1,000 science and technology-based small and medium-sized enterprises in the database, and realize the "wisdom to change the number of turn" full coverage of the industrial enterprises, and accelerate the cultivation of digitalization of industry, industrial digitization. "To accelerate the cultivation of new quality productivity, constantly open up new areas of development and new tracks, shaping the development of new dynamics and new advantages.

Scenic Honglanjiandong Village and 10,000 acres of strawberry greenhouses Photo by Yu Xiaojun

Urban-rural integration takes new steps to draw a new picture of the new suburban city

  On January 5, Lishui District held the "first meeting of the new year" to learn from the experience of the "ten million project", accelerate the construction of livable and beautiful villages, and create a new situation of rural revitalization.

  As the first batch of national and the only national agricultural highland in the Yangtze River Delta - the location of Nanjing National Agricultural Highland Zone, Lishui District has accelerated rural revitalization with multi-point blossoms, and has been ranked the first class of rural revitalization in the province for three consecutive years.

  In the past year, Lishui District actively promoted the construction of urban-rural integrated development pilot area, and won a number of important honors related to urban and rural development - the integration model of "delivery and postal quick supply" was selected as "typical case of comprehensive reform in China 2023", Xiangyang Village was selected as the third batch of national rural governance demonstration village, Yongyang Street was selected as the list of excellent cases of national urban and rural environmental sanitation cleaning and remediation by learning the experience of "ten million project" and carrying out environmental improvement. Deepening reform typical cases", Xiangyang Village was selected as one of the third batch of national rural governance demonstration villages, Yongyang Street to learn from the experience of the "Ten Million Project" to carry out environmental remediation was selected as one of the national urban and rural sanitation cleanup and remediation of the list of excellent cases, the red Lixiang area was selected as one of the first batch of the provincial characteristics of the idyllic rural village demonstration area cultivation pilot list, the integration of urban and rural transport development level Pilot list, urban and rural transportation integration development level for the fourth consecutive year was awarded the provincial 5A grade ...... an honor to prove that Lishui butterfly leaping urban and rural landscape, step by step the revitalization of the countryside.

  Rural revitalization cannot be separated from urban-rural integrated development. This year, Lishui combines new urbanization with rural revitalization, accelerates the construction of the national urban-rural integrated development pilot area, learns to apply Zhejiang's "ten million projects" experience and practice, "internally" improves quality and revitalizes resources, "externally" breaks through blockages and imports resources, and activates the endogenous power of rural development. External" to open the blockage, import resources, activate the internal power of rural development.

  Drawing a "beautiful landscape", Lishui will scientifically and reasonably arrange the urban construction plan, implement the mode of "small cuts" and "micro-renewal", and orderly promote the "warm urban renewal". Lishui will scientifically and rationally arrange the urban construction plan, implement the mode of "small cut" and "micro renewal", and orderly promote the "warm urban renewal" to improve the value of urban and rural areas with "embroidery" efforts. Accelerate the construction of "town and village layout planning + village planning" rural planning system, to achieve full coverage of village planning, the construction of livable and beautiful countryside 6, and strive to create a provincial characteristics of the idyllic countryside 2. At the same time, grasp the five key tasks of the pilot area, make good use of collective operating land into the market, promote the market has been started as soon as possible, accelerate the Nanjing National Agricultural High-tech Zone EOD, Wuxi Mountain Ecological Island and other projects, the formation of more characteristics of the highlights.

Global lithium-ion battery leader Xinda power battery production workshop

Smooth flow of urban and rural elements is the most important of urban-rural integration, Lishui innovative "delivery and postal express supply" integration, to realize the bus, postal service, express, supply and marketing, financial five complementary integration, to open up the "initial kilometer" of agricultural products into the city and the "last kilometer" of consumer goods to the countryside. The "last kilometer". Next, will also implement the "delivery and postal express supply + N" model, promote the deep integration with agriculture, tourism, set up logistics points in the lodging, attractions near the convenience of tourists to buy real estate agricultural products, "waiting for the mail". At the same time, the revitalization of the "four types" of stock resources, using the "thoughtless yard" ten models, deepen the "5585" revitalization path, promote rural resources "Live up" "fire up".

  Whether it's urban-rural integration or rural revitalization, the ultimate goal is to meet the people's aspirations for a better life. Lishui District adhere to the people-centered, continue to increase investment in people's livelihood, the government "tight life" for the masses "good life", last year, people's livelihood expenditures accounted for general public budget expenditures of 79.3%, 10 categories of 30 people's livelihood affairs completed on time and quality, livelihood The well-being of the people can be touched and felt.

  The latest list of 2024 practical things to do for people's livelihood shows that this year, Lishui will focus on "one old and one small" and promote 10 categories and 20 practical things for people's livelihood. Increase the supply of school places, add four new group-run schools, realize no less than 1,000 "New Year's micro-wishes", realize 6,000 new jobs in cities and towns, and complete the delivery of 12,800 resettlement housing units....... These practical matters of the people's livelihoods cover a wide range of issues such as education and medical care, pension, childcare, employment and entrepreneurship, transportation and travel. Childcare, employment and entrepreneurship, transportation and other aspects of the full implementation of universal, basic, bottom-up livelihood protection, but also close to the people's daily life, "urgent difficulties, worries and hopes".

The sun and the moon are in their stride, and the year is renewed. In the new year, Lishui maintains a progressive attitude, makes real efforts and takes on the role. The main person in charge of Lishui District Party Committee said that Lishui is at a critical stage of climbing uphill and rolling uphill, and will bear in mind the entrustment, be grateful and make progress, vigorously carry forward the spirit of "not afraid of difficulties, not afraid of difficulties and dangers, and courageous in struggle and dare to win", and push forward the modernization construction in a solid and practical manner, and make greater contributions to the new practice of promoting Chinese-style modernization of Nanjing in the new practice. Promote the new practice of Chinese-style modernization of Nanjing to make greater contributions.