As promised! Lishui Fu Jiabian Plum Blossoms in Full Bloom

I know it's not snow for the dark scent ......

The plum blossoms of Fu Jiabian Plum Blossom Hill have bloomed beautifully Li invites you to explore the plum blossoms and embark on a spring walk together.

First stop: Plum Blossom Viewing

  White plum condensed like snow, red plum delicate like fire ...... Recently, Xiao Li came to Fu Jiabian plum blossom mountain, only to see all colors of plum blossoms are competing to open, some stars, dark fragrance floating; some buds waiting to be released, the only beautiful shy; some of the first to spit out the stamens, compete with each other.

 Lishui is known as the "hometown of plum", Fu Jiabian Plum Blossom Hill is a famous plum blossom viewing spot in Nanjing, which has more than 130 varieties of plum blossoms, such as wax plum, jade butterfly plum, cinnabar plum, green calyx plum, and white plum blossom, and it is known as "ten miles of plum forests, and ten thousand acres of flower sea". The flowering season lasts from early February to mid- to late March.

As winter turns to spring, it's a good time to enjoy plum blossoms in the mountains! Find a sunny weekend, stroll through the green fields, through the plum forest; stay in the ancient pavilion, step into the secluded path, to explore a "plum" scene.

Stop 2: Berry Tasting

  When you walk into Fu Jiabian Boutique Strawberry Garden, the rows of strawberries are growing happily, and the fruity flavor is full and attractive. First Love, Angel 8, Purple Golden Jade, Black Pearl, Fragrant Wild, Tian Xian Drunk ...... Here you can taste several varieties of strawberries, which make people's taste buds wide open.

  "Picking berries without bending down, sweetness can be reached", there are also strawberries planted using new three-dimensional cultivation techniques such as elevated and hanging frames, allowing people to enjoy a different kind of picking fun.

Stop 3: Stay at a B&B
  Fu Jiabian Shan Au Village is the closest village to Meihua Mountain, with green tiles and white walls, vermilion doors and wooden windows. The small village and the natural landscape reflect each other, spreading out a beautiful idyllic landscape painting.

  While staying at the hotel, visitors can also taste the farmhouse specialties and feel the relaxed and cozy idyllic life.

  Li learned from Honglan Street that during the Spring Festival, Fu Jiabian had a steady stream of tourists, receiving a total of 40,600 tourists, with a tourism income of 2.029 million yuan, a value that will continue to rise with the "spring fever".

lit. lovely scent of flowers

fruity and seductive

This spring.

Come to Lishui Fu Jiabian

Let's go on a spring trip.