Lishui District Geriatric Hospital is here

Good news! Recently the Jiangsu Provincial Health Commission issued a notice that six hospitals in the province successfully passed the provincial on-site acceptance of adding the name of the hospital for the elderlyLishui District People's HospitalA second name will be added to the list called

Lishui District Geriatric Hospital

  Lishui District People's Hospital was founded in 1924, currently has 1,000 authorized beds, 48 clinical and medical departments, is the only tertiary comprehensive hospital in the region integrating medical treatment, teaching, scientific research and rehabilitation, and is also the Lishui branch of CUH affiliated to the Southeast University.More than 20 medical specialists have been working in the outpatient clinics and wards of the Lishui branch for a long time, providing more quality medical services for the citizens of Lishui in the near vicinity. More than 20 medical specialists work in outpatient clinics and wards of Lishui Branch for a long time, providing Lishui citizens with more high-quality medical services nearby.

  In recent years, in order to actively respond to the trend of population aging and meet the urgent needs of the development of regional medical services, Lishui District People's Hospital has established a management system for chronic diseases of the elderly with early screening and prevention, integration of medical and health care, and hierarchical diagnosis and treatment, and comprehensively improved its ability to provide services for the elderly.Elderly Friendly Hospital, Jiangsu Province Elderly Nutritional Ward Construction Unitetc.

Disease prevention system

Build it at your doorstep

  By integrating the public health system and optimizing medical and public health resources, the hospital popularizes and promotes the management of chronic diseases at the grassroots level (early screening for prostate cancer, screening for breast cancer and cervical cancer, integrated management of diabetes, and screening for the risk of strokes, etc.), so as to realize the goal of "early prevention, early detection, and early treatment", and to build a disease prevention system at the doorsteps of the elderly, which greatly enhances the level of pre-health management of the elderly. This has greatly enhanced the level of pre-health management for the elderly.

  Integrated management of diabetesThe project aims to establish a replicable and scalable demonstration model of regional diabetes "two screenings and three preventions", and to achieve the goal of "effective management, standardized diagnosis and treatment, and early prevention and control" of diabetes. Since the implementation of the project, a total of more than 14,300 patients have been managed, and it is expected that each person will save 500 yuan in medical costs, saving a total of 34 million yuan.

  Prostate Cancer Screening: In November 2021, the District People's Hospital took the lead in joining hands with the grassroots health service centers and health centers to carry out public welfare screening for prostate cancer among the elderly over 65 years old in the whole district. Up to now, more than 20,000 prostate cancer screenings have been conducted free of charge, 205 prostate cancer patients have been diagnosed, and 86 prostate cancer patients have been eradicated.Early Gastric Cancer (EGC) ScreeningThe project is to explore the construction of a three-tier institutional operation system for EGC screening with the integration of "village health office - township health center - tertiary hospital", and to propose a "whole process management model" with the medical community as the platform, which is centered on the prevention, screening, early diagnosis and treatment of EGCs as well as the postoperative rehabilitation and recuperation of the disease. The "whole process management model" is proposed to be based on the platform of medical community.

Featured Departments

Making access to healthcare more efficient

  The hospital has successively set up Geriatrics and Clinical Nutrition, in which Clinical Nutrition can provide nutritional counseling and intervention, nutritional screening and assessment, diagnosis and treatment, and nutritional consultation for the elderly, etc. Geriatrics is a comprehensive clinical department focusing on the diagnosis and treatment of geriatric diseases and geriatric syndromes, research and teaching, and it is also a key clinical specialty in Nanjing City.

The Department of Geriatrics has specialized outpatient clinics and wards, with about 20,000 outpatient visits and 1,500 discharged patients annually. At present, the department has introduced the domestic advanced geriatric comprehensive assessment and interdisciplinary management model, and has set up a multidisciplinary management team of medical, nursing, pharmacy, rehabilitation, nutrition and psychology.

  At the same time, the hospital has completed the construction of the regional tele-consultation center, diagnostic imaging center, electrocardiographic diagnostic center, clinical examination center and sterilization and supply center, expanding the scope of telemedicine coverage, and improving emergency and first-aid services, so as to make it more convenient and efficient for the elderly to visit the hospital.

Lishui District People's Hospital will be added to the new geriatric hospitalBuilding an age-friendly service systemRealization of "bio-psycho-social-environmental"Medical service modelProtecting the lives and health of seniors