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Nanjing Low Altitude Economy

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January 23rd.Inaugural Meeting of Low Altitude Economic Innovation and Development Alliance and Seminar on Unmanned Helicopter System Industry DevelopmentIt was held in Pukou, and a touring exhibition of unmanned helicopters and payload products application was held at the same time, focusing on the latest research and development progress made in the field of unmanned helicopters in China, and 10 experts and scholars carried out thematic reports on the development of the industry, application scenarios, and the integration of the airspace to give advice for the rapid development of China's unmanned helicopter industry under the strategy of low-altitude economy.


Alliance for Innovative Development of Low Altitude Economy


"Through this alliance, we want to establish a cross-industry, cross-field and cross-regional low-altitude economy industrial ecology, oriented by national demand, supported by scientific and technological innovation, and promote the high-quality development of the industry through the integration of government, industry, academia, research and application." Wu Qihui, vice president of Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, said.

The alliance will promote unmanned systems industry clusters and ecological chains through multi-level and multi-channel communication and cooperation, such as policy consultation, resource sharing, information sharing and talent sharing.surname QuanFacing to promote the unmanned helicopter system industry application to the depth of developmentThe

At the meeting, Aerospace Development and the Administrative Committee of Pukou Economic and Technological Development Zone signed a memorandum of understanding between the two organizations.Strategic Cooperation Agreement; Aerospace State Instruments signed with six universities, including Jilin University and Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics.School-Enterprise Cooperation AgreementLtd. and signed with six companies, including CGN Jiuyuan (Chengdu) Technology Co.Strategic Cooperation AgreementThe

Pukou Hi-Tech Zone

for the past few years

Pukou Hi-tech Zone in the field of drone industry

actively explore

Gradually form upstream and downstream closely into a chain


The construction of Nanjing civil unmanned aerial pilot zone with Pukou District as the core area is a national civil unmanned aerial pilot zone approved and established by the State Civil Aviation Administration in 2020, which has now been accepted by the State Civil Aviation Administration on-site, and has the conditions and foundation for declaring a national demonstration zone.

At this stage, Pukou Hi-Tech Zone has built a special industrial park and innovation center for drones, completed a test flight test site for drones, and is planning an 800-meter test runway to provide professional carriers and venues for industry-leading projects and large hospitals to take root in the park.

At present, Pukou District has gathered about 30 enterprises related to the drone industry, covering the whole chain of R&D and design represented by Changkong Technology and Unicom Low Altitude Intelligent Networking Innovation Center, manufacturing and assembly represented by Jincheng Unmanned Systems and Aerospace National Instruments, training and examination represented by Maijieke and New Route, operation service represented by Intelligent Aviation Research Institute, and industry applications represented by Dawing Aviation and Ruor Aviation, and so on. In 2023, the scale of low altitude economy industry in Pukou District realized nearly 500 million. Among them, the province's only comprehensive examination point for drones-Jiangsu Civil Aviation Drone Pilot License Training and Examination Center is located in Pukou Hi-Tech Zone, which receives nearly 5,000 times of drone license trainers and examiners from the province and neighboring areas.

To safeguard Nanjing's low altitude flight

Visible, flyable and manageable!

Pukou District has constructed

"One Center, Two Platforms"(used form a nominal expression)

Core operation, control and service system

"One Center"

Nanjing Civil Unmanned Aerial Operation and Management Center(math.) genus

Approved by the Nanjing Municipal Party Committee Editorial Office, it was established with the aim of serving as the main unit for low altitude airspace service and management in Nanjing.

"Two platforms"

Low Altitude Service Management Platform

It can provide coordinated low altitude airspace management services and UAV flight service capabilities with tripartite collaboration between the military, civil and local authorities, providing support for the efficient utilization and safe management of urban low altitude airspace resources. At present, the platform has been connected to the duty room of the Air Force in the eastern theater, and is ready to dock with the national integrated comprehensive supervision and service platform that has just been put on line.

Low Altitude Intelligent Networking Platform

On the scene, the country's first landed all-element low-altitude intelligent network platform was built, which integrates 5G low-altitude network communication, high-precision location services, wide-range multi-source surveillance, and low-altitude meteorological services, and provides high-quality low-altitude security conditions for unmanned aerial vehicle flight activities within the 600-square-kilometer coverage area. Among them, Nanjing Maritime established the "5G+UAV Application Convergence and Innovation Center", and created a national maritime UAV application demonstration in terms of long-distance off-site take-off and landing inspections of 5G network-connected UAVs; the Nanjing Test Area Low Altitude Intelligent Networking Theoretical and Technological Innovation and Demonstration Application in Nanjing Section of the Yangtze River was awarded the Top 10 China Internet of Things (IoT) Science and Technology Advancement Achievements in 2022-2023. Science and Technology Progress Achievements. Two sessions of "China (Nanjing) Low Altitude Intelligent Networking and UAV Application Integration and Innovation Summit Forum" were organized and held, inviting well-known academicians, experts and scholars in the UAV industry to have in-depth discussions, and continuously enhancing the achievements and brand influence of Nanjing Pilot Zone.

At the Central Economic Work Conference held in December 2023, theLow-altitude economy and biomanufacturing, commercial spaceflight, etc. listed as some strategic emerging industriesAs a representative of new quality productivity, low altitude economy is an important choice to cultivate new dynamic energy for development. As a representative of new quality productivity, low altitude economy is an important choice to cultivate new kinetic energy for development and an important strategic emerging industry direction for global competition.

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