Slow traffic system, Nanjing so built!

in the last few days

Xinzhuang Underground Pedestrian Walkway

Entering the commissioning phase

Barrier-free crossing to the subway

It's so convenient.


Under the concepts of public transportation priority, slow-moving priority and green priority, in recent years Nanjing has continued to promote the construction of slow-moving systems and create slow-moving friendly environments, with a road, street, alley, neighborhood,...Smoother Slow Walking, Enhanced Face Value, Leading Citizens to Experience the Scenery in the Beautiful Nanjing Walking RoadsThe

Planning is systematicThree-dimensional design for trouble-free travel

the end of last year

West Spring Road officially opened to traffic

As the Software Valley Area

A major commuter corridor

4 lanes in both directions plus 2 levels of green belt

Realization of motorized and non-motorized

Scientific segregation of space for pedestrian movement

"In the past, when there were sidewalks and no non-motorized lanes, it caused people and vehicles to compete for the road, which was not only chaotic, but also blocked." Talking about the changes in the road, the public Mr. Lin lamented that the road is now widened, and pedestrians and cyclists are better off. Not only that, along the road also added some seats and small landscape, walking, feel more comfortable.

The West Spring Road slow-moving path adds landscaped space.

Yangzijiang Avenue undergoing rapid transformation

Not only do we add slow-moving paths and underground pedestrian walkways

I've also made it a point to stop at the Yingtian Street interchange.

Construction of a footbridge

Convenient for people in Jiangxinzhou to cross the street quickly

As the beginning and end of transportation, slow-moving transportation is an extension of urban public transportation. Establishment of"Public transit + slow traffic"The transportation model of Nanjing is an important direction for the future development of urban transportation in Nanjing.

According to the Municipal Bureau of Planning and Resources, as early as 2008, the city completed the Nanjing Urban and Rural Pedestrian Transportation Master Plan, which put forward the composition of the pedestrian transportation network and related planning and design requirements for the different needs of pedestrians. In order to build a comprehensive walking and cycling system, the city also carried out the preparation of the Nanjing Slow Walking (Walking and Cycling) System Plan in 2016, aiming to build a slow walking system that is "convenient and safe, integrated and diversified, slow and enjoyable, and high-quality life".

Such as based on the basic unit of urban functional organization, the formation of the central district, public facilities, residential areas, etc.8 types of walking units; full consideration of pedestrian crossing needs, main city planning243 three-dimensional street crossingswhich89 underpasses,20 flyoversThe combination of over-the-street functionality of the134 rail stationsThe

The environment has been upgradedRoads to make up for the shortcomings of the function to show the characteristics

It is understood that the city encourages complete street design in planning, focusing on complete functions including transportation, living, landscape, ecology, etc., for all street users, taking into account the needs of slow traffic, motorized traffic, static traffic, and interaction and communication, commercial activities, recreation and leisure, and other aspects.

It's on Lancaster Street, east of the city.

Through permeable paving,

Color-coded non-motorized parking area set up

Keep the roads in order.

An urban micro-living room created by excavating space,

Chic store signs and cultural landscape walls

New experiences for residents and visitors

The greenway has a faceLet the public walk slowly "read" the city

Optimization of slow-moving traffic

It is also reflected in the creation of ecological spaces

In the southern part of the new city of Mingdu Yayuan district north side of the downstairs, two residents sitting in the flower beds and chatting in front of the colorful section of the road, as in the painting, which is basically the completion of the characteristics of Xianwen Road Street.

Characteristic streets and alleys on Sagebrush Road.

Last year, the city newly reconstructed 71.6 kilometers of greenways, and the length of the city's greenways exceeded 1,800 kilometers. In the Detailed Plan of Nanjing Greenways (2020-2035), the city has further proposed to build community-level greenways as a medium to extend greenways to people's doorsteps, shaping the greenway scenario of "going out in the shade and returning to the city with the fragrance of flowers" from the framework of the big pattern of the ring around the mountains and the city. This will form an ecological, urban and energetic way.

Slow life on the greenway at Yaofangmen Ruins Park.