New Year's flavor, I still like Nanjing

The new scenery of Nanjing is full of sights and sounds. Nanjing, with mountains and water, city and forests to build bones, with a long cultural lineage cast soul, time has taken root here, into poetry, picturesque, fireworks.

"The great river comes from ten thousand mountains, and the mountains are all flowing east with the river." Qixia Mountain, Niushou Mountain, Shufu Mountain, Lion Mountain, Qingliang Mountain, Jigong Mountain, surrounded by urban areas, the Qinhuai River, Xuanwu Lake, Mochou Lake, scattered, creating a large pattern of mountains, water and forests in Nanjing as the landscape of the strange. Here is the whisper of "mountains", "Wuding Bridge on the bright moon, a hazy look at the Purple Mountain"; here is the delicate "water", Xuanwu Lake, ten miles of Qinhuai River, a thousand years of flow, a legend; here is the "water", Xuanwu Lake, a thousand years of flow, a legend; here is the "water", the Qinhuai River, the Mochou Lake, a thousand years of flow, a legend. Here is the mark of "beauty", scattered with the wisdom of the ancestors like stars, but also open the ancient and modern civilization of a city scroll.

Jinling's Hua, Zhongling Yuxiu, the vastness of the city, reading all kinds of things. The Spring Festival is approaching, the ancient capital of Nanjing is full of lights and colors, to the face of the extreme beauty, openness to meet visitors from all directions. I still like Nanjing for its New Year's flavor. Come to Nanjing to celebrate the New Year, open your exclusive memories!

Jinling New Year's flavor, lies in the word "haunted". 

The spring water of the Qinhuai River has been flourishing for six dynasties, and the stars of the Milky Way are mistakenly recognized as lanterns. The Qinhuai Lantern Festival, known as "the first lantern festival in the world", builds dreams on earth. The Qinhuai Lantern Festival uses colorful paper to show the romantic imagination, spanning a thousand years, and the flow of the past and present.

"The sound of phoenix xiao, jade pot light turn, a night of fish and dragon dance." When the 7 exhibition areas 330 groups of different sizes and shapes of the theme of the lantern "dragon" re-emerged, Jinling's "New Year's flavor" is thick. Under the Ming City Wall "Dragon in the world", the dragon circling, the dragon head soaring upward to take flight to open the momentum of dazzling lights chapter; stretched in the three camps east of the ancient building complex under the "Dragon in the sky", the dragon body as a whole turned 24 bends cleverly corresponds to the year 2024! ; in the streets, alleys, squares and other areas set up more than 30 different shapes of dragon lanterns, the New Year's atmosphere "pull full".

"Who can see the moon to sit idly, where to smell the lights do not seem." When the Fuzi Temple, the old Mendong lights up, walking in color, remembering the charm of the six dynasties, to see the lights, the hustle and bustle of Nanjing from the poetry into reality. If you sit on the Qinhuai boat at this time, the style and splendor of the eyes, the ancient capital of the flavor still exists. "A river of stars, two banks of fire, streams full of night lights" is the best courtesy that Nanjing brings to you in the New Year.

Surprises along the way, full of joy! See the bustle of the main city, and then go to the Jiangsu Garden Expo Park to see the fireworks in full bloom, go to Pukou Pearl Spring to see the "iron flower" technology of the surprise, go to Qixia Ancient Town and the "mountain and sea Qixi encounter night" theme lanterns will not be "Qixi "and meet, go to the world-famous hot springs town Tangshan feel the warmth of the hot springs, or go to the countryside to experience the characteristics of the lodging, watch the folk culture show ...... Nanjing's New Year's Eve flavor, spread in every place in the landscape of the city in the forest of the bustle of the endless, can't say, can't say.

The flavor of Jinling New Year lies in the word "fragrance". 

"The clouds come out of the sea at dawn, and the plum and willow cross the river in spring." Plum blossoms in Nanjing come early and bloom colorfully. Enjoying plum blossoms is one of the indispensable things to welcome spring in Nanjing. "The world's first plum mountain" Ming Xiaoling Plum Blossom Hill, every year during the Spring Festival, full of plum blossoms open, red plum bright, pink plum charming, white plum noble, green plum elegant ...... Xuanwu Lake Park wax plum is also open, sparse shadows across the stars, strolling on the Fangqiao can be The light fragrance that permeates the air can be smelled. The wax plums in Junyuan Park are hidden in the city, taking the quiet in the center of the city, and a wisp of fragrance knows that spring is near. The former residence of Gan Xi and the Hu Family Garden in the south of the city are also planted with wax plums, which reflect the ancient houses with a unique flavor. Plum blooms in Jinling, and the city is full of fragrance.

