Lishui District was shortlisted! State-level second batch of national sports and fitness model counties (cities and districts) creation list announced.

The Qinhuai River in the "sound of paddles and lights" nourishes Nanjing, the ancient capital of six dynasties, and the source of Qinhuai River is Lishui, a thousand-year-old town. Lishui has unique ecological and natural endowments and rich humanistic and historical heritage, and is also a healthy city full of sports vitality, and has been awarded "National Advanced Unit of Mass Sports", "National Sports Industry Demonstration Base", "Advanced Unit of National Township Sports and Fitness Demonstration Project", "National Softball Township", "Advanced Unit of Sports Work at County Level in Jiangsu Province" and other honorary titles, the District Sports Federation for five consecutive years. District Sports Federation for five consecutive years was awarded the "Jiangsu Province County Sports Federation Work Supervision and Comparison of the First Prize". In the national sports and fitness cause of vigorous development today, this year.Lishui District successfully shortlisted in the second batch of national sports and fitness modelscounties(City,(District) Creation List, which is currently making a solid push towards creation.

Accelerated pace of construction of venues and stadiums

Actively use the golden corner of the silver edge of the construction of sports venues and facilities suitable for the people to exercise near, in recent years, each year more than 2 million yuan, the cumulative update, more than 100 sets of new sports and fitness paths, village sports parks 26, the new installation of 20 sets of basketball hoops, renovation and upgrading of the lighting stadium lighting facilities system 11 sets, renovation and upgrading of fitness trails more than 30 kilometers, construction of the people's gym 2.

Mass sports activities are colorful

More than 200 mass sports events of various kinds are held each year, including more than 100 events themed on community games, and nearly 100 national fitness activities such as softball, square dance, chess, etc.; more than 50 scientific fitness guides are carried out on the theme of "Serving the masses, you order and I deliver".

Deepening the integration of sports and health has been effective

The first in the country to build a "sports and health integration" sports for health three-tier service system, the innovative establishment of "sports + health" "sports + chronic disease" "" sports + Chinese medicine "integration demonstration sites. Sports + health", "sports + chronic disease", "sports + traditional Chinese medicine" integration demonstration sites, district hospitals were selected as the first batch of "sports and health integration" provincial pilot units, Honglan and a number of towns and cities health centers were selected as the pilot units of the provincial "sports sugar control" scientific research project. Many places in the country have come to Li for study and research, and the leaders of the State General Administration of Sport and the Provincial Sports Bureau have conducted on-site research and given full affirmation.

Lishui District will, in accordance with the creation standards issued by the State General Administration of Sports, check the omissions and make up for the deficiencies, make solid progress, and strive to become a national model district for sports and fitness at an early date. We will further accelerate the construction of a strong sports district and healthy Lishui, constantly meet the growing demand for sports and fitness of the people, and strive to write a sports answer sheet that satisfies the people.