Promote a big breakthrough in the construction of a strong industrial city!

"Insist on forging long and short, clusters and strong chains, and strive to promote the construction of industrial strong city breakthrough." "Vigorously promote the new industrialization, in-depth implementation of the three-year action plan for industrial strength, improve the manufacturing industry 'seven one' and the service industry 'six one' work promotion system, special classes, projects to promote the construction of modern industrial system. ."

Accelerating the construction of a strong industrial city

Comprehensively enhance industrial competitiveness

Representatives and members of the Committee are keen to discuss

Integration of various "policy packages".Enabling industrial upgrading

"To better utilize the advantages of Nanjing's science and education resources and promote industrial upgrading, it is suggested that Nanjing start from the details by integrating all kinds of 'policy packages' for industrial upgrading and scientific and technological innovation." Xu Zhenkai, a member of the Municipal Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), said that the needs of enterprises are different at each stage. In order to support the better development of enterprises, the government should take enterprises as a portrait, tailor-made different support policies for enterprises in different stages of development, to help enterprises in different life cycles to get more "thirst-quenching" help. It is recommended that Nanjing's policies should be more "intensive" to empower industrial upgrading.

"It is recommended to aim at three key directions, promote the city's enterprise wisdom to change the number of network connection, for the development of Nanjing's industrial momentum and empowerment." Chen Zhaojun, a deputy to the Municipal People's Congress, said that we should adhere to the "incremental rise" and "stock quality" and give equal emphasis to the cultivation of new industries and the promotion of traditional industries, and strive to build a new and old kinetic energy conversion of the "dual engine ". With the industrial chain as the main line to smooth the "upstream and downstream" and integrate the "left and right coasts", we create industrial clusters, realize the synergistic development of industries, and improve the economic benefits of scale and market competitiveness. Innovate the mode and practice path of training highly skilled personnel, explore the "government + industry + enterprises + institutions" mode of schooling, and build a "precise docking, targeted policy" talent training system.

Gathering innovative resources and shaping new dynamics of industrial development

  This year's government work report pointed out that the industrial strength of the city to take new steps. In this regard, the city people's Congress Liu Haitao feel very excited. She said: "To achieve high-quality development, education, science and technology, talent can be called 'the largest innovative resources'. Adhere to the 'trinity' integrated promotion, in order to open up new areas of development of new tracks, and constantly shaping the development of new kinetic energy and new advantages."

"I hope more and more first-class education, science and technology, and talent resources will flow smoothly to enterprises." Liu Haitao suggested that we should take enterprises as the main body of innovation, and promote industrial innovation with scientific and technological innovation by building joint university-enterprise research and development platforms with enterprises, and jointly setting up industry-university-research cutting-edge exploration funds, etc. In particular, we should use disruptive and cutting-edge technologies to give rise to new industries, new modes, and new kinetic energies, and to develop new-quality productive forces. We should fully rely on the construction of university science and technology parks, aim at the direction of cutting-edge technology, keep a close eye on the development trend of future emerging industries, coordinate the allocation of resources, and set up disciplines and specialties in an advanced layout, so as to accelerate the formation of a new mode of interaction that synergistically promotes the in-depth integration of the industrial chain, the innovation chain, and the education chain, and the talent chain.

"Enterprises should first clarify their own track, industrial positioning, choose the main channel of business development, technology, talent and capital and other resource elements to further concentrate on the main industry to build the core competitiveness of enterprises, and at the same time to make certain considerations of their own resource endowment, and actively carry out the extension of the industrial chain, technological innovation and application." Dong Jiyong, a member of the Municipal Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), suggested that to open up the three-way communication channels of science and technology, finance and industry, especially science and technology-based SMEs should jump out of the traditional perspective of scientific research. Standing in the height of the industry to fully think about strategic choices and R & D direction, and with financial institutions, industry chain midstream and downstream application enterprises to maintain regular communication.

