Qinhuai source for New Year's Eve|Have you tried the Long Table Feast under the Liangtian, which is full of New Year's flavors?

Drums and gongs, fireworks rising.

Just in time for the end of the year.

On January 27th, in the village under the Liangtian of Lishui.

A unique "New Year's banquet".

for this scenic and beautiful countryside.

Adds a full fireworks and festive atmosphere.

Today, review it with Little Brigade~

Fireworks and the flavor of the year

Frying pots are nuisance, the steamer is steaming, before the feast, Liangtianxia village is already a busy scene. The stove fire is strong, people's voices are noisy, the villagers shuttle back and forth, busy preparing food.

Villagers and tourists together experience the opening of the frying pan, making tofu, kill the New Year pig and other countryside New Year's Day customs, in a lively and peaceful taste of the strong flavor of the New Year.

At 12:00 noon, the long table feast officially opened. Braised chicken, braised pork, sheep soup pot, mixed vegetables ...... a plate of farm specialties on the table one after another, bright color, aroma, authentic countryside good taste pull up a strong sense of nostalgia.

The long table was full of people, chopsticks interlaced, tourists and villagers gathered together, tasting delicious food, chatting about New Year's wishes and visions for the future life, the laughter rose and fell, and there was a lot of joy.

Colorful activities Double the excitement

While the guests and hosts enjoyed themselves and shared delicacies at the banquet, a variety of exciting cultural activities followed.

The activity site is bustling, calligraphy enthusiasts in the festive red paper writing a masterpiece after another, the site visitors see this piece of superb calligraphy, praised again and again, have received their favorite spring couplets.

At the beginning and end of the village, folk performances such as playing with dragon boats, kneading noodles and drawing candies were staged one after another, and the experience activities such as writing lucky characters, giving spring couplets and DIY paper-cutting were also highly popular.

The end of the year is full of flavor and excitement.

The Qinhuai source for the New Year.

The village under the cool canopy will also be followed by

"Under the Taste of the Year Awning" fun punch card activity.

Welcome back to experience it again!