See you in Nanjing.

Nanjing is born of water

rise suddenly because of the water

thrive on water

Historically there have been"Water City."also known as

Rivers of Nanjing

There's the mighty river.

There are even a number of hidden ones throughout the city

Niche Lakes

Today is World Environment Day.

Follow Boo.

Take a walk, take a stroll.

Experience the beauty of June exclusively at the lake~

 Pipa Lake 

Located deep in Zhongshan, Nanjing

There's an off-the-beaten-path "niche" hidden away.

Plenty of water and grass, beautiful scenery

Here it is.Biwa Lake

in summer

Little yellow flowers bloom like stars on the lake.

"Nymphoides" is the main color of Lake Biwa.

Spread out over the turquoise water into

A romantic golden carpet of flowers

 Lake Huagami 

In the shadow of a flower

Stroll around the lake with its lush greenery

You must be kind of

Relaxation of the whole body and mind

It's the perfect place to cool off from the summer heat.

Neighborhood residents from home

It's a three to five minute walk.

It's common to see the after-dinner

People who come here for a walk and refreshment

In the height of summer

Pink and white lotus flowers blooming in the lake

The entire lake is filled with the faint scent of flowers

The green leaves of the lotus are connected

Intertwine to create a beautiful picture of Lake Hanagami this summer.


Wu Long Tam

Summeroolong (tea)pit (dialect)

Living up to its reputation as the "Crown of the West Side".

It's a beautiful place.

Pavilions and pavilions by the pool are in a perfect order

peppered with flowers and trees


Lotus LakeAs the name suggests.

Named for the summer lotus flowers that bloom in the pond.

Wide view of the lake

A dense vapor comes to the surface

It's said that this pool is full of water, all year round.

There are lots of little red fish swimming around in the lake

The water plants are lush and green

Playing ball, running or singing?

It's all right here.

There's always an option to suit your mood