Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology to implement the action plan for industrial strength and promote economic recovery and improvement of the eight major offensive actions

Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology to implement the city's new industrialization and industry to promote the spirit of the city's three-year action plan to solidly promote industry to strengthen the city, vigorously promote new industrialization, the development of new quality of productive capacity, and continue to consolidate and enhance the industrial economy is picking up momentum, and to better play the role of the industrial economy in the macroeconomic plate of the "ballast stone" role! The city's economic development for the overall situation of the city's economic development, the courage to pick the beam, make more contributions.

First, the implementation of the industrial expansion of incremental growth stabilization action

Around the new growth points of the industrial economy, according to A, B, C three categories of classification to promote, to ensure stable growth in the value added of industrial regulation. Focus on the stock of enterprise growth points, around the project put into production of new enterprise growth points, and promote the A class growth points to reach production and efficiency. Support local leading enterprises to fight for orders from headquarters, import more production plans, and strengthen the incremental tapping of class B growth points. Actively docking large central enterprises, headquarters enterprises, combing in Ning landing large-volume manufacturing projects, increase the C class growth point attraction cultivation.

Smooth key project protection services "green channel", accelerate the construction of manufacturing projects, support enterprises to carry out large-scale equipment renewal, the formation of more investment increment, and promote stable growth in manufacturing investment.

Focusing on the world's top 500 companies, second and third level headquarters of central enterprises, key private enterprises, etc., increase the attraction of major projects and promote a number of large-volume advanced manufacturing projects to land and build.

Second, the implementation of traditional industries to renew and upgrade action

realizePetrochemicals, steel, automobiles, electronic informationIt will also promote the extension of the petrochemical industry to the downstream product chain, vigorously develop high-end iron and steel materials such as steel used in basic components for advanced manufacturing and steel used in rail transportation, accelerate the transformation of traditional fuel vehicles to new energy vehicles and intelligent Internet connection, and accelerate the layout and expansion of 5G and new growth points such as advanced communications, automotive electronics, energy electronics, advanced computing and other new growth points. computing and other new growth points.

It has orderly pushed forward carbon peak action in key industries such as iron and steel, petrochemicals and chemicals, and building materials, constructed a green manufacturing and service system, continued to carry out standardized construction of production safety, and vigorously enhanced the level of green and low-carbon development of industry.

Third, the implementation of emerging industries development and expansion of offensive action

Software and information services.Around the software city quality upgrading, the development of industrial software development to speed up the implementation of opinions, support key parks to build China's software parks, Jiangsu Province software parks. 2024, the software and information services industry to achieve business income of 850 billion yuan.

New Electricity (Smart Grid).Continuously consolidate the domestic leading position in the overall strength of intelligent power transmission and transformation, dispatch automation, intelligent substation systems, etc., and move towards the middle and high end of the global value chain. 2024, the new electric power (smart grid) industry will realize a business income of RMB 420 billion.

Biomedicine.Vigorously develop innovative drugs and high-end medical devices, continue to promote the implementation of the "white list" system for items used in biomedical research and development, and pilot the Nanjing Joint Supervision Mechanism for the Entry and Exit of Special Items.

New energy vehicles.Solidly push forward the national-level pilot application of power exchange. Accelerate the development of Telematics and Intelligent Networked Vehicles, and strengthen the technological R&D reserves in the fields of autonomous driving and intelligent cockpit.

Integrated Circuits.Accelerate the breakthrough of intelligent EDA key core technologies, vigorously implement advanced packaging and testing, high-end chip design and other landmark projects. Quarterly IC enterprise "core" machine linkage, build capacity supply and demand docking platform.

Intelligent manufacturing equipment.Vigorously develop high-precision reducer, special servo motors, high-speed and high-performance controllers, and expand the application scenarios of "Robotics +" in automotive, electronics, medical care, logistics and other fields.

New material.Accelerate the layout of special steel materials, high-temperature alloy materials, high-end new chemical materials, high-end fine chemicals and other niche areas, and vigorously develop new display materials, packaging materials, fiber optic materials, electrode materials and other electronic information materials.

Aerospace.Accelerate the development of low-altitude economy industry, promote the construction of Nanjing civil unmanned aerial demonstration zone, and accelerate the layout and development of unmanned aircraft and electric vertical take-off and landing vehicles.

IV. Implementation of the future industry accelerated layout of the offensive action

Next Generation Artificial Intelligence.High-standard construction of the National Pilot Zone for Artificial Intelligence Innovation and Application, making every effort to break through the innovation and application of large models of artificial intelligence, and promoting the innovation and development of general-purpose artificial intelligence.

