Nanjing Gulou Hospital Cardiovascular Medicine Center opened in Li

in the last few daysCardiovascular Medicine Center, Nanjing Gulou HospitalInaugurated in LishuiThis means that the southern part of Gulou Hospital will better integrate quality resourcesCreate a national cardiovascular medicine highland in Liand talent incubators

Enabling the public to enjoy better healthcare services

Integration of advantageous resources

Building a national cardiovascular medicine center
  At the beginning of the new year, Gulou Hospital set up a cardiovascular medicine center in the southern hospital district to further integrate high-quality resources, promote the development of medical technology innovation, and drive the level of discipline construction in the southern hospital district to a new level.

The Cardiovascular Medicine Center integrates in-hospital departments and out-of-hospital platforms, and consists of a Cardiovascular Clinical Center and a Cardiovascular Research Center led by academicians. Among them.Cardiovascular Clinical CenterCombined with the characteristics of the disease, integrate the resources of various departments to form a special diagnosis and treatment team;Cardiovascular Research CenterIntegrate Nanjing University Institute of Cardiac Regeneration and Repair, Nanjing University Institute of Cardiothoracic Surgery, and Gulou Hospital Institute of Vascular Surgery to set up a medical team to jointly promote basic research and application translation, and strive toCreate a provincial and even national key laboratory of vascular information and health engineering medicine.

  In the future, the Cardiovascular Medicine Center of Gulou Hospital will form a landmark cardiovascular disease clinical discipline group with top domestic and leading scientific research, build a national cardiovascular medicine center, and become a domestic high-level associated talent training base.

Integration of healthcare and conservation

Create a new business card for Lishui medical treatment

"This time, we chose the cardiovascular medicine center to settle in Lishui, on the one hand, we got the strong support from Lishui District, on the other hand, considering the unique geographical location of Lishui, we can radiate a wider area and create an influential discipline brand." Xu Biao, executive director of the Cardiovascular Medicine Center of Nanjing Gulou Hospital, said he hoped that the center could be combined with the development of Lishui's pension industry to form a holistic diagnostic and treatment service featured by medicine, health and conservation.

Xu Biao introduced that the establishment of the center will provide more convenient and efficient medical services for the people in Lishui and the surrounding area, so that patients with cardiovascular diseases can get high-quality diagnosis and treatment close to them, and at the same time, through the research-based resources, it will help to improve the level of medical scientific research and education of the whole region, and cultivate more local professional medical talents. Meanwhile, it is hoped that the cardiovascular medical center of Gulou Hospital can add a new medical business card for Lishui and better drive the accelerated development of pharmaceutical, medical equipment, healthcare and other related industries.

In the newly released 2022 annual national tertiary public hospital "national examination" list, Nanjing Gulou Hospital in the country 1521 tertiary general hospitals in theRanked 7th, 1st in the province, ranked among the top 1% in the country, and steadily ranked in the first square of the country. Since September 22 last year, the southern hospital district of Nanjing Gulou Hospital was opened in Lishui, the total number of outpatient and emergency visits has been nearly 50,000, and nearly 1,000 patients were discharged from the hospital, which provides high-quality and convenient medical services for patients in Lishui and the surrounding area.