Dragon Head Raising! Come to Pearl Spring to receive good luck!

Today is the second day of the second lunar month.

Dragon's Head Festival is the day when dragons carry their heads.

Look up and take in the spring of March

Come to Pearl Spring Scenic Area

Meet the "Spring Dragon, Luck of the Year".

On the day of the dragon's head.

People have always said "February 2, shave the dragon's head".

Think shaving your head on this day

You'll be lucky all year long.

However, underneath the water at the source of Pearl Izumi

There's a Fury Tap.

It has been verified that the jade is 400 years old

It fell from the eaves of the nearby Dragon King's Pavilion

Look closely at the spring.

A piece of jade jutting out of the water.

Doesn't it look like a dragon?

Dragon's eye, dragon's whiskers and dragon's lips are vaguely visible

There's folklore.

The source of the pearl spring is where the dragon's head is.

The cascade of bubbles

It's what the White Dragon creates when it breathes underwater.

Bubbles are like strings of pearls, sending endless blessings.

You can also throw a coin to make a wish

With any luck, the coin lands right on the faucet.

Legend has it that the White Dragon will bless you with wealth, fortune and happiness forever.

Pearl Izumi in the morning mist has its own "fairy atmosphere".

Carrying your hopes for a better life.

Take advantage of the spring sunshine to climb the Dingshan Great Wall

Take a springtime hike

At the top of the Great Wall, hang a blessed lock