The province's traditional villages, Lishui again a thousand years old village selected

Recently the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development announcedThe seventh batch of traditional villages in Jiangsu ProvinceHonglan Street, Lishui DistrictShannan Village, Tianshengqiao CommunityThe list goes on and on.

millennium inheritance

Brightening the new color of ancient villages  

Shannan Village is a natural village under the jurisdiction of Tianshengqiao Community in Honglan Street. It is located on the south side of "Chenshan", also known as "Xiaomao Mountain", from which the name of the village is derived. The village is surrounded by water ponds, beautiful ecological environment, with a typical foothill village features.

  Since the Chen family settled here in the Southern Song Dynasty, Shannan Village has gone through nearly a thousand years of vicissitudes, and the village still treasures a set of Chen Clan Genealogy, totaling five volumes. Every year on the sixth day of the sixth month of the lunar calendar, the Chen family members will be sunshine genealogy ceremony.

  The village form of Shannan still retains its traditional pattern and historical features, with the Chen Clan Ancestral Hall of more than 100 years, the Chen Chunbao mansion built in 1854, and the Guanyin Temple quietly telling the story of the ancient village's long past.

Thousands of years old cypress, Xie's golden osmanthus, holding the drum stone ...... ancient elements show the thick historical heritage of Shannan Village. The ancient cypress grows in the village south of Gutang Reservoir, planted by the distant ancestor of Shannan Village, the trunk is so thick that only three adults can hug it, and some of the trunks have been petrified over the long years.

 Shannan Village, a villager's compound, there is a more than 200-year-old osmanthus tree, thick trunk, a dozen branches stretching into the air, each branch is as thick as a bowl, the top of a lush and dense huge crown.

Chen's Ancestral Hall of the patio, there are two hold drum stone: the existing one is intact, above the carving of the twelve Chinese zodiac signs vivid, clear lines; the other has been damaged. These two pieces of drum stone from which big family, so far it is difficult to prove.

green water and green hills

Creating a "Golden Card" for Tourism

  In recent years, Shannan village in the protection of traditional architecture and culture at the same time, vigorously develop the village economy, a practicing the "green mountains is the golden silver mountain" concept, the development of modern agriculture industry is unfolding a beautiful picture.

The well-known Tianshengqiao Peony Garden, located on the west side of the village, covers a total area of 537 acres, with more than 30 kinds of ornamental flowers such as peonies, peonies, lavender, verbena, and American fireball red violets, etc. The garden has a total area of 537 acres, with a total area of 537 acres. In April and May every year, this place enters the golden flower-appreciation period, and the garden is full of flowers competing with each other in color and fragrance, which attracts citizens and tourists from the surrounding areas to come here. Relying on the peony garden, Shannan Village gradually transforms "beautiful resources" into "beautiful economy" and strives to create a "golden name card" for rural tourism.

In addition, Shannan Village also through the revitalization of land, landscape resources and other forms of direct drive farmers, village collective income, attracted a number of B&B, Nongjiajia operators back to the village entrepreneurial development, and further revitalize the countryside idle resources. Come to enjoy the flowers, picking, group building more and more tourists, Shannan village's name is getting louder and louder.

Thousands of years of ancient villages, beautiful in Shannan is not far from the city nostalgia is very close to the New Year's festival we go to Shannan together to hit the card.