Exploration! This "cloud" building in Lishui ......

Recently located in Nanjing National Agricultural High-Tech ZoneEastern China (Nanjing)Building 4 of the Agricultural Science and Technology Innovation Harbor Projectbasically finished

This is no ordinary building.Full of technology and futuristic sense of full-coverage intelligent system cutting-edge environmental protection concepts are everywhere Little Li take you to explore together!

  In Nanjing National Agricultural High-Tech Zone, this cool "cloud"-shaped building is Building 4 of the East China (Nanjing) Agricultural Science and Technology Innovation Port project, which isProvincial Green Building Development Special Funds "Ultra-low Energy Consumption Building" ProjectThe building utilizes a combination of photovoltaic panels, ground source heat pumps and other low-carbon technologies, and will achieve "zero carbon" emissions when it is put into operation.

  Walking inside the building, you can look up and see numerous circular "Smart Sunroof", they not only bring a natural light source to the room, but also can make indoor ventilation, light sense, temperature and other environmental indicators reach a reasonable zone through intelligent adjustment.

 In the underground part of the building, there is also a "secret weapon"...Ground source heat pump systemThe underground pipes are designed to be buried up to 120 meters deep, and the "air conditioning" technology, which uses the earth or water as the source of heat and cold to achieve warmth in winter and coolness in summer in the building, "transfers" energy between the earth and the interior, thus fully reducing the energy consumption of the electric air conditioning operation.

 Here's the real-life version."sky garden"With 1500 square meters of green roofs and viewing platforms, it can effectively absorb carbon dioxide and reduce greenhouse gases. The whole building can add 1.2 tons of carbon storage in a year.

 "The entire building is in a 'intelligent brain's monitoring operation, the dynamic energy consumption data at a glance, intelligent lighting system, fresh air system, air quality monitoring system and so on all realize the linkage intelligent control." The person in charge of the project said that the building truly realizes the"Zero carbon" emission standard, combined energy saving rate of 100%The provincial "ultra-low-energy building" program is a real success.

East China (Nanjing) Agricultural Science and Technology Innovation Port is a R&D headquarters base integrating office, scientific research, experiment and industry. The project covers an area of 68,000 square meters, with a total construction area of 226,000 square meters. Construction began in September 2021, and the first phase of the project has been completed.