Nanjing high enterprises, science and small cultivation "double over 10,000"

Insist on strengthening the status of enterprise innovation main body

Implementation of innovative enterprise cultivation

"Build the foundation," "Strengthen the foundation," "Chain the foundation," "Fix the foundation"

the four basic engineering disciplines

Cultivation of Innovative Enterprises in Nanjing this Year

Two Record Highs

Three provincial firsts

Cultivation of High-tech Enterprises and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises "exceeded 10,000".
Recently, the national high-tech enterprises recognized, science and technology-based small and medium-sized enterprise evaluation of the list of entries announced. 2023, the city recognized high enterprise3596 homesThe total number of valid high enterprises exceeded10,000 homesYear-on-year growth11%The company has achieved a five-year doubling of its average annual growth rate21.1%; breakthroughs in technology-based SME enrollment22,000 homesYear-on-year growth17.7%The province's share of the25.1%The effectiveness of the cultivation of high-tech enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises has reached a record high.
Innovative enterprise clusters continue to increase in size and capacity
Form industrial agglomeration effect in the field of high-tech industries such as equipment manufacturing, software and information service industry, biomedicine, etc. From January to November 2023, the city's high-tech output value accounted for the proportion of the industrial output value on the statute-book56%Above.No. 1 in the provinceThe

Continuing to build high-capacity business incubation carriers
Incubation effectiveness continues to improve, and in 2023, the number of Jiangsu Provincial Science and Technology Business Incubator performance evaluation was excellent39 familiesThe first place is in theNo. 1 in the provinceThe work has been the first in the province for four consecutive years and the first in the country for three years. The work has been ranked first in the province for four consecutive years and first in the country's cities for three consecutive years.

Promote enterprises to increase investment in R&D
Iterative enhancement of enterprise science and technology R&D and innovation capacity, the number of projects approved by the Provincial Key R&D Program (Industry Foresight and Key Core Technology) and provincial funding in 2023All first in the provinceThe
As a next step, Nanjing will implementAction Plan for Cultivation of Science and Innovation Enterprises "Ning Chong Jia"In addition, we will continue to implement the "four bases" project for the cultivation of innovative enterprises, consolidate the development advantages of science and technology-based small and medium-sized enterprises, select and cultivate a number of innovative leading enterprises, cultivate and build innovation consortiums at a high level, strengthen the qualitative monitoring of the development of high-enterprise enterprises, and cultivate more high-growth enterprises in the fields of 6G communications, future networks, artificial intelligence, meta-universe, new energy and other industries. We will promote the incubation and cultivation of high-tech enterprises and the attraction of high-quality external enterprises, so as to strengthen the cluster of innovative enterprises.