The only one in the city! Lishui is on the national "Leaders" list.

A few days ago, the Ministry of Commerce's Digital Economy Era County Business Innovation and Development Conference was held in Hangzhou, where it was announced that theThe first batch of national county business "leading counties" list, Lishui District was successfully selected, becoming the only county (city) in Nanjing to receive this honor.


In recent years, Lishui District has introduced key commercial projects such as Wanda and Hailacheng; accelerated the construction of a number of new commercial neighborhood center projects such as Chen Peiqiao, Banqiao and Yuge; renovated and upgraded village-level convenience stores such as Chen Biancun and Shatangan, and new scenes of consumption have been emerging. Since the beginning of this year, the cumulative total of various types of promotional fee activities156 sessionsIntroducing well-known commercial brands21The business district has seen a significant increase in consumer spending.


According to statistics, at present, the region has built an upgraded county comprehensive trade service center 2; township trade center 7, township coverage rate100%; village commercial outletsMore than 500Administrative village coverage100%; coverage of administrative villages for rural e-commerce services100%. Gradually improve the county business system, is constantly meeting the quality of residents, diversification, personalized consumer demand .

Every day around 1:00 p.m., loaded with courier postal courier car in order to drive into and Feng bus terminal, and Feng - Zhujia line bus drivers and postal courier together with the parcels loaded on the bus, in the daily passenger at the same time, the courier placed in the centralized collection and distribution points of the site.


In August of this year, the Ministry of Transportation and Communications announced the fourth batch of rural logistics service brand list.Lishui District's brand of "fast integration of delivery and postal services to help integrate urban and rural development" was successfully selected.On the basis of the operation of the "Delivery and Postal Express" service outlets, Lishui has deeply integrated the grass-roots points of supply and marketing cooperatives.Fully promote the integration and development of "delivery, mail and fast supply".At the same time, in the rural integration outlets superimposed agricultural supply and marketing, agricultural products on the line, financial services. In the town and Feng Shatangan supply and marketing supermarkets, "delivery and postal fast supply" fusion outlets, the average daily volume of more than 400 pieces of express mail, greatly facilitating the delivery needs of the surrounding villagers, the supermarket traffic than the transformation into outlets before the increase of 30%.


With the rise of e-commerce platforms, Lishui District takes the e-commerce "express train", and actively promotes e-commerce into the rural areas, into the community, into the enterprise.2022, the district realized the online retail sales of nearly 4 billion yuan, an increase of 8.2%. Among them, agricultural products realized online retail sales of 266 million yuan.Year-over-year growth of 89.11 TP3T (the second highest growth rate in the city).


The market is full of commodities, the stalls are neatly organized ...... Nowadays, the farmers' market is new and stylish, exuding a more intense fireworks. These changes are the results of accelerating the upgrading and upgrading of farmers' markets in Lishui District.

  Since 2017, Lishui District has included the optimization of farmers' market construction in the district's livelihood affairs, formulated and issued the Implementation Plan for Upgrading and Upgrading of Farmers' Markets in Lishui District.High-standard implementation of the 31 farmers' markets in the region 27,000 square meters upgraded and upgraded, renovation work in the city's forefront.
  At present, there are 76 market players in the district, building 140 cold storages with a total volume of more than 68,000 cubic meters and a storage weight of more than 37,000 tons, effectively enhancing the ability of the district's agricultural products to provide a strong guarantee for the cold storage and preservation of freshness and commercialization of the region's agricultural products at the origin of the cold storage and commercialization processing capacity.2022, Lishui District was successfully selected for theNational agricultural products origin cold storage and preservation of the whole county to promote the pilot county.
  Lishui CreationThe province's first county and district-level regional public brand "Wuxi Tianyuan".(b) Promoting.first in the cityA box horse village settled in Liqinqiao Township; continue to enhance the influence of music festival, plum blossom festival and other major festivals brand, help the rural festival economy go hot ...... the integration of culture, tourism, commerce and agriculture multi-element development, accelerated the construction of the county's commercial system, the whole region's consumption environment is getting better and better. From January to November this year, the retail sales of social consumer goods in Lishui District amounted to 40.23 billion yuan.Year-over-year increase of 13.51 TP3T (second highest increase in the city).
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