Nanjing National Agricultural High-Tech Zone: let agriculture show "science and technology model"

  Smart farms, high-tech equipment day and night guarding, crop growth, glowing with vitality ...... In recent years, the Nanjing National Agricultural High-tech Zone focus on "smart agriculture", to create a precise advantage of the "digital agriculture "The industry cluster will bring science and technology into the field.

  "Previously are facing the soil back to the sky, now a cell phone can be easily solved." In the Nanjing National Agricultural High-tech Zone in the plant blueberry blackberry industrial demonstration park 5G blueberry factory, field management farewell "mud legs", the staff only need to be in the office to complete the relevant operations. "Here, the humidity, temperature, water and nutrients required by blueberries are given to the big data, by the computer network precision control, so that blueberries in the optimal environment to achieve the best growth state." Yu Xiaohua, general manager of Jiangsu Zhongzhi Ecological Plant Science Research Institute Co.

  In the Internet of Things, cloud computing, big data, blockchain and 5G and other new generation of information technology, led by the Nanjing National Agricultural High-tech Zone has built 38 digital agricultural demonstration scenes, two berry demonstration park 5G digital smart farm, dragonfly ecological cycle of unmanned farms and a number of high-standard farms in the cloud, the participation of intelligent equipment so that people in the "house" can control the "ground". The participation of intelligent equipment allows people in the "house" to control the "ground", but also exempt from the past large water, fertilizer, medicine damage to the ecological environment, to achieve a more efficient, low-cost, healthier and more environmentally friendly output.

  With economic development, rising incomes and technological advances, consumers' expectations for high-quality agricultural products are increasing day by day. Nanjing National Agricultural High-Tech Zone has strengthened the "seed chip", implemented the seed industry revitalization action, focused on cultivating and expanding seed industry enterprises, and carried out technical cooperation with nationwide seed industry research institutions to promote the innovation of biological breeding and improve the level of breeding technology. At present, Nanjing National Agricultural High-Tech Zone has 58 national and provincial innovation platforms related to the seed industry, such as the State Key Laboratory of Crop Genetics and Germplasm Innovation, and more than 30,000 varieties of resources for grain and cash crops, and it obtains nearly 200 new varieties of plant rights every year.

  "Choosing the excellent blueberry varieties selected by experts, with the help of efficient cultivation techniques, soil improvement programs, and through the 5G intelligent digital farm management platform, the yield has quadrupled, from 700 pounds to 3,000 pounds per mu." Yu Xiaohua introduced. At the same time, the Nanjing National Agricultural High-Tech Zone has formulated and introduced special support policies for the seed industry, and set up a number of awards such as the Headquarters Enterprise Award, Settlement Award, Business Contribution Award, Enterprise Listing Award, and Scientific and Technological Innovation Award, etc., to support the development of the modern seed industry.

  "In the context of comprehensively promoting the strategy of rural revitalization, agriculture 'hand in hand' science and technology is to promote the comprehensive revitalization of the countryside is an inevitable choice." Nanjing National Agricultural High-Tech Zone relevant person in charge said, Nanjing National Agricultural High-Tech Zone will further strengthen the support of science and technology and human resources, focusing on science and technology as the "key variable" into the revitalization of the development of the "largest increment", innovation and release of agricultural productivity, to achieve agricultural efficiency, Farmers increase income, and fully promote rural revitalization.