Lishui added "Jiangsu Excellence"!

Recently the second batch of "Jiangsu Excellence" certified enterprises in 2023 was announced.

Nanjing Golden Manor Agricultural Products Co.--"

Red" Strawberries

be on the list


What is the "Jiangsu Excellence" certification?


Jiangsu Excellence" certification is to take the standard as the lead, certification as a means, through the third-party certification of products and services in line with high standards and high quality requirements, to promote the formation of independent innovation, high-end quality, quality service, excellent reputation, market recognized "Jiangsu Excellence" brand group. "It is a pioneering work of Jiangsu Province to promote brand strategy under the new situation by referring to international practice and utilizing market mechanism.
  "Jiangsu Excellence" is the regional brand of Jiangsu enterprises, which not only represents high-quality Jiangsu products (services), but also represents Jiangsu reputation, Jiangsu image, Jiangsu culture and Jiangsu strength.

Strawberry production standardized  

Into the Golden Manor strawberry production base, the fields are hidden everywhere in the new technology: microbial organic fertilizer, is the use of milk powder brown sugar and other fermented bio-liquid fertilizer nutrient deployment, specifically for the growth of strawberries, "tailored"; the enterprise independent research and development of a whole set of strawberry planting green prevention and control programs, has passed the green food certification; closed management to ensure the production of Safe and hygienic, the water used in production is purified by ultraviolet ray. ......

In order to ensure the quality of strawberries, Golden Manor has been building a standardized facility strawberry base since 2017, providing seedlings, bio-fertilizers, bio-pesticides, and the whole process of technical solutions to achieve uniformity, and currently has a self-built strawberry base of more than 8,000 acres nationwide, an order cooperation base of 30,000 acres, and more than 7,000 farmers, which has changed the way of farmers' fine-grained production, and has achieved standardization and scaling, Branding development.

 This time, the Golden Manor through the certification of the product "red" strawberry, is commonly known in the market as "cream strawberry", by the improvement of the strawberry from the Fengxiang strawberry, the relevant indicators are better than the Fengxiang strawberry.

Lishui owns 3 "Jiangsu Excellence".

  In recent years, Lishui District Market Supervision Bureau focuses on leading industrial chain enterprises and "specialized, special and new" enterprises, continuously strengthens brand building, gives full play to the role of "quality station" as an accurate guidance service for enterprises, and helps enterprises improve their brand competitiveness by further promoting the construction of "Jiangsu Excellence". "Jiangsu Excellence" construction as an opportunity to help enterprises enhance brand competitiveness. Since the certification of "Jiangsu Excellence" was carried out in 2020, three products of three enterprises in Lishui District have passed the certification and become "Jiangsu Excellence". In addition to the golden manor "red strawberries", the other two areLow-temperature catalytic reductant solution "Ice Smooth" developed by Keranso Company, "Jingjian Rice" of Nanjing Jingjian Rice Co.The

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