Nanjing private enterprises, "invisible king" know how much?

When it comes to private enterprises, who will you think of? Huawei and Tencent in Shenzhen, Alibaba in Hangzhou, or Jingdong ...... you in Beijing, will you think of Nanjing?

Nanjing Private Enterprises 

The "Invisible King" is gaining momentum

Do you know, which company is the first in the field of industrial robots with steady sales of national brands? Nanjing Exton Automation Co.

Do you know who is the one who solved the world problem of permafrost layer of Qinghai-Tibet Railway? Nanjing's Zhongsheng Technology (Jiangsu) Co.

Do you know, C919 domestic aircraft, the Bird's Nest, the Water Cube use air treatment equipment, from which? Nanjing Tianjia Environmental Technology Co.

Do you know, Huawei, Xiaomi's "moving iron headset" raw materials, where? 70% above by FETJING (Nanjing) Electronics Co.

Do you know who produces the water reducing agent, the concrete admixture used in the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Cross-Sea Bridge? Nanjing's Jiangsu Subert New Materials Co.

In fact, like this "invisible king" type of private enterprises, there are many in Nanjing!. Just because the products of these private enterprises, most of them are To B (ie: Business, business), rather than To C (ie: Customer, end-users or consumers), so it is not as Ali, Tencent and other private enterprises "giant" as widely known. But in the industry chain, they are the "shining stars", not to be ignored.

Laymen see the fun, insiders see the doorway. Open Nanjing's industrial map, it is not difficult to find, more than 120,000 private enterprises layout in the petrochemical, iron and steel and other traditional advantages of the city's industry.As well as software and information services, new electric power (smart grid), intelligent manufacturing equipment, a new generation of artificial intelligence and other innovative industrial areas of the city's main "2 + 6 + 6"The

For example, private enterprises such as Cosun Wisdom, Chengmai Technology, and Yihui have cracked a series of domestic software "neck" problems, and are helping Nanjing's software and information service industry to sprint to the "trillion-dollar" industrial track; biomedical enterprises such as Shiho Genetics, Kefepein, and Novozymes, etc., continue to emerge with innovative achievements, and only four Class 1 innovative drugs developed by Nanjing pharmaceutical enterprises will be approved to enter the domestic market in 2023. Enterprises, innovation results continue to emerge, only in 2023 Nanjing pharmaceutical enterprises developed four class 1 innovative drugs, was approved to enter the domestic market ......

Data show that the private economy is the most dynamic and innovative growth point in Nanjing's economic development. By the end of 2023, Nanjing had 615,400 private enterprises and 1,095,300 self-employed businesses, with the added value of the private economy accounting for 46.41 TP3T of GDP, creating 901 TP3T of new jobs.

Anchoring Innovation 

The "Hidden Treasure" of Nanjing Private Enterprises

Nanjing, these "invisible king" private enterprises, how was born? In the year-end and early release of economic data, there are four sets of data put together to see, perhaps you can see the answer.

By the end of 2023, the total number of high-tech enterprises in Nanjing reached 10,062 within the validity period of the city, 22,000 science and technology-based SMEs were registered, 213 "small giants" enterprises were assessed as national specialized and special new enterprises, and 17 unicorn enterprises were entered into the Hurun Ranking. Among them, private enterprises accounted for 92.5%, 98.2%, 82.6% and 88.2% respectively.

Industrial science and technology innovation, is the Nanjing private enterprises "quietly" become "invisible king" of the "hidden magic weapon".The

Zheng Qiongjie, vice president of Jiangsu Yangtzekiang Innovative City Research Institute, said that Nanjing is the "cradle" of China's modern industry, but also the country's important advanced manufacturing base, with a strong industrial base; and also boasts Nanjing University, Southeast University and other colleges and universities, rich in scientific and educational resources. Therefore, Nanjing private enterprises are accustomed to universities, research institutes to carry out "cooperative innovation" to industrial science and technology innovation to seize the industry's high ground.

In fact, if we turn back the hands of time, it is not difficult to realize that theThe innovation "gene" of Nanjing's private enterprises is rooted in their "bloodline".The

In the 1990s, Nanjing's private enterprises were conceived in the story of "the wind from the east is full of spring". At that time, Nanjing Pearl River Road, Nanjing, electronic enterprises gathered more than 1,500, becoming the largest distribution center for electronic and computer products in East China, "Zhongguancun in the north and Pearl River Road in the south" reputation for a while.

