The Wizard of Oz, Poetry and Faraway Places!

The television series My Altair.

A touch of green from the Northwest.

Blowing through every corner of the country.

Free-spirited figures running through the meadow.

The breath of the wilderness, full of life

It makes people stupid.

If you can't go to Altay for a while.

Why don't you come to Lishui these six treasure "the same" card place.

Let's dance on the lawn and catch the wind.

Shishu LakeTotoro Sea of Grass(math.) genus

Let countless Lishui people feel that

A life of leisure and indifference.

The Wildflower Lawn.

With "Mirror in the Sky"Shishu Lake (in northeast China)echoing each other.

Make this place synonymous with poetry and distance.

The sun is rolling in.

But it's peaceful and cozy.

Sitting here in the warm sun.

As if time stood still.

But everything is so free again.

year-round in the Unthinkable Mountains.

It's all a great surprise.

It's just the beginning of summer and it's already picturesque.

In the green-wrapped mountains.

The green sea of bamboo is swaying.

It makes the whole mountain seem more vibrant.

Holding up the prologue to summer with a canopy of

or have a summer party.

Or wait for a sunset.

or running through this meadow.

Here are all the things that can make a person.

Ideal place for physical and mental relaxation.

East Lushan, the source of the Qinhuai River.

Concentrating on the mountains, hidden in the landscape, the

It is one of the hottest places to visit in Lishui.

Early summer is the most comfortable time in the mountains.

East Lushan, the source of the Qinhuai River.

Surrounded by birdsong, shady woods and soft light, the

Even the sunset is a romantic orange color.