Boo takes you to see the superb snowy scenery of Purple Mountain.

On top of Zijinshan Mountain, on the Toutiao Ridge

A wonderland of freezing fog and jewels

Ice carving and silver glittering

Boo will take you

Clouds enjoying the snowy scenery of Purple Mountain

It's on the doorstep."Northern Scenery"You can see the direction of the wind in Purple Mountain from here

Looking at the vast expanse of land above a jade tree agarwood branches to show the beauty of the full clean frost hanging snow, fairy curls like a beautiful dreamy fairy tale world.

the past two days

Many netizens again double

Being beautiful by the snowy scenery of Purple Mountain!

But Boo wants to remind everyone

Although the snow is beautiful

This is not the way to enjoy the snow

According to "Nanjing Zhongshan Scenic Area"

Affected by weather factors

Freezing rain in Purple Mountain for the past two days

Resulting in a high number of fallen trees along the various hiking paths

Slippery hiking trails

Scenic area continuous snow and ice removal

Focusing on the core attractions, wooden stacks, Purple Mountain hiking trails, ancient and famous trees and trees snow clearing operations. A total of snow removal emergency teamsMore than 300 people, taking snowplows and snow rollers to remove snow operations on 27 main and secondary roads, 7 bridges, 3 steep slopes, easy to ice points, as well as wooden stacks, greenways, walking paths, various types of garden paths, etc.,.Real-time inspections and timely cleanupThe

By laying grass mats, spreading snow-melting agent, etc., do a good job in the scenic area entrances and exits, slopes, bridges, toilets and other key areas of anti-skid treatment, laying anti-skid matsMore than 6000 piecesSetting up a signMore than 160 piecesThe

Focus on the Purple Mountain Mountaineering Road on both sides of the fallen trees to clean up, a total of 40cm diameter above the fallen tree cleanup15 plants, 40cm or less26 plantsand a large number of broken branches. On the Peak Park road frozen in a timely manner to clean up, strengthen the hiking path inspection duty, the early morning hiking public to do a good job of safety reminders.

Meanwhile.Strengthening the protection of old and valuable treesIn addition, timely removal of snow from trees, focusing on the Zhongshan Mausoleum thousands of pines, cedars, Ming Xiaoling cypress, Linggu Gu Gui Hua Wang and other ancient and famous trees to knock snow treatment.