Qixia⇆ Jiangbei New District, 10 minutes!

200 meters over the Yangtze River

Xianxin Road Crossing Project

The construction site is a "hot hot hot" scene

Nearly 300 operators fully returned to work

Sprinting to complete the target task within the year


It only takes 10 minutes for Sushia to Jiangbei?

As a major transportation project for Nanjing's urban development during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, Xianxin Road Crossing is an important link connecting the main urban area with the national Jiangbei New Area and Nanjing Economic and Technological Development Zone, and is also an important part of Nanjing's "High Speed Road System".

The project starts from Kechuang Road in Qixia District, and crosses Wulong Mountain along Xianxin Road to the north, then crosses the Yangtze River with a suspension bridge, accesses Provincial Highway 501, and connects to the ground road after crossing the Chu River.About 13 kilometers in length. Roads are constructed to urban expressway standards.Six lanes in both directions(math.) genusMainline design speed 80 kilometers per hourThe

Upon completion and opening to traffic

The project will be a connection to the main city

Important link with Jiangbei New District and Liuhe District

Driving from Qixia Avenue to Jiangbei New District

Will be reduced from 1 hour to 10 minutes

How does a bridge "span a thousand meters"?

The main bridge of Xianxin Road Yangtze River Bridge is the longest bridge in the world.1760 metersThe single-span portal tower integral steel box girder suspension bridge, the main tower is high263.8 metersThe upper and lower beams are made of outsourced "N" shaped steel structure, which is taken from the pinyin initials of the abbreviation of Nanjing, or Ning.

Distinguished from the light and flexible steel beam structure, the bridge north and south of the two giant anchorages, is the bridge "a span of a thousand meters" key. It is understood that the first step in the construction of the South Anchor is to excavate to a depth of58.4 metersTotal earthworks180,000 cubic metersIt is the world's largest pit of its type and cross-section. Anchor anchor circular ground wall axis diameter63.5 metersPerimeterAbout 200 metersIt is able to easily fit a whole Yellow Crane Tower.

Suspension bridge "lifeline" - the main cable used in the current domestic strength level of the highest suspension bridge main cable wire, a single main cable consists of 169 strands, each strand consists of 127 wires with a diameter of 5.4 mm zinc-aluminum alloy high-strength steel wires, a single cable The length of a single strand is about 3108 meters, and the total length of the main cable of the bridge can circle the earth 3 and a half times.

Through the anchoring system, the two main cables are tightly connected to the north and south of the two giant "scales", pulling up a white "dragon" across the Yangtze River, which will beThe first in China under construction,The third largest span in the worldof the suspension bridge.


What are the plans for this year's construction?

Main Bridge Completed Prior to Catwalk Removal

Next will be weather dependent

Commencement of catwalk demolition construction operations

Located in Nanjing Economic and Technological Development Zone along the Xianxin Road construction of the southern connection of the river crossing section C3, recently completed the key lines across the intersection of the steel plate stacked beam lifting, the next step will be to promote the upper structure of the steel plate stacked beam erection.