Dragon lanterns, come on!

The flavor of the year is here!

Nanjing Year of the Dragon Lantern Sneak Peek

Fuzimiao Scenic Area, Bailuzhou Park

Wamendong Historical and Cultural Neighborhood, etc.

Old Town South Area is in full bloom

One by one, the lights have been set up

Festive atmosphere grows

Qinhuai River "two dragons play pearls" new look

Vermilion walls and tiles, flowing with color

Double Dragons Playing with Pearls

Adding flavor to the upcoming Year of the Dragon

Highly publicized

Giant Chinese Zodiac Dragon Lanterns under the East Gate City Walls


It is reported that the Mendong Street area under the city wall of the Chinese zodiac dragon lamp called "dragon in full bloom", the lamp set is about 16 meters high, 22 meters wide, the dragon's body diameter of 3 to 4 meters, in the form of a huge dragon circling the dragon's head upward, stood at the foot of the city wall. After the completion of the installation of the light set, the Chinese zodiac dragon lamp will become the eastern part of the door to participate in the Qinhuai Lantern Festival since the presentation of the largest Chinese zodiac lamp.

This time the Chinese zodiac dragon lamp, the dragon head is a major attraction: the colorful dragon beard and whiskers part of the use of LED flexible strip hook edge processing, through the combination of internal translucent light, the overall atmosphere will create a sense of flow. Visually, it will make the Chinese zodiac dragon more vivid and dynamic.

Nanjing Mendong Historic District Management Co., Ltd. deputy general manager Liu Yang introduced the Mendong Street District as one of the branch venues of the Qinhuai Lantern Festival, over the years to the Chinese zodiac as the theme. This year, in addition to the city wall under the "dragon in full bloom" main lights, located in the Mendong Street District of the various streets and alleys of the fish dragon lights and dragon lights through the streets and alleys of the distinctive features of the public can be in the various points of the card, to enjoy the Chinese zodiac dragon lights of the thousand and one ways.

in the last few days

Qinhuai Gift Flagship Store started selling

"Longdun Dun" series

Red fire dragon dun dun dun plush toy

and red fire, aoki dragon dun dun keychain

In the Fuzimiao scenic area Pipa Street, Mendong Historical and Cultural District and other cultural and creative stores, "dragon" elements are gradually filled with shelves, all kinds of cultural and creative products. "It's almost 2024, so I'll bring some dragons at home to celebrate." Many young people who are shopping for cultural creations at the scene lamented that Chinese zodiac elements can bring more traditional New Year's flavors.