Nanjing Jianye, 43 "Billion Dollar Buildings" Grew Up

January 16

Financial City II C1 Main Tower

The main structure is fully topped out

Refreshing Nanjing skyline with a height of 416.6 meters

Built Huaxin City T1, Nanjing IFC, Twin Towers and other new landmarks in the city ...... Up to now, Jianye is a forest of skyscrapers in the birth of the4.3 Billion Dollar BuildingsIn the past few years, the number of buildings has increased to 1 billion yuan, of which 4 are buildings of 1 billion yuan; the precinct to the sky to borrow land "grow" out of the130 billion GDPThe number of municipal headquartered enterprises and the number of buildings with billions of yuan ranked first in Nanjing city.

Gathering momentum to the cloud, "grow" out of the "billion dollar building"

Real-time air quality display, comfortable and pleasant office environment, safe and reliable property management ...... China New Town T1 office building, which is located in the golden "crossroads" of Hexi CBD.It is the first LEED and WELL certified building in Nanjing., delivered just over a year ago, has already reached 25% of depreciation.

Take the elevator to the top floor and enjoy a panoramic view of the city from the "clouds"-

To the east, Xindi Center, Nanjing Jin'ao Center, China Merchants Tower and other high-end business buildings, not far from the New City Science and Technology Park, a number of buildings production value "like a city"; to the south, Jiangsu Financial Leasing, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Zijin Agricultural and Commercial Bank and so on along the middle of Jiangdong Road lined up, is the "gold content" of Nanjing To the south, Jiangsu Financial Leasing, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Zijin Agricultural and Commercial Bank and so on are lined up along the middle of Jiangdong Road, which is the "gold content" of Nanjing; to the west, the Twin Towers, Nanjing Eye and other new landmarks of the city are in front of us, and the rolling Yangtze River is at the forefront of our eyes; to the north, we can see the Olympic Stadium Center in the near future, and look at the main city of Nanjing from afar. Last year, with buildings such as Yanlord Landmark entering the "100 million yuan club", the number of 100 million yuan buildings in Jianye District has reached 43, which is second to none in Nanjing and even in the province.

A building rising from the ground, witnessed the city center, "the power of growth". Now, Hua Xincheng T1 "growth" to 275 meters, where the Hexi CBD "growth" out of East China, second only to Lujiazui's second largest central business district. Nanjing IFC is 290 meters high, Hexi Deji World Trade Center is 326.5 meters high, the Qingao Twin Towers are 249.5 meters high and 314.5 meters high, the Hexi Golden Eagle World is 368 meters high, the new center is 232 meters high ...... As of now, Nanjing 200 meters above the skyscraper, more than half of them are concentrated in the Hexi CBD.

The flow of people, logistics, information and capital gathered by top buildings also enhances Nanjing's primacy in the province and its influence in the metropolitan area and the regional integration pattern of the Yangtze River Delta.

Building a high pyramid and planting "high-yield fields"

There are nearly 200 scientific research and commercial office building carriers in Jianye District, with an average tax output of over 3,000 yuan/square meter, and the tax revenue per unit area for the financial industry is over 11,000 yuan/square meter. When you are in Nanjing Financial City, almost every building has realized a tax revenue of over 100 million yuan, including Building 1, Building 2, Huatai Securities Building and China Development Bank Building, with tax revenue exceeding 1 billion yuan. Since 2008, when the first piles were laid in the first phase of the financial city, dozens of "golden" towers have grown up here, gathering many licensed financial institutions and the corporate headquarters of financial institutions. Over the past three years, Jianye District has ranked first in Nanjing in terms of added value of the financial industry.

Along with the tax collection from the headquarters of financial institutions and the maturity and payment of private equity funds, the output value of the buildings in the financial city has climbed up year after year. Last year, the revenue of the financial industry in the central business district of Hexi exceeded 170 billion yuan, and 24 buildings with a value of 100 million yuan were assembled.

In the New Town Science Park, the phenomenon that a building is an industrial chain is very common. Since the Alibaba Jiangsu headquarters settled in building A2 of the complex, it has gathered 27 Ali ecological chain enterprises. The head of the ecological chain of enterprises also fission out of their own ecology, last April, for bubble Mart and other consumer-oriented enterprises to do digitization of Ali tiling sheep landed on the same floor moved into the tiling whale technology, knowledge of the cloud and other five enterprises with the enterprise has a close connection with the upstream and downstream enterprises. Leading the way, the park has 13 buildings with a tax revenue of more than 100 million.

The top office building has become a benchmark wealth gathering place to collect gold in high altitude due to the gathering of a large number of headquartered enterprises and professional service organizations. Hua Xincheng T1 has already housed a number of headquartered enterprises such as Guotai Junan Securities Jiangsu Branch and East China Branch of China Resources Power Investment Co. Ltd; foreign enterprises and professional service organizations such as Capital Bank of the Philippines, AIA and Ernst & Young Nanjing Branch have settled in Nanjing IFC.

Refreshing the skyline and creating a "new cover"

Presently.Jianye is building an important financial center in the region's core concentration areaLast year, the jurisdiction landed a number of head institutions such as Nanyang Commercial Bank and Hongye Futures, and the number of new financial business entities and the total size of the filed funds were the first in the city, and all of Nanjing's new financial leasing, commercial factoring and foreign financial institutions have settled in Jianye. To be delivered to the Hexi Deji World Trade Center, the second phase of the financial city office buildings and other high-end buildings, will provide a rich carrier for the development of financial institutions to land.

launching an assault on the digital economy high ground.Jianye is focusing on creating a number of 10 billion industrial clusters led by head enterprises and clustered by ecological enterprises.. Ali's ecological chain enterprise Aifuru Automobile's revenue has doubled 13 times in 4 years, and Zero Hole Digital Intelligence's office area is less than 1,000 square meters, but it has realized tens of millions of yuan of tax revenue every year. These "small and beautiful" enterprises have laid the foundation for the future of the district building output value to climb higher.

The development of the building economy is not only a competition of comprehensive strength, but also a competition of business environment. By clicking on the Jianye District's "Digital Buildings" system, the number of the main buildings in the district, the enterprises in the buildings, and the business situation of the enterprises can be seen at a glance, and each building is equipped with "Xiaomo" service specialists, who can help with enrollment of children in schools and finding carriers, as well as recruiting and answering questions about policies. "If you have a problem, look for 'Xiaomo'" has become a catchphrase among enterprises in the buildings. Last year, Jianye also launched a district-wide "Jianye Partners" campaign to establish a "three-tier Momo Service Group" accountability system based on the size of the building's revenue, to accompany enterprises throughout their development. The program is designed to "accompany" enterprises throughout their development process.

A building rising from the ground

The most recognizable business card of Jianye District

It is the soil for high quality development of the industry

It is also the city's comprehensive strength and

Powerful manifestation of the leap in development capacity

Hundreds of billions of GDP rise from the ground

The future, it's exciting to see!