Seek precise dislocation and synergistic development within the industry

  Meta-universe industry is one of the future industries that Nanjing focuses on in the action plan for industrial strength. Zhou Quan, a member of the Municipal People's Political Consultative Conference, suggested that naked-eye 3D technology should be used as an engine to promote the vigorous development of the education scene in Nanjing's meta-universe industry, to improve the quality of education and promote industrial innovation.

"By utilizing the immersive nature of naked-eye 3D technology, it improves teaching methods, enhances the quality of education, and breaks through the limitations of traditional experimental teaching. Nanjing, as a city with rich educational resources and a foundation of science and technology innovation, has the advantage of developing naked-eye 3D technology." Zhou Quan suggests that Nanjing introduce relevant policies to encourage the application and research and development of naked-eye 3D technology in the field of education, and build an industrial cooperation platform to promote the deep integration of industry, academia, research and utilization. Strengthen the training of talents in related fields to provide talent support for industrial development.

"We should seek more precise staggered development and synergistic development within the industry, so that we can make progress and move towards high-quality development together." Cai Xiaogang, a member of the Municipal Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), took "low-altitude economy" as an example, suggesting that we should first do a good job of top-level design and planning, focusing on differentiation, specialization and synergistic development within the industrial chain, and focusing on the precise docking with the innovation chain outside the industrial chain. Lay the foundation for the development of "low-altitude economy".

"A good business environment can provide strong support for industrial strength." Chen Zhimin, a deputy to the city's National People's Congress, suggested that administrative procedures be further simplified to reduce the time and cost of doing business. Increase the support for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs by providing more policy, financial and resource support. In addition, the construction of the rule of law and the rule of law guarantee should be further strengthened to protect the legitimate rights and interests of enterprises and improve the fairness and transparency of market operation.

Expert interpretation: realizing the energy level upgrading of traditional productivity to new quality productivityDing Hong (Special Researcher of the Counselor's Office of the Jiangsu Provincial People's Government, Executive Director of the Jiangbei New Area Development Research Institute of Nanjing University of Information Engineering)

The government work report puts forward, "focus on building the main bearing area of the industrial science and technology innovation center with global influence," "accelerate the formation of new quality productivity," "focus on promoting the construction of industrial power city big breakthroughs ". This is being put forward with the Central Politburo meeting to speed up the construction of the real economy as the support of the direction of the modernization of the industrial system is consistent with the current strategy must fight for new areas of the new track, new kinetic energy and new advantages for Nanjing this year and even in the next few years of the development of the clear thinking, solidified Nanjing adhere to the forging of long to make up for the shortcomings of clusters and strong chains, to enhance the competitiveness of the city, and to achieve high-quality development of the focus point.

  Nanjing is the capital of Jiangsu Province, the need to give full play to the advantages of strong science and education resources, good at science and education advantages into industrial competitive advantages, to promote the integration of the four chains, to accelerate the attack on the industrial chain "neck" problem, for the Chinese-style modernization of the new practice of Nanjing to provide a solid material foundation support.

  The new-quality productivity proposed by General Secretary Xi Jinping is different from the traditional manufacturing model that mainly relies on factors such as resources, capital and labor, but relies more on disruptive technologies as its core value to promote the production possibility curve to achieve a new expansion and leap. Industrial software, artificial intelligence, intelligent manufacturing and other fields that Nanjing is focusing on to promote industrial strength are typical examples of giving full play to the role of data elements to promote the deep integration of the labor process and efficiency enhancement, which in turn form new quality productivity. Nanjing should further strengthen basic research and independent innovation by accelerating the upgrading of the four pillar industries, promoting the integration and cluster development of strategic emerging industries, and enhancing the new kinetic energy of the integration of digital and real, further enhance the transformation of scientific and technological achievements and the level of industrialization, and explore the way forward and make more contributions to the deep integration of digital and real, industrial transformation and upgrading, and enhancing the technological content of the manufacturing industry, to continue to deeply promote the new type of industrialization, and realize the industrial chain leaping up to the middle and high end, and the industrial chain leaping up to the middle and high end. The industrial chain will jump up to the middle and high end, thus realizing the energy level upgrading of traditional productivity to new quality productivity.