Third-generation semiconductors.Efforts to break through high-performance GaN FET power devices and new structure SiC power chips and other product technologies, to promote the third generation of semiconductors in new energy vehicles, rail transit and other industrial areas of large-scale application.

Genes and Cells.Vigorously cultivate new growth points such as synthetic biology and immunotherapy drugs. Make breakthroughs in advanced technologies such as genetic testing, in vitro diagnosis, gene editing, etc., and accelerate the promotion of the application and scale development of gene and cell technologies.

Metaverse.Concentrate on technologies in the fields of VR/AR/MR, digital people, digital twins, blockchain, perceptual interaction, near-eye display, etc., and create a number of meta-universe innovative application scenarios.

Future Networks and Advanced Communications.Supporting Jiangning Hi-Tech Park to build a provincial-level innovative industrial cluster for future networks. Relying on the Purple Mountain Laboratory to carry out major scientific and technological tasks, systematic breakthroughs in generating a new type of network architecture.

Energy Storage and Hydrogen Energy.Accelerate the research and development of new-generation high-energy density energy storage technologies. Expand the application of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles in scenarios such as long-distance freight transportation, cold chain logistics and urban distribution.

V. Implementation of industrial innovation capacity enhancement action

Strengthening the status of enterprises as the main body of innovation.Encourage enterprises to increase investment in R&D, and accelerate the construction of a number of industrial innovation carriers above the provincial level. Organize and implement a number of collaborative research projects, and strive to achieve a number of major technological breakthroughs.

Promote two-way empowerment of industry and talent.Compile industrial talent maps by industry, and target the introduction of high-level industrial talents from home and abroad. Support leading enterprises to cooperate with universities to carry out customized training for industrial talents, and promote the construction of practice bases for outstanding engineers and collaborative innovation centers.

Deepen the development and construction of application scenarios.Formulate an implementation plan for the development and construction of application scenarios, and release 1,000 application scenarios throughout the year focusing on key areas. Increase policy support and procurement and promotion of innovative products such as the first set of major equipment, the first batch of new materials and the first version of software. Create a brand of "Ningchuang" activities, and promote the integration and application of various types of innovative achievements.

Sixth, the implementation of the wisdom to change the number to the network to speed up action

Promote the manufacturing industry to go deeper and deeper in the integration of numbers and realities.Promote the three-year action plan of "Intelligent Reform, Digital Transformation and Network Connectivity", optimize the supply of digital transformation services for small and medium-sized enterprises, and create intelligent transformation demonstration benchmarks by industry.

Accelerating the innovative development of the industrial Internet.Deepen the construction of enterprise-level, industry-level, regional-level and double-span-level industrial Internet platform systems, continuously cultivate a number of industry-level industrial Internet platforms, and improve the level of platform empowerment.

Accelerating the construction of new information infrastructure.Implementing a number of key projects in the field of communication networks, arithmetic and other new information infrastructure. Scale deployment of C-V2X/5G-based vehicle-road cooperative communication network infrastructure. Accelerate the construction of the Smart Computing Center. Strive to create a "city of sails" for 5G applications.

VII. Implementing the action of cultivating large and strong market players

Implementing the action of cultivating and expanding ten-billion-dollar enterprises.Insist on internal training and external attraction, stock and increase, and accelerate the formation of a number of 10 billion leading enterprises, headquarters enterprises with a significant leading role.

Strengthening specialized and new enterprises.Increase the cultivation of specialized, special and new enterprises, and continue to grow the "10,000,000" group of specialized, special and new enterprises. Continuously implement the "Thousands of Schools and Ten Thousand Enterprises" Zijin Action of Specialized and Specialized New Enterprises, and organize the docking of specialized and special new enterprises and the transformation of technological achievements of universities and colleges in Ningbo.

Promote the quantitative and qualitative improvement of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).Promote the upgrading of small enterprises, the upgrading of high enterprises, and the upgrading of projects into production. Expand and improve the pool of high-quality small and medium-sized enterprises, and accelerate the cultivation of a number of innovative small and medium-sized enterprises with high technological content and growth potential.

VIII. Implementation of the action of practical work for enterprises to solve difficult problems

(c) Implementing policies to benefit enterprises.Implementing a package of national and provincial policies and measures to stabilize growth and industry. Increase the popularization and application of the "Ning Enterprise Pass" comprehensive service platform for enterprises to ensure that enterprises enjoy all the benefits they need.

(c) Carrying out regular activities to serve enterprises.Normalization of "service enterprises - face-to-face" activities, deepening the specialization and special new service commissioner system, graded and classified to carry out enterprise visits and services.