Grasp the explosion point, "sweeper" into the mountain to repair internal strength--Power conversion leader Infineon to set up China headquarters in Ningbo

Several independent workshop, the new research charging module products one by one to accept aging, high and low temperature, waterproof test; into the packaging area, a variety of different models of optical storage charging integrated charging pile packaged, ready for shipment ...... from Shenzhen Infineon Technology Co., Ltd. in October 2022 decided to settle in Nanjing, set up the headquarters of the Chinese region, but In the land, construction of more than a year, the enterprise does not intend to be idle - located in Jiangning District, Jiulong Lake, Qinhuai Road, the two transition sites, product development and production capacity to climb in tandem.

Nanjing Infineon R&D and production base effect picture

"Market trend push, their own development needs, local government high hopes, do not allow us to passively wait. At the end of last year, the nation's leading fully automated production line for charging modules has been put into production, with an expected annual output of 180,000 units of core modules for power conversion." Han Tao, vice president of the company, said.

Incorporated in 2014, within three years to become a power conversion industry leader, and then become a national specialized special new "small giant" enterprises, in Han Tao's view, ahead of the market's forward-looking innovation, is an important driving force for the young Infineon all the way to the high light.

As a core component of electric energy conversion and control, charging module plays a key role in the wide application of new energy vehicles, and the introduction of the new national standard for electric vehicle charging in 2015 further standardized the domestic charging service market. With the founding team of more than 20 years of technical precipitation, just established one year of Infineon, relying on self-developed 15kW charging module products in a crowd of friends to stand out, the following year to complete the revenue exceeded 100 million.

The back story is well known in the industry: the first 20kW charging module in 2016, the first A round of financing in 2017, the high protection 30kW charging module in 2019, the B round of financing, Infineon's speed of technology iteration draws a beautiful Moore's curve, and quickly establishes a leading position in the market segment, with a number of technical parameters recognized by peers.

Power density continues to improve at the same time, Infineon keen to capture the future track. 2020, fast heat dissipation, low noise, long life of the liquid-cooled charging module into Germany's largest liquid-cooled charging station, the domestic market at that time has not yet been desensitized from the price of the product is difficult to spread. But last year, Shenzhen announced the construction of "super charging city", the first quarter of this year will land 300 super charging station. Early preparations for the Infineon to achieve high-volume supply.

At the end of last year, the National Development and Reform Commission, the National Energy Board and other departments jointly issued opinions on the implementation of vehicle-network interaction, the earliest layout of the V2G industry chain, in the domestic market share of more than 80% Infineon, once again on the wind.

The various qualities emanating from them were promptly captured by the Nanjing Jiangning Economic Development Zone thousands of miles away. "Guided by the needs of the industrial chain, we search for high-growth enterprises through big data screening. Through the enterprise's business orders, financial situation and other information, you can see at a glance where its development tipping point is and whether there is any possibility of future outbreak." Jiangning Economic and Technological Development Zone Investment Promotion Second Bureau Director Xiong Jingjing told reporters that Ying Feiyuan from Shenzhen was thus locked by them -

Enterprises with advanced manufacturing attributes, and the park's leading industries are highly compatible, once set up a manufacturing center in Ningbo, large-scale fixed investment is imperative; enterprises with a number of "industry-first" leading technology advantages, the most core charging module products for the State Grid and other customers, and is also constantly updated to lead the market! ......

In recent years, Nanjing continues to strengthen the industrial chain investment, partner investment and other investment channels, to create a strong atmosphere to grasp investment projects. In particular, this year's Nanjing Municipal Government work report proposed to carry out in-depth "investment breakthrough year" action, focusing on breakthroughs in advanced manufacturing projects, future industrial projects. "After determining the intention of the enterprise to develop outward, we are determined to strive for this project." Xiong Jingjing said.

In March 2022, the main person in charge of the enterprise flew from Shenzhen to Nanjing, the two sides topped the epidemic impact of the first meeting, non-stop on-site inspection of a number of land parcels, followed by talks, look at the planning. In this way to complete a number of mutual visits, in October of that year, Infineon decided to invest in Nanjing to set up production and research bases in East China, and positioned as the headquarters of the Chinese region, and the global headquarters in Shenzhen, together with the enterprise's domestic and international double-wheel drive development strategy.

"Shenzhen is our birthplace, with a well-developed manufacturing industry but a high cost of living. And Jiangsu and Zhejiang, Nanjing is the most concentrated city of universities and institutes, especially electrical engineering, power electronics, automation and other professional talent reserves, which is closely linked to our R & D direction." Han Tao counts the attractiveness of Nanjing, a number of energy equipment companies gathered in Jiangning, outward radiation Changzhou, Liyang, a number of cooperative manufacturers, enterprises in Nanjing's future is infinitely optimistic.

One hand grasps the introduction, one hand grasps the landing. Nanjing investment promotion departments, together with the boards, parks, to strengthen the transformation of key investment projects, especially to speed up the promotion of land-related investment projects to start construction, scheduling time nodes, hanging combat, "full throttle" to promote investment.

To the surprise of Xiong Jingjing and his colleagues, among a number of high-quality land plots, Infineon was instead attracted to one of the most "remote". It is located in Jiangsu Software Park, next door to the Myriad Medical, at the beginning of the investigation is just located in the hillside of the wasteland, and there is not even a decent road can lead to the main road. "There are mountains and water here, ecologically excellent environment, and very quiet, for our group of engineers can bury their heads and focus on doing their own thing, we want to make this place into a garden-style enterprise." Han Tao's words, "Do not look at this place is still very 'remote', in the park's future planning, supporting facilities will gradually follow up, do not have to worry about the convenience of life."

Enterprises fancy "wild", Jiangsu Software Park did not stop, but as far as possible for them to create a comfortable environment: land acquisition process started quickly, 73 acres of scientific research land successfully approved, piling construction is in the final stage; a total length of 1.2 kilometers of the two roads will be repaired to the door of the enterprise, the future will be transferred to the municipal department of the management of maintenance. "By launching the early service mechanism for major projects, all approval processes are front-loaded to ensure that enterprises can start construction once they find a good construction unit and take the land." Jiangsu Software Park Enterprise Service Department Minister Liu Yi said.

Han Tao frankly, the company focuses on the technology itself, the existing 800 people, more than half of the R & D staff, marketing, administration, public relations positions equipped with less, especially in unfamiliar cities, for the land, registration and other processes, "a blur", "Nanjing gives us a home away from home! Nanjing gave us a home away from home."

Although still "huddled" in two transitional places, Infineon's R & D production is still fast into a good situation, the first year of the establishment of the company in Nanjing, completed an annual output value of 135 million yuan. "The park provides a plant in all aspects of the hardware is more mature, we do not need too much remodeling, directly moved into can be used." Han Tao at the same time, with the need to climb the capacity, as well as the addition of new employees in the spring, the immediate two premises are also not enough, "We are still looking for new venues, the transition period is not the same as it can be 'lying flat'."

Such an attitude, with this year's Nanjing Municipal Government work report emphasized three times in the "solid, down-to-earth" as the same. This year, Nanjing industrial strength of the city's three-year action plan line to the halfway point, "grasp the industry to promote innovation and attract projects", was placed in the first position to be solid, down-to-earth to promote. A small charging module, both linked to automotive, smart grid, energy storage and hydrogen energy and other major pillar industries in Nanjing, advantageous industries and future industries, more connected to the manufacturing industry to climb to the high ground, infrastructure planning ahead of the city's development of major issues, by all parties have high expectations.