Let the new quality productivity become the most distinctive mark of Nanjing's high-quality development

Making new quality productivity

Become the most distinctive mark of Nanjing's high-quality development

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A year of spring as the first, all things behavior first. On the tenth day of the first month of the lunar calendar, the municipal government held the city's new industrialization and industrial strength of the city to promote the General Assembly, clearly put forward: scientific and technological innovation empowered industrial innovation, to promote the accelerated development of the new quality of productivity, so that the new quality of productivity to become the most distinctive mark of high-quality development in Nanjing.
Why did the "first meeting of the New Year" take the cultivation and development of new productive forces as its theme?
First, this is the stage of development. High-quality development has entered a new stage, and only by forming subversive and incremental breakthroughs in new domains and new qualities can we obtain high-quality new growth. Nanjing's development is in the key stage of kinetic energy conversion, cracking the economic structural contradictions formed in history, we must accelerate the innovative allocation of production factors, technological revolutionary breakthroughs and industrial transformation and upgrading in depth, this is Nanjing's high-quality development of the "Huashan a road".
Secondly, this is the advantage of Nanjing. Nanjing science and education resource advantages are well known, not only to attach great importance to the "from 0 to 1" scientific discovery, but also to promote the "from 1 to 100", especially "from 1 to 10" breakthroughs and transformation and application. We should open the "two veins" of advantage transformation, accelerate the new quality productivity led by scientific and technological innovation, and the industrial competitiveness marked by the strong chain of clusters, so as to realize the mutual promotion of science and technology and industry and double-strength.
Third, this is the city's temperament. The city of Nanjing, harboring a deep cultural heritage, ancient and dynamic, literary and romantic, never lack of innovative and creative genes. Embracing new domains and new qualities, and treating all new things with enthusiasm should become the strongest IP of the city, and a social culture and spiritual trait.

General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized that "the development of new quality productive forces is the inherent requirements and important focus point for promoting high-quality development" "new quality productive forces, characterized by innovation, the key in the quality of quality, the essence of advanced productive forces". One leads to its outline, all eyes are open. A city development process trajectory, and the liberation and development of productive forces are closely linked. Cultivate and develop new quality productivity, is Nanjing should do, must do, can do a good job.
"What should be multiplied is also the potential, and must not be lost is also the time." Accelerate the formation of new productivity is not only a development proposition, but also a reform question. "The first meeting of the New Year", the direction and goals are clear, the key is to answer the question, make winning moves.
To the "new" courage. Innovation is the core element of the development of new productivity, Nanjing should focus on the "Niubizi", continue to do a good job in this article of innovation, the construction of industrial science and technology innovation center with global influence as the main carrying area as an important hand, coordinating scientific and technological innovation and industrial innovation, and vigorously build a coherent scientific and technological achievements transformation system, and continue to open up new areas, create new value, shape new kinetic energy, and stimulate new advantages of new quality productivity.
Building a "strong" foundation. Without the modernization of the industrial system, there is no modernization of the economy. Nanjing should focus on the construction of strong industry as the "front page headline" of economic work, accelerate the construction of "4266" industrial system, pay attention to both the future of industry and future industry, on the one hand, promote the transformation of the whole chain of traditional industries, new upgrading, on the one hand, focus on growing emerging industries, forward-looking layout of future industries, seize the key track, form the first-mover effect, cultivate new quality productivity. On the one hand, it promotes the transformation and upgrading of the whole chain of traditional industries, on the other hand, it focuses on the growth of emerging industries and the forward-looking layout of future industries, seizes the key race track, forms the first-mover effect, and cultivates new kinetic energy of new productivity.
The "fusion" symbiosis. Cultivate new quality productivity involves enterprises, government, talent, society and other types of subjects, "dragon boat racing, the heart of the winner". Nanjing should closely follow the innovation chain industry chain capital chain talent chain "four chain" deep integration, use the government "visible hand" and the market "invisible hand", and comprehensively build a diversified body efficient synergy, all kinds of elements gathered and integrated. In order to build an industrial innovation ecosystem in which all kinds of elements are concentrated and integrated, the main body of the business and all kinds of talents can play a leading role and burst out the infinite vitality of innovation and creation.
If you take the right path, you are not afraid of the distance! In Nanjing, high-quality promotion of new industrialization, high-level development of new quality productivity, so that the new quality of productivity to become the city's most distinctive identity, there is no waiting out of the opportunities and wonderful, only down-to-earth, solid work out of the results and performance. Let us invigorate the spirit of the Dragon and the horse, with the Dragon and the Tiger, the fish leap Dragon Gate drive to break through, one step at a time, and strive to deliver high-quality development at the forefront of the new answer sheet.