"Tianlan No. 1" came off the production line! Lishui hydrogen industry to add "heavy weapon"

in the last few days

Longpan Technology "Sky Blue 1"

First set of hydrogen production electrolyzer equipment

Officially launched in Lishui Industrial Park of Longpan Technology.

And signed a business contract with Shanghai Shenli Technology

Achieving a new breakthrough in sales

For the development of hydrogen energy industry in Lishui

Fueling "Hydrogen Power"

  As the application scale of green hydrogen in chemical and transportation fields continues to expand, "electrolyzer" as the medium of electricity-hydrogen conversion ushers in the development of the wind. In response to the development plan of hydrogen energy industry in Lishui District, in March 2023, Longpan Technology, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Longpan Technology, located in the development zone of Lishui District, has launched a new project, "Green hydrogen electrolyzer".Annual output of 1GW hydrogen electrolyzer project of Jiangsu Tianlan Intelligent Equipment Co.The construction is started in Longpan Technology Lishui Industrial Park, with a plant area of 13,000 square meters, covering an area of about 20 acres, with a total investment of about 100 million yuan.

  The project was completed and put into operation at the end of June. Not long ago.The first set of 1,000 standard cubic meters of hydrogen production equipment "Tianlan 1" was successfully launched.The product is designed to be a safer hydrogen generation electrolyzer. The product is positioned as a safer hydrogen production electrolyzer, utilizing a proven design process, combined with chemical engineering design concepts.It has many significant advantages, such as high hydrogen production in a single tank, high hydrogen purity, low DC energy consumption, high safety, high electric security, high intelligence and so on.The power consumption is only 4.3kWh/Nm3H2 and the current density is up to 4000A/m2.

  "Sky Blue 1 has built a set of digital twin intelligent monitoring platform, which realizes the digitalization, visualization and transparency of the hydrogen production plant.Three-dimensional monitoring and multi-dimensional management of the hydrogen production processThe

  "Water electrolysis hydrogen production can realize clean energy substitution through coupling with renewable energy, meet the challenge of power consumption, and integrate renewable energy into the terminal to realize deep decarbonization." The person in charge of Jiangsu Tianlan Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. introduced that this is a high-capacity alkaline water electrolysis hydrogen production equipment with high safety, high performance and low cost developed in response to the market demand, which will add "hydrogen energy" to the high-quality development of Lishui.

  At present, "Sky Blue 1" has passed the French Bureau Veritas International Inspection, the European Union ATEX explosion-proof certification, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers ASME certification and other international authoritative certificates, which means that "Sky Blue 1" the first set of electrolytic cell equipment of the various safety performance indicators has reachedworld leaderThe

  In recent years, Lishui District has actively practiced the development strategy of new energy industry, forward-looking layout of hydrogen energy industry, and jointly prepared with the Hydrogen Energy Branch of China Association for the Promotion of Industrial Development.Hydrogen Energy Industry Development PlanIn addition, it has defined the industrial layout positioning of "one district, one platform, two axes and multiple demonstrations", focused on the link of hydrogen energy "production, storage and use", and introduced seven hydrogen fuel cell enterprises and key supporting enterprises, which has injected new kinetic energy and provided hard support for the whole industrial chain of hydrogen energy from research and development, production, storage, transportation and application to technological upgrading and breakthroughs. The introduction of seven hydrogen fuel cell enterprises and key supporting enterprises has injected new kinetic energy and provided hard support for the whole industrial chain of hydrogen energy from research and development, production, storage and transportation to application.