The city's major project and the first in the region! This science and innovation park in Lishui will be completed soon.

Biomedical industry as the leading medical device smart manufacturing as the support of the innovation platform as the lead ......Nanjing Major Projects--Yongyang Biomedical Science ParkLet's take a look at the main body when it's finished.

This complex is like a flying dragon.

  The Yongyang Biomedical Science Park project is located atJunction of Airport Road and Duanlin Road.Construction began in 2021, the main construction is now complete, the curtain wall installation and outdoor ancillary works are underway, it is expected toCompletion in June of this yearThe

The project consists of one ten-story R&D service support building, three four-story R&D workshops and one overall underground garage, covering an area of 23,103 square meters, with a total construction area of 73,391 square meters and an estimated total investment of 500 million yuan. The project is based onSoaring Dragon, Ecological City, Multi-dimensional GreenFor the overall design concept, the overall image is like a dragon circling upward, implying that the development of the park is flourishing.

  The Science and Innovation Park will be developed intoWith the biomedical industry as the leader, medical device intellectual manufacturing as the support, innovation platform as the leadIn the future, it will focus on attracting enterprises in pharmaceutical R&D, biopharmaceuticals, chemical pharmaceuticals, modern Chinese medicine, R&D laboratories, technical support platforms, business incubation platforms, etc., to extend the industrial chain, promote the development of biomedical industry in Yongyang Park, and construct a new situation of economic development in our area.

According to the person in charge of the project, the Yongyang Biomedical Science and Innovation Park project isNanjing Major ProjectsThe green building design standard of the R&D service supporting building is "three-star green building and three-star healthy building", and the implementation plan has passed the expert verification organized by Jiangsu Provincial Department of Housing and Construction, and it will be the first green building in Jiangsu Province after completion.The first pharmaceutical "double three-star" demonstration project in the regionThe

 In recent years, Yongyang Street has vigorously developed the equipment manufacturing industry, electronic information industry, biomedical industry and so on, and has now formed theLuandong U Valley Industrial Park, NTU Alumni Economic Parkand other industrial parks to realize new industrial upgrades.

U Valley-Nanjing Lishui Science and Technology Industrial ParkHighlighting the modern concepts of high technology, ecology and international cooperation and demonstration, it will create a comprehensive industrial park with a concentration of leading industries such as intelligent manufacturing, rail transportation, electronic information and various emerging industries.

Nanjing University Alumni Economic Industrial ParkFour property forms are planned, namely Future Smart Industrial Park, Future Smart Headquarters Park, Azure Commercial Apartment and Future Neighborhood, forming a core space integrating R&D factories, R&D offices, talent apartments, service facilities and other multi-level spaces.

Let's look forward to it.

Completion of Yongyang Biomedical Science Park

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