NJ IQC, what's so powerful about it?

Nanjing Kirin Science and Innovation Park recently came out with good news, located in the park'sThe second phase of Nanjing Intelligent Computing Center has been basically completed, part of the equipment has been put into use, attracting many artificial intelligence enterprises to seek cooperation, the current second phase of the online arithmetic has been snapped up.This is the largest and most powerful home-grown smart computing center in the Yangtze River Delta region.The

What is the strength of the computing power of the Nanjing Intelligent Computing Center?

How will the completion of Phase II further empower Nanjing?

And the development of the national AI industry?


01 double the amount of arithmetic power

Domestic Chips Improve Computing Accuracy

"Phase I can provide computing power of 80 billion times per second (800 Pops in octal), equivalent to 500,000 personal computers placed together at the same time to achieve the level of computation. Now that the second phase has been completed, the computing power can reach 18 billion times per second (1,800 Pops in octal), doubling the total computing power compared to the first phase." Hong Chenxi, Operations Director of Nanjing Intelligent Computing Center, further explained that 18 billion billion times per second is equivalent to 1.4 billion people calculating at a rate of one calculation per second for 40 years without sleep or rest.

Machine room of Nanjing Intelligent Computing Center. Photo courtesy of Nanjing Intelligent Computing Center

Where does such powerful arithmetic power come from? It is understood that this stems from the new generation of fully localized artificial intelligence chips developed by Cambrian, which have a higher degree of integration and stronger computing power, and are able to handle large amounts of data and complex computational tasks more quickly and efficiently, which can more effectively support the construction of large models for digital people and various industries.

At present, the center is provided with intelligent arithmetic power by a total of 7,280 AI intelligent acceleration cards equipped with Cambrian chips, with rich and flexible multiple architectures to meet different application requirements, providing a solid arithmetic base for the development of digital economy in the Yangtze River Delta and even the whole country. Currently, the peak utilization rate of the center's arithmetic power has exceeded 80%, and the second-phase arithmetic power utilization rate reaches 100%.

02 reduce costs and increase efficiency

Strong support for AI "big model fever"

A hospital in Beijing piloted the "digital human doctor", realized the diagnosis before, during and after the diagnosis of a number of links in the digital and intelligent upgrade, not only for the patient to bring a more convenient and efficient medical experience, but also effectively improve the doctor's diagnosis and treatment efficiency and precision.

Being a "digital human doctor"

Serving patients in Beijing

Its model is being trained at the Nanjing Intelligent Computing Center.

The "digital human doctor" R & D party - Nanjing Yingqi Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. said that the Nanjing Intelligent Computing Center not only provides artificial intelligence infrastructure, including universal computing power, algorithmic models and data services, but also launched preferential policies.

Nanjing Intelligent Computing Center. Photo courtesy of Kirin Science Park

It is reported that last year, Nanjing Intelligent Computing Center specifically issued preferential policies to "arithmetic coupons" and "arithmetic discounts" in the form of two for the majority of enterprises to provide better quality arithmetic resources, more powerful service guarantee. Among them, the length of the arithmetic coupon ranges from 24 hours to 96 hours, and no less than 2,400 hours per week; arithmetic discounts for different customer groups, divided into A, B, C, D, E, five categories, inside and outside the city of artificial intelligence industry ecological enterprises, universities and research institutes, first-time use of the individual user are preferential, arithmetic use of the price of the lowest discount for the base price of 30%.

It is understood that the center has built more than 30 large models, services, including the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Computing, the University of Science and Technology of China, Nanjing University, Cambrian line song, including hundreds of research institutes, universities and institutions, innovative enterprises, the cumulative total of enterprise cost reduction of more than 100 million yuan, increasing economic benefits of more than 1 billion yuan.

03 arithmetic linkage

Compacting the "development base" of the artificial intelligence industry

The city attaches great importance to the development of arithmetic infrastructure

Nanjing Intelligent Computing Center has been approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology

Become one of the first in the country and the only in the province

National New Generation Artificial Intelligence Public Computing Power Open Innovation Platform

In addition, the city has also laid out and built the Nanjing Artificial Intelligence Computing Center in Jiangbei New District, which has incubated a number of scientific research large models in cooperation with the State Key Laboratory of Millimeter Waves at Southeast University and the Institute of Automation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

The operation and maintenance hall of Nanjing Kunpeng-Rising Artificial Intelligence Computing Center. Photo by Xia Siyu, Nanjing Daily/Zijinshan News Reporter

Increasing infrastructure support capacity

Further Promoting Nanjing's Artificial Intelligence Industry

Aggregation and innovative development

At present, Nanjing has been successfully approved to build a national AI innovation and application pilot zone, AI-related products and services have covered various fields of the industrial chain such as AI basic support layer, technology product layer and application demonstration layer, and gathered a number of high-quality enterprises in the field of AI with certain advantages in AI software, algorithms, sensors and chips, voice intelligence, machine vision, intelligent robots and other sub-fields. According to the statistics of relevant reports, the comprehensive development level of AI industry in Nanjing ranks among the top ten in China.

In order to accelerate the development of artificial intelligence industry, in recent years, the municipal government has issued "on accelerating the implementation of the development of artificial intelligence industry", "Nanjing to create artificial intelligence industry landmark action plan", "Nanjing to accelerate the development of a new generation of artificial intelligence industry action plan (2023-2025)" and other plans and measures to create a new competitive advantage, to open up a new space for development. This year's "New Year's first meeting", Nanjing proposed to make a breakthrough in the artificial intelligence industry, seize the new wave of big models, build algorithmic cities, strengthen the application of empowerment, and build a high standard of artificial intelligence innovation and application of the pilot area.

Panoramic view of Nanjing Kirin Science Park. Kylin Science and Innovation Park

With the basic completion of the second phase

Nanjing Intelligent Computing Center has been formed

Combining computing power, algorithms, data, and operations

An integrated service ecosystem

Become the main East China

Computing power production centers and supply centers
Next, the city will accelerate the construction of Nanjing Intelligent Computing Center Phase III project, and strive to form an AI ecosystem with Kirin as the core within three years, further accelerate the landing of basic, industrial and applied models, boost the development of AI industry clusters in Nanjing, and better support Nanjing's "East Counts, West Counts" hub. Construction.