Lishui small insole, hiding a "big secret" ......

Ultra-low density physical foam technology, doesn't it sound unfamiliar? If Li name a series of international sports brands such as Pico, China Jordan, partners must be very familiar. Many big brand sports shoes you wear on your feet actually use the cutting-edge technology of "ultra-low density physical foaming". And the holder of this technology is a high-tech enterprise from Lishui ---Jiangsu Da Mao Niu New Material Co.One of the company's main products is high-end shoe soles and insoles. One of the company's main products, high-end shoe soles and insoles, is the use of this "black technology".

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It's with Big Hairy Cow.

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It's dazzling.

Next, Li will take you to explore togetherCutting-edge technology in "Lishui-made" small insoles

What is the "foaming" process?

A  Simply put, the foaming process is a process to fill the gas uniformly into the plastic material to make the material lightweight, and give the material heat insulation, cushioning and energy absorption, sound absorption and noise reduction, insulation and low dielectric and other powerful functions. Foaming process includes mechanical foaming, physical foaming, chemical foaming and so on. Among them, physical foaming is an upgraded iteration of the existing chemical foaming, which is characterized by the production of the whole process does not use crosslinking agents, blowing agents and other chemical organics, the use of purely physical processes to achieve the preparation of the material foaming.

$200 for a pair of insoles

The "Lishui made" in the big brand sneakers.

"At the offline consumer terminal, a pair of Big Hairy Cow insoles can be sold up to 200 yuan, and we have almost realized cooperation with most of the first-tier sports brands." According to Zhang Yuanting, the person in charge of Da Mao Niu Company, Da Mao Niu insoles are precisely foamed by ultra-low-density physical technology, which is lighter, more elastic and more durable to wear on the feet, and is highly favored by professional far mobilizers.Some domestic and international big brand sports shoes are equipped with big hairy cow insole, the quality and experience have been significantly improved.The

  "Our ultra-low density physical foaming technology is very cost-effective, which not only solves the problems of precise control, stability, and production efficiency of thermoplastic elastomer foaming, but also realizes the characteristics of light weight, high elasticity, durability, and environmental protection, and the cost is greatly reduced." Zhang Yuanting introduced the company's currentPhysical foaming technology has been formally realized mass production, the current order row to New Year's Eve, 2024 annual output value is expected to exceed 200 million yuanThe

Breaking the technological monopoly

Service applications in many areas of our country

  When Li walked into the production workshop of Da Mao Niu, he saw all the production lines running at a fast speed. The physical foaming technology here uses supercritical carbon dioxide (CO2) or nitrogen (N2) to replace the organic blowing agent to prepare microcellular foaming materials, which areThe most advanced, environmentally friendly and safe polymer foaming technology available todayIt truly realizes "0 emission, 0 residue, 0 precipitation, 0 pollution, degradable and recyclable", which is in line with the national strategy of "carbon neutrality".Breaking the monopoly of foreign technology and realizing domestic substitution. Currently, the Big Hairy Cow Company is becomingThe only company in China and the second in the world to master this core technology and realize mass productionThe

  It's a great technique.It's not just for making tiny insoles.At present, Da Mao Niu's products have been widely used in a wide range of applications. At present, the application field of Da Mao Niu's products has been very wide, from the transportation field of aircraft, ships, high-speed railways, new energy vehicles, etc., to the military field of tanks, armored vehicles, military tents, cold weather clothing, etc., and from 5G, 3C and other electronic products, the base station field, and medical prosthetic limbs, neck rests, CT pads, etc., and the construction field.

  Founded in Shenzhen in 2019 and relocated to Lishui Development Zone in 2021 by attracting investment, Da Maoniu has long been focusing on the technical research and process grinding of ultra-low density physical foaming.The company has a high-tech research team of 2 "National Youth Thousand Talents", 4 post-doctoral fellows and 20 masters, with more than 180 invention patents and 21 international PCT patents.The