NAC Jiangbei New District Base Battery and New Energy Power Technology Plant Project Starts Work

January 21, SAIC Jiangbei New Area base battery and new energy power technology plant project groundbreaking ceremony was held. Mayor Chen Zhichang, SAIC Vice President Wu Bing, city and Jiangbei New Area leaders Yang Xuepeng, Wu Wei, Wu Yongqiang attended.

Automobile industry is a pillar industry in Nanjing. In recent years, Nanjing seizes the opportunity of new energy vehicle development, adheres to the direction of electrification, network connectivity, intelligent development, and accelerates to build a new energy vehicle industry cluster development highland.

As one of the important supports of the city's automobile industry, Jiangbei New District has formed a complete industrial chain from covering vehicle-grade chips, motors, batteries and other key components manufacturing, vehicle production and manufacturing, intelligent network system, vehicle-circuit coordination to terminal consumption.

NAC Jiangbei New District Base is one of the important manufacturing bases for SAIC's own brand vehicles, with models covering traditional fuel vehicles and new energy vehicles.

The project started in accordance with the "overall planning, phased implementation" principle, the main production plant one-time completion, process production facilities implemented in stages. After the completion of a phase of the project will have an annual output of more than 240,000 sets of battery production capacity, the installed capacity is expected to reach more than 10-13GWh.

According to the project plan, the main construction of the plant will be completed in August this year, and the stable mass production capacity will be formed by the end of the year.

The commencement of the project marks the continuous deepening of the cooperation between Nanjing and SAIC and a brand new breakthrough, as well as the vivid practice of Jiangbei New Area in promoting the transformation of old and new kinetic energy in the automobile industry.

After the project is completed and put into operation, it will boost the power product structure of NAC Jiangbei New Area Base to realize the transformation to new energy, further optimize the layout of the whole industrial chain of new energy vehicles, and provide more powerful support for the high-quality development of new energy automobile industry in Nanjing.