This association in Lishui was selected

Recently China Agricultural Technology Association announcedResults of the selection of the "Top 100 Agricultural Technical Associations" in 2023Lishui District Huacheng Vegetable AssociationSuccessful selection.

 Nanjing Lishui District Huacheng Vegetable Association was established in June 2014, with a total of 50 association members, mainly responsible for formulating and standardizing the technical regulations of vegetable production, improving the cooperation mechanism between industry, academia and research, carrying out technical training and exchanges, improving the cultivation level of the growers, increasing the production benefits, and driving the farmers to increase their income and become rich.

support agriculture and benefit agriculture

Accelerating the integration of the three industries

  In recent years, the association to "science and technology leadership, service development of rural revitalization" for the purpose of adhering to the protection of the interests of members and farmers as the main responsibility, the establishment of vegetable production, supply and marketing of integrated service system for the majority of members, farmers to provide vegetable production, processing, sales and other services of the whole industry chain, and effectively benefited the farmers and people, improve the income of farmers, accelerate the integration of the three industries! development.

Farmer Xu Gui net contracted more than 140 acres of planting vegetables, joined Huacheng Vegetable Association in 2017 and became a member. "I was not proficient in vegetable cultivation at first, and after I became a member, the association's whole chain and all-around services, from planting to sales, helped me solve a lot of problems and made me take a lot fewer detours." Xu Gui net happy to say, their annual income is considerable and stable, than before joining the association at least doubled.

 Association like Xu Gui net such as many members, they are from the vegetable planting "white" into a "competent" "master", often guiding the area farmers to solve a variety of production and management problems! Problems. At present, Huacheng Vegetable Association total radiation driven neighboringMore than 2,000Farmers, harmonized forAgricultural machinery operation, technical guidance, professional training, vegetable testing and online salesThe

work hard on one's inner strength

Creating a platform for demonstration and leadership

 The association is constantly exporting services while practicing internal skills. In recent years, the Association has strengthened technical cooperation between industry, academia and research, and has strengthened exchanges with various scientific research institutes such as Jiangsu Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Nanjing Vegetable Research Institute, Nanjing Agricultural University, Jinling Institute of Science and Technology, etc. The Association regularly invites experts to provide on-site guidance and training, introduces demonstration and popularization of new varieties of vegetables, and helps member farmers to improve their planting patterns and increase the benefits of planting.

  The association has built agricultural science and technology exhibition and science experience center, science classroom and agricultural products exhibition and marketing center, intelligent nursery glass greenhouse, agricultural science and technology training and consulting service center, vegetable picking and agricultural labor experience activity center, agricultural leisure reception center and other supporting facilities, and continue to promote its own bigger and stronger.

   Hwacheng Vegetable Association cooperates with schools, e-commerce members, and travel agencies every year to carry out rich and varied science activities, and organizes activities such as science propaganda, labor education, and parent-child picking.Over 30 sessionsAttractMore than 5,000 visitsParticipation.