In the year of the dragon, "Li Ma" ran all the way and became the "black horse of traffic" of Joyin and Weibo!

March 3, 024

2024 Nanjing Lishui Half Marathon started energetically at Wuxi Mountain.

The total number of participants in this year's Li Ma is 12,000.

Become the "traffic black horse" of Jieyin and Weibo.

Let's take a look at that today.

Why this marathon can be a fire out of the loop~

Lima's new start

Lishui Strawberry Marathon relies on the unique ecological endowment of Lishui, the Lishui Marathon course has a view step by step, and the label of "ecological Lishui Marathon" is deeply rooted in people's hearts. This year's Lishui Strawberry Marathon start and finish is adjusted to "the intersection of Zhiyuan Road and Yongquan Road", and the adjusted starting section is gentle, so that the runners can have a smoother starting experience.

This year, Lishui Strawberry Marathon is newly upgraded in various aspects such as track, supplies, welfare, service, companion race, periphery, and play, fully integrating Lishui culture and tourism characteristics and highlighting the elements of "strawberry" and "ecology". Before the race, we set up a special shuttle line for runners to facilitate their travel and participation; during the race, we upgrade the supplies along the race route, set up a performance cheering group along Zhangtangjiao, and help runners to finish the race smoothly from the physical fitness of the runners to the creation of the atmosphere; and we provide strawberry finishers' packages after the race, so as to provide the ultimate experience for the runners.

Spring "Berry" Tracks

Running Lishui Marathon, enjoying the beautiful scenery, dazzling strawberry ...... runners can enjoy the scenery of the track such as Bamboo Sea Avenue and Meihua Mountain Lane, and the panoramic display of Lishui Strawberry Marathon's characteristics at Fujiabian Science and Technology Park, Strawberry Square and other points. The natural ecological environment creates a pleasurable sports scene for runners, who can "breathe" in running and feel the quiet beauty of nature without thinking.

As the "strawberry horse" in the hearts of countless runners, Lishui strawberry is the unique label of Lishui Marathon.2024 Lishui Strawberry Marathon cooperates with Golden Manor, a national key leading enterprise in agricultural industrialization, to further improve the quality of strawberries.

In addition to red strawberries, the varieties of strawberries supplied for this year's race have been increased to include first love, black pearl, countryside, angel and other varieties, so that the runners can fully feel the sweet taste of Lishui, "the hometown of strawberries in China". A wide range of strawberry elements make the taste of horse racing so sweet.

Framing "Berry" Memories

To finish the race, you need to play the race.2024 LiMa souvenirs are newly upgraded, CP/parent-child commemorative T-shirt, strawberry horse handbag, strawberry pendant, strawberry stickers ...... full of cute strawberry peripherals, accompanied by your sweet horse running trip! The marathon also set up a shooting booth, professional lighting, professional photographers, on-site Pose guidance, for your LiMa trip to leave "berry good" memory!

From March 1 to March 3, "Strawberry Bazaar" will be held in Wuxi Water Town, featuring not only Lishui specialties, strawberry desserts, Lishui non-legacy folklore, but also wonderful songs and dances throughout the day.

Each finisher's medal carries a commendation for the runner's perseverance, in order to bring a better, more perfect and more intimate experience to all the runners, so that this distinctive Lishui Marathon medal will become your "most unique" finisher's medal. This time, Nanjing Lishui Half Strawberry Marathon also provides on-site medal engraving service for the runners.

More than 10,000 runners competing in style

This year's LiMa attracted 12,000 runners from all over the country to run in Li, including 7,000 in the half marathon program and 5,000 in the mini running program. It highlights the influence of LiMa in marathon events.

This year's Lisma gathered nearly 20 foreign runners from dozens of countries such as Kenya, Germany, Japan, etc., and nearly 3,000 runners from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao and other parts of the country, and runners from all over the world came in droves, which is the best proof that the influence of "Lisma" and even the city of Lishui continues to be manifested.

At the same time, this year's Li Ma also attracted more than 1,000 people from 26 "village fitness running groups" in the whole region to run for the first time, further carrying out the "national sports life festival" and adding vitality to the creation of a national sports and fitness model area.