First in the province, third in the country

On February 26, the industrialization base project of cell therapy innovative drugs of Cibo Bio, an important affiliate of Centaurus Pharmaceuticals, was signed and landed in Jiangbei New District, which will be used for the industrialization of its independently innovated and developed general-purpose CAR-NK cell therapy products and BiTE CAR-T cell therapy products.

According to the Nanjing Municipal Market Supervision Bureau (Municipal Intellectual Property Office).By the end of 2023, the number of invention patents owned by 10,000 people in the city reached 146.80, ranking first in the province and third in the country.Intellectual property rights effectively support the construction of strong industrial cities and drive high-quality development, according to the ranking of the top 100 technology clusters in global cities released by the World Intellectual Property Organization.Nanjing is ranked 11th in the world and 4th in China.


Knowledge of the quality of production is increasing

A number of indicators are the first in the province and the first in the country

The data show that as of the end of December 2023, Nanjing's effective patent volume amounted to 410,664 pieces, of which, the effective invention patent volume of 139,331 pieces, accounting for the province's total amount of 26.34%, accounting for the city's total amount of effective patents for the proportion of 33.93%.

In 2023, the city's invention patent authorization 28,565, ranked first in the province, accounting for the province's total invention patent authorization 26.47%, accounting for the total number of patents authorized in Nanjing 41.52%, the proportion ranked first in the province, higher than the provincial average of 17.38 percentage points. By the end of 2023, the city ranked first in the province in terms of the amount of effective invention patents, the number of invention patents owned by 10,000 people, and the number of high-value invention patents owned by 10,000 people. The amount of effective invention patents in digital economy industry accounted for 59.98% of the total amount of effective invention patents in the city, ranking the first in the province.

Innovative industry clusters with good momentum in the development of intellectual property rights - as of the end of 2023, the city's "2 + 6 + 6" innovative industry clusters have a total of 104,700 effective invention patents.

❖ Among them, the amount of effective invention patents in the software and information service industry and the new material industry both exceeded 20,000 pieces.

❖ New electric power (smart grid) industry, future networks and advanced communications, genes and cells and third-generation semiconductor industry ushered in the development of the "singularity", the number of new invention patents filed and disclosed in 2023 have reached the effective invention patents amounted to more than 2.5 times;

Jiangbei New District smart grid scheduling center. Nanjing Daily / Zijinshan News reporter Dong Jiaxun photo

❖ The number of new patent applications for invention disclosure in the universe, the new electric power (smart grid) industry, and the software and information service industry all exceeded 10,000 pieces.

Intellectual property finance continues to support the development of industrial innovation - the city's intellectual property pledge financing projects totaled 803 pieces, the amount of 9.918 billion yuan, respectively, an increase of 7.07%, 26.65%. the city's first "innovation in intellectual property pledge financing mode The city's first "innovation of intellectual property pledge financing model" has been replicated and popularized nationwide by the State Council as the seventh batch of reform pilot experiences of the Pilot Free Trade Zone (PFTZ).


Innovative kinetic energy surges

Promoting innovative industry clusters

Electronic Design Automation (EDA) is the core technology of the modern semiconductor industry, through the chip design and manufacturing upstream and downstream, for China to build an independent semiconductor industry chain is of vital strategic significance.

Core Huazhang Technology staff are debugging the integrated circuit verification hardware system. Nanjing Daily / Zijinshan News reporter Sun Zhongyuan photo

Last June, after more than three years of technology accumulation and the efforts of hundreds of engineers, Core Huajang released the first domestic hardware simulation product with over 10 billion verification scale - Huamin HuaEmu E1.

Since the founding of the enterprise in 2020, Core Huazhang has more than 180 independent research and development patent applications based on independent research and development, independent EDA tools, seven product series, more than 10 products have been marketed, completed the complete coverage of the entire process of digital verification, to fill the gaps in the domestic technology. 2023, the enterprise realized sales growth of 1,13%, and for the first time was selected as a Hurun Global Unicorns list. The company is now working with the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) to develop a new technology for digital verification. Now Core Huazhang is joining hands with the Chinese Academy of Sciences to undertake the National Key R&D Program of the Ministry of Science and Technology, contributing to the construction of an independent and autonomous semiconductor industry chain in China.

Data show that as of the end of December 2023, the city's key industrial clusters, electronic information industry cluster, automotive industry cluster, petrochemical industry cluster 3 major industrial clusters of effective invention patents ranked first in the province, of which the electronic information industry cluster effective invention patents accounted for the province's 61.19%.

Nanjing Biomedical Valley. Picture of the park03

Making Patents a Development Dividend

Supporting the construction of a strong industrial city

Industrial innovation is getting more and more sophisticated, technology iteration is getting faster and faster, in order to win, not only need the enterprise's own R & D efforts, but also need from the patent creation, utilization, protection of the full range of assistance.

In the first batch of typical cases of provincial intellectual property construction demonstration just announced by Jiangsu Provincial Intellectual Property Office, a total of seven cases were selected in Nanjing, involving various types of intellectual property services, intellectual property transformation and utilization, and intellectual property protection.

In recent years, the city through the construction of "online cloud + offline station" immersive service mode, through the whole chain of intellectual property rights creation, application, protection, management, service, to create a convenient and people-friendly intellectual property rights public service system, to achieve efficient one-stop service, so that enterprises in the "home" that can enjoy attentive service, to solve the problem of service lack of "convenient", business lack of "professional", timeliness lack of "fast", to provide enterprises with the best services. enterprises at their "doorsteps" to enjoy attentive services, solve the problems of lack of "convenience" in service, lack of "professionalism" in business, and lack of "speed" in timeliness, and inject intellectual property power into enterprises' innovation. Injecting intellectual property source power for enterprise innovation.

Liuhe Economic Development Zone. Park for the picture

On the morning of February 19, the municipal party committee and the municipal government held the city's new industrialization and industrial strength to promote the General Assembly, the General Assembly put forward, adhere to the scientific and technological innovation empowered industrial innovation, high-quality promotion of new industrialization, high-level development of new quality of productive capacity, and constantly open up new areas, create new value, shaping the new kinetic energy. The construction of industrial strong city has put forward new demands for technological innovation, and also given new tasks for intellectual property rights work.

Municipal Market Supervision Bureau (Municipal Intellectual Property Office) said that this year the city will comprehensively strengthen the protection and transformation of intellectual property rights to accelerate the transformation of innovation into real productivity; enhance the effectiveness of intellectual property rights social services, optimize intellectual property rights public services; strengthen publicity and training to promote intellectual property rights to enhance public literacy and protection of the atmosphere. In strengthening the use of intellectual property transformation, will vigorously promote the industrialization of patents, accelerate the transformation of innovation into real productivity, support universities and research institutions to revitalize the stock of patents, the construction and operation of key industries patent pool, and promote the patent results to the development of "dividends" transformation.