Nanjing Lukou Airport Trial Operation of New Transit Mode for International Through Flights

Nanjing Lukou Airport "international through flights" new mode of transit from December 30, 2023 trial run, opened up the Lukou Airport domestic to international, international to domestic transit channel, Lukou Airport transit function has been further enhanced. During the New Year's Day holiday, 159 passengers from Shenyang, Chengdu and other places realized "one ticket to the end, baggage direct" transit at Lukou Airport through the "international through flights" business mode, and another 304 foreign travelers were transiting through Lukou Airport's international transit interline channel. Transit.

"International through flights" is a mode of transit allowed by the General Administration of Customs in some domestic carriers and airports. China Eastern Airlines Jiangsu connects 54 flights from 14 domestic cities with flights from Sydney, Australia, Phuket, Thailand, and Seoul, South Korea, further utilizing the hub function of Lukou Airport. Under this business model, passengers can enjoy the convenience of one-time check-in and checkout procedures at the departure station, one-time entry and exit customs clearance procedures at the place of transit, acceptance of health quarantine and baggage inspection supervision, and direct baggage claim at the destination station.

According to the introduction, in order to strive for "international through flights" business in Nanjing, the Municipal Bureau of Commerce, together with the Lukou Airport Customs, the Eastern Airport Group, Jiangsu Donghang Airlines, integrated planning, cooperation, and completion of the terminal building through flights dedicated channel on-site renovation. 2023 December 8, the General Administration of Customs formally approved the consent of Nanjing Lukou Airport to carry out the "international through flights" business. "International through flights" business.

The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Bureau of Commerce introduced that the opening of the business model of "international through flights" marks a new step in the passenger transit service of Nanjing Lukou Airport, which is conducive to attracting more airlines to open more international routes in Nanjing, and is of great importance in helping the province to build a "bidirectional open hub with world convergence" and enhancing the level of Nanjing's opening to the outside world. It is of great significance to help the province build a "two-way open hub with world convergence" and enhance Nanjing's openness to the outside world. With the increase in air routes, the public travel options will also be richer, more convenient travel.