Lishui District East Agricultural Science and Technology Innovation Port--Promotion of Quality Carriers

01 Project location

Jiangsu Nanjing National Agricultural High-tech Industrial Demonstration Zone is located in the southeast of Lishui District, Nanjing, with a total area of 145.86 square kilometers, which started construction in 2009, and has been awarded as the National Rural Entrepreneurship and Innovation Demonstration Park, the Excellent Science and Technology Park in Southern Jiangsu National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone, and the Outstanding National Agricultural Science and Technology Park.On November 18, 2019, the State Council formally approved the establishment of Jiangsu Nanjing National Agricultural Hi-Tech Industrial Demonstration Zone, which is the first batch of National Agricultural Hi-Tech Zones in China and the only one in the Yangtze River Delta region at present.

The project is a high-quality commercial office building in the core area of Nanjing National Agricultural Hi-Tech Zone, which is located at the scenic Baima Lake, under the East Lushan Mountain where the Qinhuai River originates, adjacent to the Lishui Campus of Nanjing Forestry University and the training base of Nanjing Agricultural University, with good talent resources. The external transportation is convenient, 1 minute to the highway, 10 minutes to the high-speed rail, half an hour to the airport, 1 hour to the main city of Nanjing, 2 hours to Shanghai and Hangzhou.

02 Project Basic Information

total building
area (of a floor, piece of land etc)
226,000 square meters
on the groundtotal floor area167,000 square meters
subsurfacetotal floor area59,000 square meters
Total number of floorsBuilding 1, 19 floors (including 1 basement floor, 18 floors above ground), Building 2/3, 15 floors (including 1 basement floor, 14 floors above ground), Building 4, 5 floors (including 1 basement floor, 4 floors above ground), Building 5/6/7, 6 floors (including 1 basement floor, 5 floors above ground)
First floor height4.5 meters
standard floorSingle-storey area2100 square meters
Standard floor height4.2 meters
parking spaces1496

03 Project Package

The project is equipped with a 9,840 square meters science and technology service building, with a hotel-style office lobby, shared meeting rooms, exhibition and display space, business reception and other office support facilities.

Rent The unit price ranges from 0.5-1 yuan/day/㎡, and utilities are charged according to national standards. (Details are subject to the final release of the project)

Investment direction: industrial office, R&D center for small pilot tests, supporting business, apartments, hotels and so on.

The building carrier has been equipped with the conditions for foreign investment and occupation, and the products now available are hardcover office, rough self-furnished office, stores, and so on.

Welcome to negotiate to move in, if you are interested please contact: 18351919320 Ms. Gu|18944097308 Mr. Yang

Project Outside Photographs

Project Interior Photographs

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