Loaded with "Made in Lishui", this China-Europe special train is very busy!

  Recently along with the train whistle sound China-European liner (Jiangsu) Skyworth special train from Nanjing Yaohua Gate Freight Center sailed through the Khorgos and Alashankou port finally arrived in the Russian capital of Moscow.

  The shipment from Nanjing to Russia included washing machines, refrigerators and other household appliances.All produced by Lishui-based Skyworth Electric Co.(hereinafter referred to as "Skyworth Electric"). China-European liner (Jiangsu) Nanjing - Moscow Skyworth special train travel more than six thousand kilometers each trip, to last about ten days.

  This batch of export trade mainly serves the Russian people's livelihood and consumption, which is a new practice of Jiangsu's high-quality service to build "One Belt, One Road" and a new growth point for "Made in Lishui" foreign trade export. It took more than two months, and through the coordination efforts of the city and district commerce bureaus and Nanjing Longtan Railway Company, the ice washing products of Skyworth Electrical Appliances were successfully transported on the China-European Union liner.A steady stream of exports to Central Asia and RussiaThe

  Skyworth Electric Co., Ltd. is an important industrial company under Skyworth Group, with a production capacity of 6 million smart home appliances. This year, Skyworth Electric export sales to the "Belt and Road" region increased significantly, mainly in Southeast Asia, Central Asia and Russia and other places. In the first quarter of this year, Skyworth Electric orders ushered in explosive growth.Year-on-year growth of more than 30%, ushering in the "open door".. "We will take the initiative to study the needs of customers in the international market, develop and produce more popular products, and unswervingly push forward the process of internationalization, while strengthening strategic cooperation with key customers in key regions abroad.Promoting the global layout of production capacity." The relevant person in charge of Skyworth Electric said.

  Taking the fast track of "China-Europe liner" is an important initiative of the internationalization strategy of "Made in Lishui". Since this year, Lishui District has been actively expanding foreign trade exports.Coordinate and solve the difficulties of enterprises in the supply chain and factor security through "one enterprise one policy", and promote enterprises to enter the emerging markets such as RCEP member countries on the basis of plowing into the traditional markets such as the European Union, the United States, Japan and South Korea.In the first quarter, the district is expected to complete the import and export of 4.7 billion yuan, up 15% year-on-year. In the first quarter, the region is expected to complete the foreign trade import and export 4.7 billion yuan, an increase of 15%.