Investing in a ten billion dollar base and clarifying the latest positioning!

more than a year ago

With a total investment of 10 billion dollars

CEC Nanjing Research Base

Opened in Jiangning Development Zone

Nanjing's $100 billion smart grid industry "plateau"

Adding a new "peak" of original innovation

The base now has an updated position

--East China Regional Center

Locking the leader, strengthening the industry chain

Nanjing city's investment promotion conference put forward, to take the industrial strength of the city as the main focus of investment work, based on the construction of a modern industrial system, a higher level of heavy investment, strong industry. Especially around the traditional pillar industries to enhance and "2 + 2 + 6" innovative industrial clusters cultivation, to provide project support for the industry to strengthen the chain to extend the chain.

Jiangning Development Zone is making every effort to build four hundred-billion industry clusters, led by the smart grid industry has been among the world-class. 7.7 square kilometers of "smart grid valley", gathered 265 smart grid enterprises, is the highest degree of concentration of the domestic smart grid industry, the total number of enterprises and the largest number of listed companies in the region.

And as a scientific research unit directly under the State Grid Corporation of China Limited, the Chinese Academy of Electricity Sciences is an internationally renowned and leading scientific research organization in the power industry, forming the world's most complete function, the strongest test capacity, the highest technical level of the extra-high voltage, large power grid test research system, every key node in the history of China's electric power industry development, there is a depth of its participation. "It can be said that without CECS, our industrial chain is not considered complete, and it is more difficult to have world-class competitiveness." Qian Hao, director of the Investment Promotion First Bureau of Jiangning Development Zone, said. Based on this judgment, the development zone decided to carry out this project "fierce attack".
A trade-off to rejuvenate unused plots of land

"This land is from the South University Science and Technology Park where we returned to a total area of 208 acres, before the transfer of all the finishing work has been completed, put on the market is the proper meat and potatoes." Qian Hao frankly, here east of the Qinhuai plate, Metro Line 3, Sand Boat shopping district and other amenities, if as a residential land, according to the market at the time, each acre of land revenue of 50 million yuan is not a problem. On balance, the park chose the "long-term account"."Let quality industries stand in the C-suite so that unused plots of land can continue to be revitalized."Qian Hao said.

In addition, the site is only a 20-minute drive from Nanjing South Railway Station and Lukou Airport, and is located in the heart of the Smart Grid Cluster, adjacent to the Future Science and Technology City, with industry chain partners such as Nanrui Group, Nanrui Relay, Southeast University, etc., located within 8 kilometers around the site.

Rendering of the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI)

The most let the Chinese Academy of Electric Sciences Nanjing Branch "heart" is, Nanjing has a share of the national market80%The scale of the smart grid industry, gathering related enterprisesMore than 1200Nanjing has formed a cluster development pattern of "one valley and two districts". Especially in the field of original innovation, Nanjing also plays the role of "core technology originator" and "industry standard setter": Nanjing has mastered the national automation relay protection90%Above technical standards, with clusters within578Regulated enterprises,9Unicorns and64Gazelle enterprises, and national manufacturing single champion enterprises2Specialized, Specialized, Specialized and New "Small Giant" Enterprises9Provincial Specialized Small and Medium-sized Enterprises35 homesThe

Full escort, hand in hand with central enterprises

Central enterprises to the local

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The project wants to raise the bidding threshold to identify high-quality construction companies, the development zone has a special team to Jiangning District Housing Bureau bidding office docking; some of the main construction of the laboratory can not meet the proportion of assembly building requirements, the development zone from the coordination, looking for expert argumentation, agreed to partially reduce the assembly process ......

Under the joint promotion of many parties, China Electricity Academy of Sciences Nanjing research base project constantly runs out of central enterprises in the ground "acceleration". At present, the project is hot piling construction, the main project of the bidding work is also synchronized to start, the bidding plan has been issued, construction drawings design drawings are being finalized.

Rendering of the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI)

In the future, the first phase of the project, including the comprehensive experimental building, inspection and testing building, results conversion building, and supporting facilities, will rise soon, with a total construction area of nearly 120,000 square meters, and with a green area ratio of more than 25%, a building density of less than 40%, and a building height of less than 80 meters, it will greatly solve the many practical needs of electric power testing.

The Nanjing Research Base of the Chinese Academy of Electric Sciences (CEA) clearly focuses on the R&D and testing of key technologies related to new power systems, new energy operation support technologies, solar power grid-connected technologies, and new power system wide-frequency-domain monitoring and analysis technologies, etc., and builds inspection and testing centers, achievement transformation bases and research auxiliary facilities.In particular, one national laboratory and two provincial and ministerial laboratories/technology centers should be builtThe

Aerial view of DENR at night

As a megacity in the Yangtze River Delta and East China and the core city of Nanjing Metropolitan Area, Nanjing has a broad market hinterland, a huge radiant population and rich scientific and educational resources, which are very suitable for the development of the regional headquarters of the central enterprises, and can greatly promote the regional headquarters of the central enterprises in the enterprise level and core competitiveness.

This coincides with the idea of a business

China Electric Power Research Institute (CEPRI)

JI Fei, head of the Nanjing branch, introduced.

"Rather than simply moving, we have strategically positioned the NJ Branch further in a new office environment thatFuture positioning is to create a new type of power system secondary equipment in East China, a major science and technology innovation center, including part of the non-high voltage testing business in Beijing and Wuhan areas, should also be transferred to Nanjing, to give play to the leading role and branding effect of the Electricity Research Institute."