Full resumption of work! Lishui Enterprises Struggle to "Open the Door"

A year's plan is in the spring to open up and forge ahead at that time in the past few days, the region's industrial enterprises to quickly blow the resumption of work and production "rallying cry".Catch production at full power to catch up with ordersWith the vigor and vigor of a tiger.Getting off to a good start.

In the Yongyang street of Nanjing Teng Yang Machinery Co.The production workshop is a busy scene, each production line is in full swing, workers skillfully operate the machines, and quickly put into the new year's production with full enthusiasm. The company officially started work on the eighth day of the month, and all departments have been put into normal production operations to ensure the delivery of orders. "These days the production capacity has been restored to the pre-holiday 95% above, this year plans to produce more than 360 sets of large CNC machine tools, is expected to output value over310 million dollars." Mou Shenghui, general manager of the company, said with confidence.

Teng Yang Machinery is a high-tech enterprise engaged in the research and development, production, sales and service of high-end CNC machine tools, mainly producing vertical machining centers, horizontal machining centers, gantry machining centers, five-axis machining centers and other CNC machine tools products.

Nanjing Hengsheng Pharmaceutical Co.Production workshop, workers are busy with production in a tight schedule. "Our company has a relatively large amount of orders, from the fourth day of the first month of the year to do the resumption of work to prepare for the sixth day of the first month of the whole line of resumption of work, resumption of work on the day of the feeding of more than 2,000 kilograms of material, the production capacity of up to 1,00%." The person in charge of the Hengsheng Pharmaceuticals, said that the company's output is expected to be up to 20241.15 billion dollarsThe

Hengsheng Pharmaceutical is a leading innovative pharmaceutical enterprise integrating R&D, production, domestic and international marketing of complex new drugs in the fields of iron and nephropathy, and has been committed to the industrialization of new product R&D and listing, and has been awarded as an outstanding enterprise of high-quality development in Lishui District for many consecutive years.

In the street of Honglan Nanjing Baize Machinery Co.The workers resumed work and production on the seventh day of the first month of the lunar calendar, and the seven functional departments, including manufacturing, quality, and purchasing, have all operated normally. The company is a slitting knife frame, knife seat, spacer production, research and development and sales as one of the science and technology-based private enterprises, in the new energy automotive battery industry chain 9 years of deep plowing. Since the resumption of work after the holiday, the daily output value reachesMore than 500,000 yuan, which is projected to reach a value in 2024 of150 million dollarsThe

Little Li learned that as of February 26, the region's industrial enterprises have beenfull resumption of workThe district industry and information department is in front of the service to ensure that enterprises resume production in an orderly manner. In order to ensure the orderly resumption of production, the district industry and information technology sector forward service, timely understanding of enterprises in the labor, capital and other aspects of the needs of enterprises to help resolve practical difficulties, boosting the industrial economy of the region to sprint "open the door to the red".