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Today, the Lishui Branch of the Nanjing Municipal Bureau of Planning and Natural Resources releasedNanjing Lishui District Stomatological Disease Prevention and Control Center Expansion ProjectPre-approval public notice of changes to planning permission.

The project is located in the old city center of Lishui, with Daximen Street in the north and Safflower Lane in the east. It covers an area of about 4,685.5 square meters, and the nature of the planned land is medical and healthcare land.On December 24, 2021, the project obtained the planning permit for construction works (Jianzhi No. 320117202100259)The zone map is below:

project unitProposed Local Optimization of the Single Elevation of the Inpatient Complex in Building 1#The

This planning change does not increase the building area, does not change the building height and the neighboring relationship, and meets the fire and structural safety. There is no change in all the economic and technical indicators, and it meets the current relevant legal norms and planning conditions.

Changed content:

1. eliminate the silver metal perforated panels in the perimeter elevation of the 1# inpatient complex.

2. Replacement of light white aluminum panels with silver real stone paint, dark gray aluminum panels with dark gray real stone paint, and orange aluminum panels with orange real stone paint on the perimeter elevations of the 1# inpatient complex.

Lishui District Oral Disease Control Hospital Reconstruction and Expansion Project covers an area of about 4,685.5 square meters, floor area ratio Far ≤ 1.5, building density ≤ 35%, building height H ≤ 24 meters, greening rate ≥ 15%.

Total floor area of approximately 7,543.11 square metersThe main functions of the building are as followsDental hospital outpatient and emergency services, wards, and office and ancillary facilities; the underground construction area is about 1985.80 square meters, and the main functions areunderground garageThe

sports eventConstruction of a new 4F inpatient complex, complemented by a non-motorized parking lot with 120 spaces;Remodeling of Building 2, 3F Dental Clinic BuildingThe

Last year, the outpatient building of Lishui District Oral Disease Prevention and Control Hospital was renovated and put into use, and the construction of the ward building was started.

According to the "Implementation Program for Promoting High-Quality Development of Public Hospitals in Lishui District", Lishui District willPromoting close cooperation between the District Stomatological Control Center and Nanjing Stomatological Hospital(c) Comprehensively enhancing the ability of specialized hospitals to provide specialized treatment services. Strengthening the construction of the talent team of specialized hospitals and the construction of clinical and medical technology departments, continuously upgrading the level of specialized diagnosis and treatment, and enhancing the comprehensive strength and service capacity of hospitals.

By 2024, the District Oral Disease Control CenterCreation of 1 key specialty at the municipal level(b) By the end of the Fourteenth Five-Year Plan.Creation of a Grade 2A specialized hospitalThe

Other hospitals currently under construction in Lishui District include Liang Orthopedic Hospital and Jiangsu Provincial Rehabilitation Hospital.

Leung's Orthopaedic Hospital

Liang Orthopaedic Hospital is located at the interface of Huaiyuan Avenue and Sanshan Lake Road in Zhetang Street, Lishui District, with Yincheng Zhong'ao-Junhui on the east side; a tributary of Sanshan Lake on the west side, and Jinxiu Lanwan across the river; and the new hospital area of Zhetang Central Health Center and the new Wushan Farmer's Market on the north side.

sports eventTotal investment of $15,000,000The floor area is31219.73 square meters(of which the aboveground construction area is 23840.75 square meters and the underground construction area is 7378.98 square meters), mainly for theOrthopedics, arthropedics, laboratory, radiology, pharmacy, operating room, etc.Section, not involving herbal medicine.

The hospital has a staff of 60.Annual reception capacity of about 10,000 peopleSettingscouch100 seats.The

The project obtained the record of the Administrative Approval Bureau of Lishui District, Nanjing on June 19, 2020, and was not carried out in time due to fund scheduling problems.

Leung's Orthopaedic Hospitalfirst floorIt has a first aid center, treatment room, emergency room, duty room, pharmacy, radiology, office, kitchen and dining room, and equipment room;

second floorIt is equipped with orthopedics, arthroplasty, operating room, laboratory, internal medicine, surgery, infusion area, traditional Chinese medicine, treatment room, cafeteria, and equipment room;

third floorThere are offices, instrument department, pharmacy department, storage room (including medicine cabinet), dirt receiving cleaning and disinfection area, rehabilitation center, equipment room, etc.;

four-plyThere are wards, offices, store rooms (including medicine cabinets), treatment rooms and equipment rooms;

5th~11th floorAll have wards, offices, store rooms (including medicine cabinets), treatment rooms, equipment rooms, etc;

twelfth floorThere are offices, examination room, CT room, store room (including medicine cabinet), equipment room, etc..

The medical complex of Liang Orthopaedic Hospital was opened inTopping out in the first half of this monthwhich, according to previous plans, would have the scaffolding removed by the end of this year and renovated in 2024.Expected to be operational in the first half of 2025The

Jiangsu Rehabilitation Hospital

Jiangsu Rehabilitation Hospital is registered by the Jiangsu Provincial Institutional Preparation Committee and approved by the Jiangsu Provincial Healthcare CommissionProvincial public hospitals. It is located in the southeastern part of Lishui Economic Development Zone Airport New City and No.8 Changle Avenue.Adjacent to Qunli Station of Metro Line S7and 340 Provincial Road, only about 16 kilometers from Nanjing Lukou International Airport, with convenient transportation.

patientsWith a total investment of approximately $1.8 billion.Relying on Nanjing Medical University and Jiangsu Provincial People's Hospital to jointly buildIt has brought together one national key laboratory, one national international joint research center, one academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering as well as the top research medical universities, institutions and experts in China.

Jiangsu Provincial Rehabilitation Hospital adopts the CARF internationalized certification system standard and the mode of combining peace and war, and lays out the domestic and foreign leadingRehabilitation Medicine, Rehabilitation Nursing, Rehabilitation Evaluation, etc.Functional facilities.

The hospital construction introduces cutting-edge architectural concepts and rehabilitation treatment concepts, designs building modules centered on rehabilitation treatment needs, and builds a new rehabilitation culture system.

Innovative use ofLarge Flat Design IdeasIn the one-piece (central commonality unit) and six-wing (ward) building units, the central main building is partly a commonality functional unit, and the six-wing individuality units are radially distributed, and similar functional units are located on the same level, which reduces the demand for vertical transportation to a greater extent.More than 95 per cent of the medical needs of hospitalized patients can be met on the same floorThe

Adopting the general idea of "small outpatient clinics and large rehabilitation wards".Setting up treatment subjects in accordance with the standards of tertiary rehabilitation hospitals.;Set up 24 wards with 1004 beds.The first of its kind, the Intensive Rehabilitation Unit will be the first to allow family members to accompany patients. Among other things, the intensive rehabilitation ward will be the first of its kind to realize the possibility of being accompanied by family members.

When completed, it will focus on targetingElderly, disabled, chronically ill and sub-healthy people with rehabilitation needs, etc.Provide specialized medical services to meet the needs of the rehabilitation market.

In April last year, Jiangsu Provincial Rehabilitation Hospital successfully passed the main acceptance, at present, theInterior finishes and installation packages are in a slow state of constructionThe

In recent years, Lishui District has insisted on public medical institutions as the main body and social-run medical institutions as the supplement to promote the expansion and sinking of high-quality medical resources and regional balanced layout, so as to better provide more and better medical services for the people.

Finally, we hope that the medical and healthcare projects under construction in Lishui will be completed and put into operation as soon as possible, so as to provide a higher level of medical and healthcare services for the neighboring residents.