Since then, from the initial intellectual entrepreneurship, to the Internet entrepreneurship in recent years, overseas returnees entrepreneurship ...... Zhongsheng Technology, Chengmai Technology, Shi and genetics and other research and creation of private enterprises, as well as the platform type of enterprises, such as Luck full, have emerged in Nanjing.

Among them, many of the founders or entrepreneurial team of Nanjing private enterprises are experts and big names who have been deeply engaged in a certain industry segment for several years or even decades. Hundred Years of Solitude" said, "life has had all the splendor, it turns out that, ultimately, need to repay with loneliness." Whether it is scientific and technological innovation, or industrial breakthroughs, to withstand the loneliness of "face the wall for ten years to break through the wall", in order to welcome the prosperity.In Nanjing, these "invisible king" behind the private enterprises, often is the respective "ten years to grind a sword" of painstaking attainment!The

In order to give these innovative private enterprises, to provide an open, tolerant "sword" time and trial and error space. Nanjing has been for many years, released to optimize the business environment policy initiatives. For example, the establishment of the "Ning enterprise pass" comprehensive service platform for enterprises, so that private enterprises can "grasp the latest policies, enterprise benefit matters a key to match, cash matters a net through the office", so as to promote the results of scientific research without distractions from the "book house "to the plant, the market.

In the end.In the market environment, what innovative private enterprises need most may not be "favoritism" or "special treatment", but a fair environment and stable expectations!The

From "Pearl River Road" to "Purple Mountain". 

Nanjing private enterprises, how long to go?

In addition to the "invisible king", in the development of emerging industries in Nanjing, private enterprises have how powerful?

As a national advanced manufacturing cluster - Nanjing software and information service industry, there are more than 3,400 key enterprises, private enterprises accounted for 83%; in the field of biomedicine, there are more than 1,000 high-tech enterprises and 18 listed companies, which are basically private enterprises; in the field of artificial intelligence, the number of private enterprises and the proportion of revenue scale are all more than 90%.

Therefore, looking to the future, as the Nanjing Private Economy High Quality Development Promotion Conference held at the beginning of the year said, "Nanjing to develop and expand innovative private economy, its time has come, its potential has been."

Of course, it can not be denied that, compared to the domestic private economy in advanced areas, Nanjing still has a certain gap, still lack of Huawei, Tencent and other "leading" private enterprises. But the development of innovative private enterprises, Nanjing can take the road, there are still many.

It was once said that Nanjing has three "Purple San Francisco", i.e. the Purple San Francisco of natural ecology, the Purple San Francisco of history and culture, and the Purple San Francisco of science and technology innovation. Around the Zijinshan Science and Innovation Belt in Nanjing, there are more than 30 colleges and universities, nearly 20 research institutes and a large number of national key laboratories. These are private enterprises in Nanjing, from the "Pearl River Road" to "Zijinshan Mountain" where the bottom line lies.

First of all, make good use of the inherent advantage of "rich scientific and educational resources".In addition, we are actively building a new model of "university + enterprise (alumni) + government", sharing urban innovation resources with private enterprises, and at the same time, innovating mechanisms and channels to promote the efficient and orderly flow of entrepreneurs and scientists between universities and institutes and private enterprises.

Secondly, use the strong support of "many central enterprises and state-owned enterprises".In addition, Nanjing's central enterprises and state-owned enterprises are playing the role of "leading the small with the big", promoting synergistic innovation among enterprises, deepening cooperation in the industrial chain and supply chain, and exploring win-win development mechanisms. For example, China Logistics Group integrates about 60,000 small, medium and micro private transport enterprises, and improves the operational efficiency of the industry chain as a whole through standardized access and management.

Once again, to seize the development opportunity of "industry ahead of the layout".In addition, we aim to promote Nanjing's three-year action plan to strengthen the city's industries, further subdivide the industrial competition track, and support private enterprises to be the "problem-solver" of technological innovation, the "vanguard" of industrial innovation, the "leader" of model innovation, and the "forerunner" of open innovation. We will support private enterprises to be the "questioner" of technological innovation, the "vanguard" of industrial innovation, the "leader" of model innovation and the "forerunner" of open innovation.

On the road ahead, wind and rain are the norm.As long as Nanjing "always treats private enterprises and private entrepreneurs as its own people". As long as Nanjing "always treats private enterprises and private entrepreneurs as its own people", and as long as Nanjing's private entrepreneurs continue to "dare to think, dare to do, dare to be the first".From "Pearl River Road" to "Purple Mountain" will not be far away.The