New Upgrade! This old vegetable market in Lishui makes a stunning debut

old market

New Upgrade February 2

Newly upgraded and remodeled

Honglan Farmers' Market

debut in a stunning fashion

 At 8:00 a.m. more than one kind of, Honglan farmers market is crowded, everyone in the brand-new shopping hall shopping, selection, preparation of the desired New Year's dishes, everywhere is a strong flavor of the New Year and the smell of fireworks.

  "Auntie, I'll cut up the chicken for you, so it's easy to go back and make it." Chen Li, a stall owner selling bare chickens in the market, is warmly receiving customers. She said she was especially happy to sell more than 50 chickens in just over 2 hours on the first day of the market's opening.

  Little Li noticed that after the upgrade of Honglan Farmers' Market, the operation table of each operator became wide and big, and the business environment was more relaxed, bright and clean, which not only ushered in good business but also brought good mood.

  Eggplant, celery, tomatoes ...... first day to "taste" Mr. Yan bought a lot of vegetables. "Fresh and cheap, there are concessions, the old place new environment, now the Honglan vegetable farm is awesome!" Mr. Yan said happily.

 Honglan farmers' market is located in Fengquan Street, Honglan market town, has been put into operation for more than 30 years. In order to provide the general public with a safe, clean, civilized shopping environment, Honglan street invested 8 million yuan, in September last year in the original site of the market for upgrading, re-planning of 76 aquatic products, vegetables and meat and other business stalls, and on both sides of the 60 stores for the façade image enhancement, and the Spring Festival before the opening of the operation.

"There are so many changes, the remodeling is very good, we are very satisfied!" People who come to buy food have praised this livelihood project.