It is only at the tip of the nose, but on the tip of the tongue. Nanjing in the Spring Festival, the search is the fragrance of plum blossoms, but also the aroma of food. "The tip of the tongue in Nanjing" to start from a duck. Salt water duck, Jinling duck, duck blood fans ...... everyone laughs that "no duck can escape from Nanjing". When the osmanthus cake, crab roe soup dumplings and other special snacks bite by bite slipped over the tongue, Jinling New Year's flavors fill your taste buds, "love" is a momentary thing.

If you are in Nanjing for the New Year, you must try the "old" restaurants. Ma Xiangxing, Han Fuxing, Liu Changxing, An Leyuan, Qifangge ...... are all more than 100 years old. Eat in the ancient capital of six dynasties, drunk in the fireworks Jinling. Qinhuai snacks and Beijing-Soviet cuisine are very appetizing.Image

 Jinling New Year's flavor, lies in the word "elegant". 

Jiangnan is a place of beauty, and the six dynasties are a collection of elegance. Nanjing is the city of museums, elegance is the background color here, in the museum over the New Year can experience the unique elegance of Nanjing. Nanjing Museum New Year's special exhibition "return to the stream - the eastward graduation of Chu culture in the Jianghuai area" takes you through the long river of history, and enjoy the Chu culture; Nanjing Museum (Chaotian Palace) "Chinese Dragon - the Year of the A-chen Lunar New Year Exhibition", which is the first of its kind in Nanjing, will be held in Nanjing. -A year of Chinese dragon" allows you to glance at the infinite charm of the "Chinese dragon", "imagination of the dragon," "flying dragon The "Dragon of Imagination", "Dragon of Flying", "Dragon of Auspiciousness", "Dragon of Supremacy" and "Dragon of Jinling" focus on the display of "dragon" cultural relics and folklore in Nanjing. The "Dragon of Jinling" focuses on the display of Nanjing's "dragon" shaped cultural relics and folk non-legacy exhibits; the Nanjing City Wall Museum's opening exhibition, "Treasures of the Great Tang Dynasty - the essence of the Palace of Famen Temple Cultural Relics Exhibition", will bring you to explore the mysteries of cultural relics and dream of the heyday of style and splendor. In addition to viewing the New Year's exhibition, you can also go to the Nanjing Folk Museum to experience the old Nanjing folklore, go to the Jiangning Weaving Museum to recall the Dream of the Red Chamber Grand View Garden's prosperity in the past.

During the Lunar New Year, a number of outstanding performances and dramas followed, bringing an exquisite and aesthetic artistic feast. Dragon and Tiger Leap - 2024 Nanjing National Orchestra Lantern Festival Concert", Huangmei Opera "Tianxian Match", drama "more than bright moonlight in front of the window", the Tang Dynasty ritual music restoration group "thousand years of Tang music" and other performances staged in the major theaters; in the urn of the Gate of China, the "Heart Seal - Gate of China" tells the story of the ancient wall, flowing Jinling poetic character; Zhan Garden immersive interactive opera garden garden immersion. In the urn city of Zhonghua Gate, "Heart Mark - Zhonghua Gate" tells the story of the ancient city wall and flows with the poetic character of Jinling; the immersive and interactive opera garden scenic performance in Junyuan Garden - "Jinling - The Past of the King's Mansion" combines the history, the garden and the opera with the integration of modern science and technology, and with a step by step scenic and a song by a play, it leads the tourists back to the old prosperous time of the "The First Garden of Jinling". "the old prosperity; happy twist drama" my mother" have laughs, have tears ...... see a good show, listen to a song of gongs and strings, come to Nanjing to catch up with the drama, is a new fashion experience. I believe that the "bonding a" here, will eventually become your long years of unforgettable.

Nanjing's elegance, not only exists in the museum and theater theater, but also into the city texture, it can be said that the whole city is the carrier of elegance. Night Mooring Jinling, taste Zhu Ziqing's paddle sound and shadow of the intoxicating beauty of the mood; explore a river wave, see a round of bright moon, listen to the romantic legend of the peach leaf ferry, counting the green brick tile wall, experience Wu Jingzi "vegetable maids and bartenders have six dynasties of smoke and water". Taste, slowly found that the Spring Festival in Jinling, half of the culture infused with "spring" of the timeless, half of the heat rising "festival" of wanton, natural and humanistic harmony.

"winding with green water, a long way from the vermilion building", the picturesque landscape is Nanjing, the alleys and towns are also Nanjing, the ancient ancient beautiful and graceful, new and new cutting-edge trend. Remembering Jiangnan is not as follows Jiangnan. Another year of spring to, "if to catch up with spring in Jiangnan, ten million and spring live." In the shadow of the lights and the sound of paddles, in the lanterns, full of plum fragrance of the season, looking forward to seeing you in Jinling!