Filling a domestic gap! Another manufacturing project opened in Lishui

February 2 Dragon Head Lishui "Hometown of Dragon Lantern" Shiqiu Street Project Dragon Dance up March 11 morningNanjing Weidun New Energy Technology Co.(referred to as Weidun New Energy)Annual production capacity of 35 sets of extra-large dichloromethane gasRecycling unit production line project

Opened in Seokchu Industrial Park

Founded in January 2019, Weidun New Energy has long been committed to the business of designing, manufacturing and selling product units such as low-temperature re-stacking refrigeration units and oil and gas recovery units. With the rise of the domestic new energy industry and the rapid development of the lithium battery industry, the company's core team, with years of accumulated experience in the design of VOCs projects, has successfully developed dichloromethane gas recovery technology, and has successfully entered the field of lithium battery diaphragm environmental protection technology.Fill the technical gaps in this field, breaking the market monopoly of dichloromethane gas recovery equipment designed and manufactured by Japan and South Korea in the domestic lithium diaphragm industry for many years.The

Project status  

Weidun New Energy has an annual production capacity of 35 sets of dichloromethane gas recovery device production line project located in Shiqiu Industrial Park near Naomyeong Road, with a total investment of500 millionAfter the completion of the construction, it is expected to realize the annual tax revenue ofMore than 25 million dollars, leading to the employment of more than 200 people.

Role of dichloromethane gas recovery technology  

In lithium battery wet diaphragm production line, methylene chloride solvent will volatilize and produce a large amount of waste gas, the installation of methylene chloride gas recovery device can help enterprises to achieve gas emission standards, the recovered methylene chloride solvent can also bring high economic value.

Advantages of core patented technology of Weidun New Energy  

Weidun New Energy has core patented technology, and its products are technically reliable and stable in operation.The price is more than 25% lower than similar foreign equipment and the energy cost is reduced by half.It is expected to be the domestic leading and benchmarking enterprise in this field, and is in an advantageous position in the same industry segment.Weidun New Energy has reached cooperation with four of the top five lithium battery separator manufacturers in the country.The

  "Benefit from the sustained high growth of the domestic new energy industry, the product has a huge future demand and broad prospects for promotion." Zheng Chonghui, deputy general manager of Weidun New Energy, introduced that we strive to realize the project construction in the same year, the completion of the year for the record, and put into production in the same year, so as to lay a solid foundation for the continuous expansion of production capacity and the development of new products.

In recent years, Shiqiu street to new energy, intelligent manufacturing equipment as the main direction of attack, while accelerating the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, has fostered a number of advanced manufacturing enterprises, the formation of a number of intelligent manufacturing projects completed and put into operation, the total size of enterprises, innovation and market competitiveness to further enhance the industrial agglomeration effect continues to amplify for the region's intelligent manufacturing equipment industry development to inject new momentum.In 2024, Seokchu Street will implement 19 key industrial projects with a total investment of 3.638 billion yuan, including 2 major projects in the city.The