Entrepreneur Service Day 丨 for enterprise service into the workshop pro and clear solve problems

  In the afternoon of October 16th, around the theme of "'Li' Intelligent Manufacturing Creates the Future", Lishui District held the "6 days" regularized entrepreneur service day activity in Yongyang Street Qiaofeng Intelligent Equipment (Nanjing) Co. Entrepreneur Service Day. This entrepreneur service day for the first time to move the activity site to the enterprise, into the workshop, into the industrial chain, but also to enter the heart of the entrepreneur. In a loose, easy, relaxed atmosphere, Zhang Yun, secretary of the district party committee, and entrepreneur representatives analyzed the opportunities and challenges facing the development of the current intelligent manufacturing equipment industry, listened carefully to the opinions and suggestions of the enterprises, and encouraged them to look for opportunities in the midst of crisis, turn crisis into opportunity, and jointly promote the high-quality development of Lishui's intelligent manufacturing equipment industry. Before the meeting, the participating leaders and entrepreneur representatives visited the relevant enterprise products. District leaders Zhang Wei, Shi Lei, Liu Jia and Zhai Xiaoli attended.

  Intelligent manufacturing equipment industry is one of the four leading industries in our region, has gathered 189 industrial enterprises, 63 high-tech enterprises, the provincial "specializing in new" 8 enterprises, intelligent manufacturing equipment sub-segment industrial system is relatively complete, in 2022 to achieve the main business income of 11.3 billion yuan, an increase of 21.1%. .

  At the meeting, the representatives of Siemens, Zhengrui Electric Power, Qiaofeng Intelligence and other enterprises shared their experiences and practices, talked about their development vision, and put forward their opinions and suggestions around the digital twins to help enterprises to "change the wisdom of the number of conversion", build a platform to promote the quality and upgrading of the industrial chain, and make Lishui a strong CNC machine tool industry cluster.

  Zhang Yun listen and remember, from time to time to communicate and interact with everyone, the problems raised by enterprises one by one to answer, one by one, the scene atmosphere is warm. He said, intelligent manufacturing equipment is "the fundamental basis, the foundation of the foundation", from the entrepreneurs' speeches a deep feeling ofThe industry is "in the spotlight", enterprises are "struggling", and the industry is "encouraged".Share insights with entrepreneurial representatives using four sets of words:

  Joy and sorrow: joy in the midst of sorrow, sorrow in the midst of joy.Lishui intelligent manufacturing equipment industry has experienced splendor, but also encountered bumps in the road. We are happy to have an early start and worry about slow development; we are happy to have fast growth and worry about small volume; we are happy to have many categories and worry about weak chains; we are happy to have innovation and worry about little investment.

  Crisis and opportunity: seeking opportunity in crisis, turning crisis into opportunity. "Strengthening confidence" in policy support.The country has a "strategic plan", the province and city have an "action plan", Lishui has a "development plan", is ushering in a series of favorable policies."Determination" in the context of industrial iteration.Seeing new opportunities for industrial development from market prospects, industry opportunities, and business choices."Keeping the original intention" in the climb up the slope.Overcome the "pole effect", ushering in running "acceleration"; the formation of the "flywheel effect", ushering in the development of the "Golden Age "; adhere to the "lotus effect", ushering in a brilliant "tomorrow".

  Stability and progress: the word "stability" and progress in a stable manner. around the project landing rate.Expand the increment, digging stock, adhere to the external attraction, internal training "two-pronged" "two-way force", to realize the large enterprises "roof", small and medium-sized enterprises "covered". to realize large enterprises "standing on top of the sky" and small and medium-sized enterprises "covering the sky and the earth".around the local matching rate.Open up the "internal circulation", production and marketing "point to point", support "real", to realize the products in the region "supply through the wall, supporting the garden The products in the area are "supplied through the wall and supported in the park", and are "used in the local production and sold in the local production".around the R&D investment rate.Vigorously promote the "wisdom to change the number of turn", small and medium-sized enterprises on the cloud using the platform, to create intelligent workshops, intelligent factories.around market share.Winning with quality, establishing business with precision, taking sincerity as the basis, focusing on niche areas, aiming at a hundred years of enterprises, and enhancing the core competitiveness of enterprises.

  Affinity and clarity: "Affinity" with moderation, "clarity" with action.To achieve equal treatment of large and small enterprises, new and old enterprises, local and foreign enterprises, domestic and foreign capital."Up" to the antenna.All-out efforts are made to fight for resources, projects, concessions and funds for enterprises.(a) "Downward" sinking of enterprises.Dare to stand for the enterprise, the entrepreneur family "small things" as a service "big things", innovative forms of comprehensive law enforcement, play the role of the Commissioner in the factory services, so that "everything has a solution, every piece of response! "."Forward" assistance.To establish and improve the platform for school-enterprise cooperation, production and marketing docking platform in the region, holding group development platform, bank-enterprise docking platform."Follow-up".Timely follow-up on the opinions and suggestions put forward by entrepreneurs, give a reply within a week, carry out a "look back" to form a closed loop.