Provincial list, Nanjing 6!

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2023 Jiangsu Province

Smart Construction Pilot List Announced

Six projects from our city were shortlisted

Lot NO.2022G71 in Jianye

Robots are busy building buildings with black technology

A construction robot evenly spray mortar on the wall, another robot "worker" followed by compaction, smoothing. In Jianye G71 plot, construction robots to build a house into reality, all types of construction robots on duty, "hands and feet" and work quickly, plastering spray in one fell swoop.

The project applies robots for measuring, placing, plastering and spraying.Contributing Intelligence to Improve Construction Efficiency and PrecisionThe

China Mobile Yangtze River Delta (Nanjing)

Sci-Tech Center Area A and B

Formed cage lifting in 10 minutes

In the first phase of China Mobile's Nanjing Science and Technology Innovation Center in the Yangtze River Delta, you can't see groups of workers, only construction lifts going up and down.It took only 10 minutes for the first application of molded steel cage in Nanjing to complete the lifting here.The successful application of this technology marks a new breakthrough in the practice of intelligent construction and new building industrialization in Nanjing. The successful use of this technology marks a new breakthrough in Nanjing's practice of intelligent construction and new building industrialization.

Formed reinforcement cage is an advanced way of steel processing, and the A3 building using this technology can reduce on-site rebar workload by 70%, and increase the project assembly rate from 45% to 58.8%.

Yangtzekiang Wisdom Center

BIM whole-process application empowers intelligent construction

Through the design and construction integration platform, the Yangzijiang Intelligent Center unifies the BIM delivery standard, and opens up the data exchange at all stages from design to construction and then to completion and delivery.Realize effective delivery and application of BIM information throughout the project life cycleThe

The project can realize the integrated management of on-site materials, equipment, quality and safety, progress, cost and personnel. Intelligent tower crane auto-piloting, unmanned elevator driving and other technologies and robots for plastering, cleaning and wall panel installation are adopted to further improve the level of intelligent construction.

Huatai Securities R&D and Training Center

Adoption of assembly construction Maximum prefabrication rate 70%

On Jiangxinzhou Ecological Science and Technology Island in Jianye District, the R&D and training center project of Huatai Securities is being pushed forward. The prefabricated assembly rate of each single unit of the project exceeds 60%, with the highest prefabricated rate of nearly 70%.The high prefabrication rate of the assembly method not only improves the construction quality and efficiency, but also facilitates on-site energy saving and emission reductionThe

Combined with BIM, big data, cloud computing and other digital technologies, the project's main structural components in the factory to complete prefabrication production, transported to the site can be directly installed, to achieve "like building a car like building a house".

Both sides of Fuhua Road, Southern New Town

Education Supporting Construction Project

Intelligent Site Integration Platform Realizes Fine Management

Fuhua Road School Project is located in the southern new town on both sides of Fuhua Road, the project is based on big data, cloud computing and deep learning as a means to establish a smart site integration platform for all-round intelligent and refined management.

According to the characteristics of the project and the actual situation of the project, the smart site is divided into four sections: management intelligence, production intelligence, monitoring intelligence and service intelligence.Adoption of an integrated platform, containing more than 30 subsystems to realize equipment linkage.Collaborative work, shared by manyThe

Financial City II East

Upgraded Intelligent Brain Helps Super High-Rise Construction

The 416.6-meter-high Nanjing Financial City II East project has recently achieved full topping out of its main structure on the central axis of the Hexi CBD in Jianye District.The project establishes a big IOT platform for multi-party collaboration on the basis of smart siteIn addition, it forms an all-round "intelligent brain" to help the intelligent construction of ultra-high-rise buildings.

With a finger, you can enter the detailed page to view the real-time status and operational data of the equipment. According to reports, this platform uses IoT, cloud computing, 5G, AI and BIM technologies to digitize intelligent monitoring, analysis and management.

As one of the first intelligent construction pilot cities in China

The city will insist this year

Industrialization, informatization, intelligence "trinity"

Accelerating the transformation and upgrading of the construction industry

Achieving high-quality development