Strengthening and supplementing the chain to extend the chain, showing new behavior!

The morning of January 23, the second session of the 14th National People's Congress of the province in Jiangsu Town Hall grand opening, Governor Xu Kunlin on behalf of the provincial people's government to report to the General Assembly.Report on the Work of the Provincial GovernmentReviewed the work in 2023, put forward the overall requirements and objectives of the work in 2024, including vigorously promoting new industrialization. Focusing on the construction of the "1650" industrial system, the province will implement actions for the high-quality development of key industrial chains and actions for advanced manufacturing clusters to strengthen and supplement chains, and accelerate the creation of an advanced manufacturing base with international competitiveness.

Just concluded the Nanjing two sessions, the municipal government work report on the new year's industrial economic development planning:Insist on forging long and making up for shortcomings, clusters and strong chains, and strive to promote the construction of strong industrial city breakthrough.Vigorously promote new industrialization, in-depth implementation of the three-year action plan to strengthen the city's industry, improve the manufacturing industry "seven one" and the service industry "six one" work to promote the system, special classes, projects to promote the construction of modern industrial system.

Over the past year, Nanjing in building a modern industrial system supported by the real economy, clear traditional advantageous industries high-end, intelligent, green development of the target path, the industrial strength of the city as the "number one project", accelerate the cultivation and growth of "2 + 6 + 6 "Innovative industry clusters, innovative industry clusters business income growth of more than 10%, software business income reached 800 billion yuan, smart grid business income exceeded 320 billion yuan, smart grid, new energy vehicles, aerospace and other industries to achieve double-digit growth, the future of industrial growth of 28%.

In the strong chain to supplement the chain to extend the chain to show a new role. In accordance with the latest deployment requirements of the provincial and municipal sessions, Nanjing is to cluster strong chain to promote the construction of industrial city, and strive to write "strong, rich, beautiful and high" new Jiangsu modernization and construction of a new chapter in Nanjing.

New Steps Toward Industrial Strengthening of the City

Promote the high-end intelligent greening of the manufacturing industry

Coal chemical purification plant technology renovation project is one of the key projects of Jinling Petrochemical, and also a key task of the company to promote the green enterprise action plan in a sustained and high-quality manner. At present, the pipelines and equipment between the towers and tanks are being blown and checked for leaks, and it is expected to start water intermodal transportation after the Spring Festival, and pipeline touching in the middle of March to prepare for the start of the project.

Good news also came from Yangzi Petrochemical. As the first domestic manufacturer to successfully develop lithium battery diaphragm material, the company's production of polyethylene lithium battery diaphragm material in 2023 increased by 15% year-on-year, a record high.

Yangzi Petrochemical. Enterprise for picture

Adhere to the focus of economic development on the real economy. Since last year, the city accelerated the construction of industrial strength, the implementation of electronic information, automotive, petrochemical, steel four pillar industries "new project", accelerate the development of high-end intelligent green development, "two steel, four" transformation to take new steps in the city's manufacturing development In the development of the city's manufacturing industry continues to play a pivotal role.

Over the past year, Nanjing to the new, good industrial strength of the city "first move". The new signing of Huatian Technology wafer-level advanced sealing and testing base, the United States and other high-end equipment, such as 10 billion industrial projects 9, and Sinopec, Baowu Iron and Steel, Shanghai Automotive and other enterprises, hand in hand to plan and promote a number of total investment of nearly one hundred billion yuan of major transformation projects.

The new year started a new situation, ten billion industrial clusters to accelerate the run. Recently, by the first domestic special research high reliability additive manufacturing "Nanjing Additive Manufacturing Quality and Reliability Engineering Research Center", in Jinling Institute of Science and Technology officially listed, will break through the common key technologies, enhance the additive manufacturing process quality control capabilities.

Accelerate the four pillar industries new upgrade, promote strategic emerging industries integration cluster development, attack major industrial project attraction ...... This year's municipal government work report puts forward, adhere to the forging long make up for the short, clusters and strong chain, and strive to promote the construction of industrial strong city breakthrough.

In the new year, the industry draws a new picture and shapes strong competitiveness. Focusing on the "2+6+6" innovative industry clusters, the city has strengthened innovative research and development, scenario application and enterprise cultivation, constructed a whole-chain innovation ecosystem, and actively developed new productivity.

Jiangsu Future Network Innovation Research Institute in Jiangning District

Utilizing the penetrating power of digital and real integration

Promoting a "digital brain" in manufacturing

"The order is coming!" Located in the Jiangning Development Zone, Phoenix new generation of intelligent factories, automated warehouse robots receive orders, quickly sort out the parts, the side of the standby AGV carts to carry the parts box to run, sent to the production line, "material".

Fingernail-sized parts into the "universal assembly line", in the hands of the robot was accurately assembled into different products.

