Dragon and horse leap, temple fair to welcome the spring. In the Year of the Dragon, Lishui Folklore Festival promises you a red-hot Chinese New Year!

If you ask what you must hit in Lishui for Chinese New Year?

It must be the Chinese New Year in folklore.

Searching for the "New Year's flavor" in traditional culture.

Enjoying folklore, savoring the flavor of the New Year, and celebrating the New Year.

Please take this guide.

Chinese lantern jumping from horse to horse

On the Spring Festival, there is a custom of jumping horse lanterns in the rural areas of Lishui. And it is most popular in Jingqiao, Hefeng, Shiqiu and other towns.

Horse lanterns are made of bamboo gimlets, with paper glued on the surface and candles inserted at the head and tail. A space is left in the center of the lantern and it is fixed on the actor's waist during the performance. Actors painted with oil, dressed in ancient costumes, holding a sword, spears and other cold weapons, mainly running formations, there are so-called butterfly formation, scissors formation, through the flower formation, and other formations, or fight against each other.

Higashizumi Horse Lantern

Dongquan Horse Lantern is mainly circulated in the area of Mingjue Dongquan Qianbao Natural Village in Lishui District. The whole Dongquan Horse Lantern has 26 horse lanterns, 26 war flags, 26 lanterns and 26 candle-lighters. Generally, the meeting is held on the second day of the first month of the lunar calendar, and the cannons and drums are lit.

⏰ Activity time:

February 11, 2024

📍Activity Address:

Dongcheonmaebok Village, Seokchu Street

Gala Village Horse Lantern

During the Spring Festival, the Gala Village Horse Lanterns are bustling with performers who hold the horse's head in one hand, raise the whip in the other, and run around the horse lanterns in all corners. With the change of the rhythm of the gongs and drums, the team of horse lanterns is sometimes gentle, sometimes fast and powerful. Come and experience the folklore!

⏰ Activity time:

February 16, 2024

📍Activity Address:

Jingqiao Town Gala Village

visit a temple fair

Drums and gongs, lively start, a folklore event belonging to the people of Lishui is about to debut! Appreciate the folklore, sing the opera, and savor the hometown ...... Come to the temple fair with the small travelers!

Traditional folk activities carry the nostalgic memories of generations of Lishui people, not only bringing neighbors closer together, but also meeting the spiritual and cultural needs of villagers. The continuous flow of people, a wide range of commodities, delicious snacks with different characteristics, and colorful cultural feasts ...... these elements of the marketplace form a unique picture of the Spring Festival folklore!