The construction of the smart factory has achieved remarkable results. After the first phase of the project was put into operation, the factory's comprehensive production cost was reduced by 10%, warehouse labor was reduced by 50%, the manufacturing cycle was reduced from 7 days to 5 days, and the production capacity was increased by 30%.

Phoenix Contact (Nanjing) Co.

Promote the deep integration of the digital economy and advanced manufacturing industry, so that enterprises can realize the "new" departure, accelerate the "digital integration" has become more and more Nanjing enterprises "must answer".

Over the past year, Nanjing has continued to make efforts to use new-generation information technology to transform and upgrade traditional pillar industries and empower innovative industrial clusters. It has promoted the deep integration of the digital economy with advanced manufacturing and modern service industries, comprehensively upgraded the level of advanced industrial base and industrial chain modernization, and accelerated the construction of a modern industrial system with advanced manufacturing as the backbone.

Last year, the city implemented more than 3,800 projects of "Intelligent Reform, Digital Transformation and Network Connection", and added 4 national intelligent manufacturing demonstration factories. The city added 107 national-level specialized and new "small giant" enterprises, totaling 213, and cultivated 21 national manufacturing single champion enterprises and 1,122 provincial-level specialized and new small and medium-sized enterprises, the number of which are among the highest in the province.

Pay more attention to the "network connection" to amplify the "wisdom to change the number of turn" effect, play the number of real fusion penetration, and promote the manufacturing industry "digital brain". This year's municipal government work report puts forward, the city will be the in-depth implementation of the "wisdom to change the number of network" three-year action plan, the basic realization of the industrial enterprises to start the implementation of the full coverage, to promote the 30 enterprises to carry out the construction of 5G factory. Vigorously develop "digital wisdom cloud network chain" and other emerging digital industries, accelerate the software valley to digital valley iterative upgrade.

Accelerating "bringing in, going out"

Two-way opening up shapes new advantages

In the afternoon of January 15, a grain ship "Alpha Discovery" from Brazil slowly berthing, 11.6 meters draft depth, a new record of Nanjing port since the opening of the largest draft of the ship into the port.

"An inch of water is an inch of gold". 2023, Nanjing Port Group completed the container intermodal transportation volume of 156,800 TEU (TEU), a year-on-year increase of 49.8%, for two consecutive years to maintain the first national inland waterway ports. The safe berthing of "Alpha Discovery" is a major initiative of Nanjing Port to promote the construction of "big channel, big network, big hub" and to build the "best sea port" in Nanjing metropolitan area.

Opening up Nanjing to "bring in" and accelerating "going out" through win-win cooperation. Nowadays, more and more enterprises are actively promoting foreign investment and economic cooperation to realize mutual benefit and win-win cooperation.

At the beginning of 2024, Sumida's Machinery and Electricity Company successfully signed a contract for the NEOM New Future City project in Saudi Arabia, and will provide several sets of diesel generator sets to provide sufficient power protection for the construction and production equipment.

Two new projects of China National Materials International Engineering Corporation (Nanjing) in Saudi Arabia and Nigeria are working intensively on materials, design and other aspects, and construction will be officially started soon.

As the first "Belt and Road" Capacity Cooperation Demonstration Park approved by the National Development and Reform Commission, the China-Arab (UAE) Capacity Cooperation Demonstration Park in Abu Dhabi, UAE, has attracted more and more Nanjing enterprises to set up roots here.

Workers are assembling various robots in the production workshop of Sumida Intelligent Technology Industrial Base in Jiangbei New District. Nanjing Daily/Zijinshan News reporter Feng Peng Sun Zhongyuan photo

Smooth domestic and international double cycle, the construction of a two-way open hub with world convergence. In the past year, the city deepened the "Belt and Road" intersection important hub city construction, "Belt and Road" friend city up to 44, the volume of China-European trains increased by 19.3%, the growth rate of the province's first.

Enhance the level of two-way openness, strengthen the hub and gateway function. This year's municipal government work report puts forward, the city will build a high level of "Belt and Road" intersection important hub city, take the initiative to integrate into the Yangtze River Economic Belt, the Yangtze River Delta integrated development, and promote the construction of industrial innovation belt along the Shanghai-Nanjing and Ning-Hangzhou eco-economic belt. Promote the global digital service provider program, and strive to create a national service trade innovation and development demonstration zone. We will make every effort to build a regional shipping and logistics center, accelerate the construction of the demonstration zone of airside economy, promote the expansion of intercontinental passenger and freight routes and the China-Europe (Asia) liner, and support enterprises to "go out".  

The government has the responsibility, the enterprise adds strength. "Huatian Technology will play to its strengths, rooted in Nanjing this piece of fertile ground, the next three years the company plans to continue to increase investment in Ningbo more than ten billion yuan, will make every effort to build the largest domestic production base of sealing and testing scale in Nanjing, to help Nanjing integrated circuit industry high-quality development." Huatian Electronics Group Vice President, General Manager of Huatian Technology Jiangsu Company Xiao Zhiyi said.